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Crazy for Her

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Author’s Note: This is a Juan-Carlos “Juice” Ortiz imagine based on Stupid Love by Jason Derulo as requested by a lovely Nonny, as well as imagine number 4 for Music Mania Week. This imagine is rated M for language. Hope you all enjoy.

Crazy For Her

For some falling in love is a slow slide, others are dragged kicking and screaming into it, for Juan it was a rapid fall and a slap in the face all at once, and if he was completely honest he’s not quite ready to admit it. Not yet at least.

He never saw it coming, and surely never imagined he’d fall for the resident good girl; but here he is, walking her dog at a quarter to one, and not because she asked him. She never would. Oh, no, he was doing it because he wants to. He finds himself wanting to do things for her more and more, and he knows that if he isn’t careful before too much longer the guys at the shop are going to have something to say.

Letting himself back into the house, he bends down to release the leash from Luka’s collar and straightening he finds Faith leaning sleepily against the door jam, a soft smile on her lips as she stares at him.

“Did I wake you?” he asks softly as he crosses to her, reaching a hand out to run down her arm, fingers lacing with hers.

“You got out of bed,” she says as her head comes to rest on his shoulder. “You didn’t have to take Luka out; I would’ve done it.”

“You need your sleep,” he murmurs and with a finger tipping her chin up he studies her. He knows that she’s been working herself harder than normal lately, and he hates it. He loves that she has initiative and goals, he just wishes she would take it a little easier on herself. He runs his hands over her hair, trailing his fingers down the column of her throat and because it calls for it he presses his lips to her jaw, lips and teeth scraping drawing a soft moan from her that sends a thrill straight to his stomach.

“I’m not the one who rode for nearly forty-eight hours straight,” she murmurs as her head tips back so his lips can explore more of her skin, her own hands coming up to run over his head. “Mmm, have I ever told you how much I love it when you do that?”

He lifts his face to hers a broad smile forming on his lips as his eyes glow with a mischievous glow that draws a soft laugh from her lips.

“You might have mentioned it,” each word is punctuated by a kiss and when she wraps her arms around his neck he swoops her up carrying her right back to bed.


“Juice, got a minute?” Jax asks first thing when he walked into TM the next morning which he wouldn’t have thought anything about if it wasn’t for the look of simmering anger on the VP’s face.

“Sure, what’s up?” Juan asks before the door to church is closed behind him and he finds that Jax isn’t on his own. Chibs and Happy sit at the table, and a sense of dread begins to fill his stomach. “What’s going on?” He searches his memory, thinking over the last couple of days. Nothing went sideways on the run so he knew it couldn’t have anything to do with that, and as far as he knows he hasn’t missed a call or text.

“Want to tell us why Pastor Lindsay was in first thing this morning raising all sorts of hell?” Jax asks pulling a cigarette from the inside pocket of his cut and Juan’s stomach drops out.

“Well see…” Juan’s words trail off when the guys erupt in laughter.

“Bro, nailing the pastor’s daughter? Never thought you’d have it in you; Tig sure, but not you Juicy Boy,” Happy laughs standing to clap a hand on Juan’s shoulder, but all Juan can do is blink.

“Wait it isn’t like that…”

“That’s not what the pastor says, how did he say it Chibs?” Jax asks and turning his attention to Chibs all Juice can do is listen on.

“He’ll be damned if any biker filth defiles his daughters honor in the eyes of God…” Chibs takes on a deep, rumbling tone before breaking into laughter. “Or something like that…”

“Good on you Juice, seriously, but it’s time to cut ties,” Jax says blowing smoke up towards the ceiling. “You had your fun but we don’t need the Lindsay’s running their mouths around town or putting their noses where they don’t belong.” Jax gets to his feet effectively putting an end to the conversation and giving a shake to his Juan turns to look at his brothers filing out ahead of him.

“I can’t do that,” he says nearly wincing when Jax freezes, shoulders tensing before he turns to look at him through narrowed eyes.

“You can, and you fucking will Juice, that wasn’t a request…”

“I love her,” the words tumble from his lips before he can stop them but once they’re said he can’t take them back, he doesn’t want to. It feels good to say it. “I’m in love with her.”


“Juan?” Faith smiles when she finds Juan sitting on the top step of her porch. She wasn’t expecting to see him until later, but she’s happy to see him nonetheless. Her smile fades quick when she sees the look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Your father made a visit to TM today,” Juan says getting to his feet slowly and by the seriousness of his tone, and the way his eyes refuse to meet hers Faith knows what’s coming.

“I see,” she says, trying to rain in her emotions, but her voice shakes anyways. She doesn’t know why she thought it would be different this time; maybe it’s because she’s found herself in love with Juan. “Look I have to go to dinner at my parents so I’ll make this part easy. I’m sorry for whatever my father said to you and anyone in his path, it was fun while it lasted and I wish nothing but the best for you.” Her voice gives out on her before she can finish the practiced speech and as she moves to brush past Juan he reaches out taking her arm in his hand.

“Hey, are you breaking up with me?” he asks and blowing out a breath Faith turns to look at him.

“I know how this goes Juan, how it always goes. My dad intimidates my boyfriend, boyfriend breaks up with me with some lame ass excuse, swears we’ll stay friends and I never see them again, rinse, repeat. I’ve gotten good at this part, so please, just go…”

“Faith,” he says hands coming up to take her face in his hands, “look at me, I’m not going anywhere. I just wanted you to know that your Dad came by, raised a little hell with my brothers…”

“It’s what he always does,” she murmurs but the thought of losing Juan ignites something inside of her and taking him by the hand she all but drags him to the car.

“Where are we going?” he asks and looking at him she smiles.

“To see my father.”


“It’s fucking stupid is what it is,” Tig’s voice carries down the hall and Juan follows it, hovering just out of sight. “Juicy Boy’s just caught up in sweet pussy, give it a month, two tops and he’ll be back to normal, until then maybe we can do a little pressuring for our part. Someone should pay a visit to Faith…”

“And say what?” Juan asks stepping out of the hall. “What would you say Tig, to make Faith run away?”


“She’s in my room,” Juan says motioning with his arms, “go ahead and go in there and tell her whatever fucked up bullshit you think will make her run, but before you do you should know something. I watched that girl go around and round with her father tonight. I watched her stick up for each one of you, for me, and I watched her father disown her, telling her that her soul is damned for loving me, and she is still here, so unless you have something better than that to say to her, I’d suggest you save your breath and fucking suck it up, because I love her, and I don’t know why, but she loves me too.”

“Well okay then…”

Juan walks away from his brothers, and he knows it’s going to take some time for them to adjust to Faith and he knows that they will; they always do whenever another old lady is brought into the fold, until then he’s willing to take the lumps for her. He’s crazy for her after all

Call your arms and raise your banners, for soon we march!!!

NOV. 14-20 2016 - WE RIDE!!!

Magic Meat Week 2016 is just around the corner. Join us in a celebration of equal opportunity fantasy and sci-fi cheesecake. Our mission here at MMW is to correct the horribly imbalanced distribution of impractical yet sexy armor and get-ups placed upon women from the battle strewn plains of Evondell to the network of space stations orbiting Klaktor 7. 

Look, we love sexy fantasy costumes but recognize there is a time and a place. For women it shouldn’t be the default, and for men it shouldn’t be infrequent to the point of nonexistence. So join us as we subvert the male gaze!

And please read this pertinent note from the movement’s creator Amanda Sharpe:

“Try to keep in mind that this is not intended to be mockery. It’s not “ha ha isn’t it funny if male characters wear feminine clothing and/or pose in feminine ways.” That type of humor is transphobic and not what Magic Meat Week is about! We’re here to take back sexy fantasy art from the straight male gaze, because men can be sexy too!

So I encourage you to draw some hot stuff and enjoy it! I’m not saying masculine characters can’t wear feminine things, but do it because it’s sexy and fun, not because it’s a joke to you.

Enjoy your beefcake!”

So get ready, and when Nov. 14th rolls around start posting those bad boys, and tagging them #Magic Meat Week or submit them straight to the blog! 

I only heard about Magic Meat Week yesterday, but I had to take part. MMW is a commentary on the ‘empowering’ costumes that women in fantasy settings are put in… By putting male characters in similar such outfits.

So here’s Mordy. Mighty wizard. Mostly wearing his own wizardly clothes, but… Differently. It wouldn’t actually be hard to get him to wear this.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Author’s Note: This is an Alexander “Tig”Trager imagine based on Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold as requested by the lovely @hoooli13. This is also imagine number 5 for Music Mania Week. This imagine is rated M for adult themes and language, hope you all enjoy!

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Maggie has patience, Lord knows she has it spades, she must when your job is wrangling in thirty kindergartners daily, so her patience is a deep well, except for when it comes to Alexander; that pool is running dangerously low.

In fact, it’s draining by the second as she sits at the bar in the clubhouse watching him drink and flirt. They’ve been doing this weird dance the last six months, her eyes narrowing as some pretty blonde leans in close to whisper something that has a mischievous light flickering on in Alexander’s eyes.

“Fuck this,” Maggie hisses as she finishes the last of her rum and coke, and sliding off the bar stool she smooths her little black dress down her thighs and as she moves to brush past Alexander snags her hand.

“Where you going sweet heart?” his tone is light and flirtatious and even though she’s pissed, it manages to jump start a need in her she isn’t sure will ever go away.

“Home,” she snaps the answer dragging her arm free from his hold, and to her credit she manages to make it halfway across the clubhouse before he frees himself from the crow eater, and taking her by the arm he leads her outside.

“What’s going on with you?” he demands when he has her pinned up against the wall of the clubhouse and the look of disbelief on her face is not one she can hide.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t come out on my own free night to watch you flirt with any tits with let legs who crosses your path,” her temper licks up hot to match his own, and she doesn’t care.

“Oh come on now baby, that’s how I met you,” he laughs but it’s short lived when she shoves him back a full step.

“Fuck you Trager,” she hisses before turning to march towards her car.

“Hey, hey, I’m not done talking to you!” he yells at her and turning she lifts her middle finger up into the air.

“Yeah well I’m done talking to you.”


She took her time, allowing herself to feel every ounce of anger and once it drains she’s filled with a familiar emptiness and loneliness that she can’t describe. She doesn’t know why; she should have never expected anything different from the likes of Alexander Trager. She knew he was trouble from the very beginning but she pursued anyways, allowing herself to be dragged deeper and deeper into his world.

It never should have happened; but she couldn’t help herself. Maybe it had to do with turning thirty and not recognizing her life or herself anymore, or maybe she was just fulfilling that every girl loves a bad boy stereo type, she doesn’t know.

But it ends. Now.

She wraps herself in a towel, winding her hair into a messy bun on her head as she listens to the bath tub run, and taking her time she lights candle after candle watching the flames flicker to life casting shadows, and dropping the towel her foot hovers above the water when she hears the pounding on the door.

“Fuck,” she groans, eyes rolling to the ceiling as she snaps the water off, and while the pounding continues she blows out each candle, and shrugging into her robe she walks to the front door. She doesn’t bother looking to see who it is, she already knows.

“Alexander,” her tone is icy as she pulls open the door and without asking he brushes right past her. “Please, come in.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Alexander demands turning to look at her. His face is twisted with anger and confusion and all she can do is offer a short laugh of disbelief.

“I’m sorry, I don’t feel like playing your game tonight,” she spits and when he takes a step towards her she steps back shaking her head. “I mean it Alexander. I’m done. This half in half out bullshit isn’t working for me anymore.”

“You knew what this was when we started,” he says stuffing shaky hands into his pocket.

“You’re right, I did know, which is why I left, because I’m done,” she says leveling her gaze at him.

“Oh come on, you ran off knowing I’d follow you…”

“What you choose to do is on you. I didn’t want you to follow me. If I wanted to keep this going I would have stayed and put that little blonde bimbo in her place, but I don’t have the energy nor drive to bother with it anymore. Why is that so hard for you to understand? I’m done. I’m done wasting days off watching you drink yourself stupid and slobber over anything that looks your way. I’m done worrying about you anytime you go on a run and do God only knows what to put yourself and everyone around you in danger. I’m done Alexander.”


She ignores the way he says her name as she pulls open the front door, and taking one last steadying breath for strength she lifts her face to his.

“Good bye Alexander,” she hates that her voice wavers but drawing on a resolve she didn’t know she was capable of she squares her shoulders as he starts to walk out.

“You’ll come back,” he murmurs as he looks at her one last time before stepping out in the darkness.

“Don’t hold your breath.”

Miss You Already

Author’s Note: This is a Filip “Chibs” Telford imagine based on Thinking of You by Christian Kane as requested by the lovely @traceyaudette as well as imagine number 3 for Music Mania Week. I hope that you all enjoy! This imagine is rated T. (Gif does not belong to me, found on Giphy so all credit to it’s creator!)

Miss You Already

Well I know they say all good things must come to some kind of ending
We were so damn good I guess we never stood a chance
Go on & find what you been missing and when the highway’s tired of listening
You’ll see I’m not that easy to forget

And when a new moon shines through your window
Or you hear a sad song on the radio
And you don’t know why but you just start to cry
Or you’re driving round on a sunny day and out of nowhere comes the pouring rain
Then a memory hits you right out of the blue
That’s just me, thinking of you

Filip’s eyes narrow behind his sunglasses, and slowly he lifts the cigarette to his lips; and taking a steady drag he watches her. He’s watched her a million times over the years, so much so that he swears he knows her movements better than she does herself. Which is why he can tell by the slope of her shoulders, and the way she rubs at the back of her neck that she doesn’t want to be doing what she’s doing.

But she does it.

She packs, slowly dismantling the life they’d built in those walls, and it hurts. Oh, the pain runs deep, but rather than walking through the door and begging her to stay he just sits back and watches, hating that he already misses her.

I’m not goin’ to try to stop you 
Doesn’t mean that I don’t want to
If I know you you’ve already made up your mind
So go on & go if you’re really leaving
Put a million miles between us
But you’ll still feel me like I’m right there at your side 

And when a new moon shines through your window
Or you hear a sad song on the radio
And you don’t know why but you just start to cry
Or you’re driving round on a sunny day
And out of nowhere comes the pouring rain
Then a memory hits you right out of the blue
That’s just me, thinking of you
And I’m thinkin’ about the roads your on
I’m thinkin’ about you comin’ home
I’m a wonderin’ if you’ve got your radio on

It’s been months since she put Charming in her rearview, and though she’s found herself settling in just fine, every so often something will remind her of home.

The way Charlie chases after girls at the bar makes her think of Tig.

Bailey’s mother hen tendencies has Gemma written all over it.

And then there’s Kalum…everything about him reminds her of Filip and while she finds some comfort in that she also finds immense pain. She misses him even though she won’t admit it, instead she keeps that sadness to herself using it to keep her company when she goes home alone every night.

“Earth to Jennifer, hello,” Kalum’s voice pulls her back to the present and offering a soft smile she takes a step back from him. She knows he was expecting to be invited in after their ‘date’, hell she was planning on asking him in, but she can’t, not now. It wouldn’t be fair to him, or her, not when the memory of her last relationship hangs so heavy in the air for her.

“Kalum,” she murmurs his name with a shake of her head.

“This isn’t going to happen, is it?” Kalum asks reaching up to brush the hair from her face.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind the wait,” he says it softly as he walks away and even though she smiles she knows he’s in for a long wait.


The line rings; once, twice, three times until finally voicemail picks up. She listens to his voice, eyes closing to bring his face to the surface of her memory. Her fingers itch to touch him, to trace the lines of face, to pillow her head on his chest, wrapping herself up in him.

“Hey, it’s me. I uh-I know it’s been a while,” her voice thickens to the point that she holds the phone out away from her so she can clear her throat. “I just, I wanted to say hi, and to tell you I miss you, Filip, I miss you, every day.”

And when you find your way to another town
And someone tries to lay you down
And a feeling hits you right out of the blue
Well it’s me, thinking of you
It’s just me, thinking of you