cr: lasie

Name: Lasie (pronounced Lay-zee)

Title: Goddess of Procrastination, The Great Distractor,

Domain: The intense desire to put off/ the innate inability to do work until the very last minute.


- Apathy Drain: While this may sound like it takes your apathy away, in reality it fills you with it, leaving you completely drained of motivation. You have no desire at all to accomplish anything anymore, and in fact probably have the desire not to. This can be literally directed towards any goal or action you have in mind, or a more blanket version that will make you want to do nothing but lay in bed all day every day.

- Manic Touch: Sort of the opposite of Apathy Drain, this power instills the subject with an intense focus and energy, as well as a boost to any skills relevant to any projects they may be working on. The caviat to this is that it may only be done up to 24 hours before the project is set to be due, and may only last up to 18 hours.

- Extended Deadline - through millenia of practicing, Lasie has grown very adept at negotiating extended deadlines. To the point that now, she can will the deadline longer, for anything. The apocalypse is happening? How about you give us another year to prepare. Of course, she can only extend it so long. She will have to face whatever it is eventually.

Personality: She is very, extremely laid back and fun loving. She likes nothing better than to lay in her realm all day and play video games or watch movies. Tied with that, though, would be spending obscene amounts of time with anyone she considers a friend. She is very, very accepting of anything and everything. Knock over four stacks of her stuff? No problem. Get ooze all over her couch? No biggie. The only thing that would really make her mad is if you destroyed something she REALLY liked.

She’s also very accepting of people in general. Even if you’re Chaotic Evil, but aren’t actively hurting her or her friends, she’ll probably be cool with you. If she finds you interesting watch out because you are probably her NEW BEST FRIEND EVER OMG LET’S HANG OUT ALL THE TIME.

As may be obvious, it is a terrible idea to ask Lasie to help you with anything ever. Any sort of project or work she will outright avoid. She won’t show up, or she’ll show up late, she won’t pull her weight, and she’ll distract everyone else. The best way to get her to help you is to disguise it as a way to get out of some other work or to make it ridiculously fun. However, if you ever need to just hang out or blow off some steam, Lasie is SO your guy. She’s also very willing to help a friend in a way that doesn’t require a lot of work from her. Need a place to crash for like three weeks? She’s good, she’ll share her couch. No problem.

Also it’s important to note that while Lasie can be apathetic towards work, that’s not always the case. Sometimes she simply cannot force herself to do it, even if she wants to. She also knows that she’s lost friendships before because of her procrastination and unreliability. It bothers her.

Alignment: True Neutral

Realm: Basically just a big room with one rest object - most often a couch, but it can be a futon or something similar, and the color/size/design change according to her desires - and absolutely packed with things to distract her. Books, movies, instruments, just absolutely anything. There are also mounds and mounds of unfinished projects. She also has a t.v., an Omni Game System/Netflix Streaming Device/Sure It Gets Cable Too Why Not. The room can change size to accommodate more people. If she gets hungry or thirsty she need only reach between her couch cushions, and her desired snack will be there, although it seems to have a preference for junk food and caffeinated beverages. It can also do small things like pencils, tissues, and up to $2 in change. It seems to work best for Lasie, though, and will give her almost anything she wants.


- Just being in Lasie’s presence at all will make you want to put off any important things you have going on.

- Her parents are the God of Apathy and the Goddess of Labor

- She tends to take the form of her most avid worshipers, who at the moment are college students.

- Those with ADD are said to be touched by her and are venerated by her (active) worshipers

- if she doesn’t pay enough attention to her form she will absolutely revert to an inert gas.

Everything to me by Ashton Harper

I want to see her in my sleep,
keep her in my dreams,
Fill her up with love until,
She’s bursting at the seams.

Morning, noon, and night,
Nothing more I wish,
Than to keep her nearby,
And steal another kiss.

Filling me up so gently,
With love that will endure,
Even in the separation,
Our souls do ensure.

I want her to feel all she is to me,
In sickness and in health,
Want this girl to wed me, for poorer and in wealth.

Everything I own,
Everything I am,
I want no longer to be a whole,
Who’s missing his other half. 

Landon and Elsie Grace 08-30-2014