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When I went into this dragon, I was lost and a wanderer, and as I am shat out its side I come forth a paladin of the Raven Queen.

Episode 55: Umbrasyl


My father told me to “Always live truthfully”. And he also told me that “You have to live while staying truthful to your original intention”. “You have to go with what you first believed in, in order to have no regrets.” He also told me that “Even if you fail while living like that, it will all just be an experience, and if you succeed then it’ll be a memory.” 

♡ 160616, happy birthday baby angel ♡

collab with the ever-talented @christiandobbinsart!

lines by me, colors by him :D huge shoutout to the cast and crew of Critical Role: we love you and hope you survive tonight’s match!! (please for my sanity)

once again, will be available 2017 :)