cr: mars

Mars in each House keywords

Mars in the I: need for action, abundance of emotions
Mars in the II: competitiveness, hedonistic streak
Mars in the III: short attention span, self-expression
Mars in the IV: territorialism, possessiveness bursts
Mars in the V: risk taking, exaggeratedly fun loving
Mars in the VI: energetic movement, intolerance bursts
Mars in the VII: competitive dialogue, impatience bursts
Mars in the VIII: control issues, death challenging
Mars in the IX: restlessness, eternal wandering
Mars in the X: assertiveness, planning, self-making 
Mars in the XI: fixed opinions, collective efforts
Mars in the XII: servicing others, indulgence bursts

Mars signs: how the Old Soldier is expressed through the different Signs

Mars in Aries: combative nature
Mars in Taurus: fixed ambition
Mars in Gemini: unfinished projects
Mars in Cancer: affection seeking
Mars in Leo: insatiably protective
Mars in Virgo: mechanical abilities
Mars in Libra: energy bursts
Mars in Scorpio: inner wars
Mars in Sagittarius: impulsive curiosity 
Mars in Capricorn: strict leadership
Mars in Aquarius: tackling injustice 
Mars in Pisces: creative dreaming

Mars Retrograde
  • To put it simply, having your natal Mars in Retrograde means you have trouble expressing anger.
  • Internally, these people may actually feel quite aggressive. They want to be straight forward and they want to confront people that have upset them and they want people to know when they're upset. However, they are unable to translate this anger well, and may even come across as very passive. Many with this placement even feel like they're very competitive and headstrong but will then have problems starting and/or finishing projects.
  • Since it is very common for those with their Mars in Retrograde to repress their anger, they may often feel angry at weird/sudden times - leaving them to explode emotionally. They may also be one of those people that gets sudden bursts of energy at 3am when they know they need to be up at 7am.
  • They will often go through periods where they are very productive, they know what they want and they go get it. Then, they will come crashing down and they'll want to do nothing for the next 5 months.