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favorite blogs?

flathairluke, alreadymissings, calumhoodes, malumst, maiamitch, antivevo, 2k15luke, cliffordchick, mukehug, dankpunks, dimplelashton, blondecalum, cryngwolf, celmmingsthehalcyonclub, irwinsfletcher, 1-800-long-dong, and cashtonkinks are a few! :) 

1. write your name in song titles.
colors - halsey
little me - little mix
all you had to do was stay - taylor swift
uma thurman - fall out boy
darling i’m a mess - sabrina carpenter
if only - dove cameron
animals - maroon 5

2. why did you choose your url?
because i am obsessed with descendants, i’m jaylos trash and i love carlos de vil as much as jay does.

3. what’s your middle name?

4. if you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
hermione granger or evie i-don’t-have-a-last-name.

5. favorite color?
turquoise, gold, black.

6. favorite song?
i hate this question. i’d have to say i’m pretty obsessed with hair by little mix, colors by halsey, evil like me from descendants and fight song by rachel platten.

7. top 4 fandoms?
girl meets world, pretty little liars, descendants and harry potter.

8. why do you enjoy tumblr?
it’s the only place (or site) where i actually feel safe and free to share everything that happens to me that i need to get out of my head. because here i can find people that care about me, and that we also have common interests. because i can discuss over feminism. because i can post my edits and cute little cinnamon rolls will actually like them. because i can fangirl without problem, i know people will join me. because i can be me, and i can say anything without worrying someone will judge me.

9. tag 9 mutuals!

girlmeetswrld sarcasticswan mitchwllhope farklleminkus :)

spell your url in song titles and tag 5 people (this is so unfair lol)

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  • lights out, words gone - bombay biclycle club
  • old yellow bricks - arctic monkeys
  • use sombody - kings of leon
  • eternal pose (i don’t know who sings this song)
  • habits - to love
  • care 4 u - example
  • hatefuck - the bravery
  • all i want - kodaline
  • r.i.p. 2 my youth - the neighbourhood
  • me la fiques more - orxata sound system

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i think when it comes to vapor they all helped each other write it maybe about different things or maybe about bryana we may never know. but that group is close so i wouldn't put it past them.

yeah true

it’s funny though bc it really does describe their relationship bc it’s like talking about on on/off kinda thing & that is literally them

but i low key hope they’re not on ever again lol i like bryana but..yanno. and this is 100% me being petty af & protective of someone i don’t even know lmao