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favorite blogs?

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i think when it comes to vapor they all helped each other write it maybe about different things or maybe about bryana we may never know. but that group is close so i wouldn't put it past them.

yeah true

it’s funny though bc it really does describe their relationship bc it’s like talking about on on/off kinda thing & that is literally them

but i low key hope they’re not on ever again lol i like bryana but..yanno. and this is 100% me being petty af & protective of someone i don’t even know lmao

spell your url in song titles and tag 5 people (this is so unfair lol)

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  • lights out, words gone - bombay biclycle club
  • old yellow bricks - arctic monkeys
  • use sombody - kings of leon
  • eternal pose (i don’t know who sings this song)
  • habits - to love
  • care 4 u - example
  • hatefuck - the bravery
  • all i want - kodaline
  • r.i.p. 2 my youth - the neighbourhood
  • me la fiques more - orxata sound system

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I know it’s horrible but I’ve been in this fandom and have dealt with the Raura fandom for three years. They are horrible people. so I know it’s impossible but ignore them. Because they won’t stop.

Yeah… They exaggerate everything! And they think only they are right about everything! x_x I know that not all the raura shippers are like that but they are so many do are!!