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nwh91: 2월 7일 FC MEN 바자회에 제가 착용하던 가방을 경매에 기부하려합니다. 경매를 통한 경매금액을 션형님이 홍보대사로 있는 어린이재활병원에 기부하니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다^^

[TRANS] I gave this bag for the auction in FC MEN’s Bazaar on February 7th. Proceeds will be given to the Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital to which Sean-Hyung is an honorary ambassador of please give lots of interest^^

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[FAN ACC] [140904] "MY LOVELY GIRL" FILMING WITH INSPIRITS ~ Hoya and Myungsoo :)

*Their boyband in the drama is going to be called MHDR which stands for 무(Mu) 한(Han) 동(Dong) 력(Ryeok) or Infinite Power (무한동력). ‘Infinite Power’ members’ names:

  • Raehun (Hoya) - Leader
  • Siwoo (L)
  • JunJun/Joon (?) (Woollim trainee)
  • Sana (Daeyeol) (cr. dmswl1122)

*During ‘My Lovely Girl’ shooting, Hoya was doing his routine chant with the fans

Hoya: Rae!
Fans: Hun!
Hoya: Rae!
Fans: Hun!

Hoya: Infinite!
Fans: Power!

Hoya: Wojjai!
Fans: Jjeori!

(PD-nim: A moment please…) 

Hoya: Please wait…
Fans: A moment!

(cr. dailydukjil)

(T/N: The last chant was the same thing idols say during MuBank’s waiting room segment ~ Jakkuman.. gidaryeo..!!)

*During the MyLovelyGirl filming, L was supposed to say 'Please sing along’ (따라불러주세요), but he got tongue-tied and it came out as 'Please sing differently’ (달라불러주세요). Hoya laughed and started mocking him. (cr. miwoo1223)

*'Infinite Power’ is composed of 4 members & they performed a remix of “1/3” (cr. dmswl1122)

*During MyLovelyGirl filming,

  • Hoya: If you do well at cheering loudly, I’ll jump in the pool.
  • L: That’s only Hoya~ (cr. miwoo1223)

*After the filming, Seonho manager came out of the dressing room & Hoya started chanting “60 Seconds!” (cr. miwoo1223)

(compiled from @Infinite7Soul & @InfiniteUpdates) 

PS: I kinda miss Infinite and their randomness… (and they just had a comeback! -_-“)


[VID] 130403 Show Champion Preview - #인피니트 (cr:as tagged)