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anonymous asked:

who are you favorite non shinee blogs?

Eep! I have so many favourite non-SHINee blogs! Here are a few amazing ones: 

  1. tinygworld
  2. fabulouswillycartier* (ish)
  3. m-eiji
  4. hqkpopgirls
  5. faefever
  6. creepyyeha*
  7. naomilku
  8. brightraes
  9. jjonqsuk
  10. vanilladolly*
  11. minnie-a

Those are all the blogs that aren’t SHINee that aren’t also people I talk to regularly, that are some of my favourites :) Warning, some of them are not safe for work and I’ve marked those with an asterick (*). 

Thanks anon!