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[TRANS] 150130 f(Luna) = BNT News Interview: "I'll love my members more this year"

Q. You’ve gotten very pretty. You’ve heard these words a lot recently, haven’t you?

Ah, thank you. I’ve heard them a lot after I cut my bangs.

Q. Although you’ve been asked this a lot, what is the meaning behind your name ‘Luna’?

I said this a lot during my debut days but I’m a little embarrassed because it’s been a while? Luna means ‘the moon’s fairy’. The girl who illuminates the dark, the moon’s goddess.

Q. Luna smiles quite well. That appearance is very good. When do you like your appearance the most?

Reporter, this is the first time I receive such a question. Whoa, that’s a question that makes you think. Um, when I sing? And during photoshoots.

Q. f(x) is now in their 7th year of debut. What is the biggest difference between Luna 7 years ago and Luna today?


Q. Aren’t you being too honest?

Hahaha. Because it’s true.

Q. You’ve done various songs. At first they are more or less difficult to understand, when listening to them more you become addicted. But it’s clear that you can see f(x)’s color in all of their songs. When f(x) releases something, people wonder ‘What kind of song will it be this time?’ Does this make you feel uneasy now?

I don’t feel uneasy at all. I trust f(x). When preparing albums we think ‘Will this song be liked?’ and we wonder ‘How will the response be for the style?’. Because of this, we’ve obviously thought about a change of style a lot.

Q. We wonder what kind of music you enjoy.

Nowadays I listen to Shim Kyuseon’s songs a lot. I also like Ra.D’s ‘Hawaii’ a lot.

Q. It’s surprising. Just now you liked the sweet voice from the song played during the shoot.

Yes, I like it. How come their voice is so sweet? Ah, I also like Beyonce’s Partition.

Q. Is there a song you’ve been singing a lot lately?

It’s Beyonce’s Partition. I’ve really been singing it everyday. I don’t get tired of it even if I listen to it everyday. I’m an addicting song.

Q. We look forward to seeing Luna sing Beyonce’s Partition.

I really want to sing it soon.

Q. You’ve done three musicals. Personally, Luna’s appearance during ‘Legally Blonde’ was the most memorable. This one was your first, right? It was really cute. Your voice sounded different compared to f(x) songs. I’ve read an interview where you said you weren’t scared because it was your first musical. How is it now?

I’ve worked really hard. I think musicals are very charming. Should it be thrilling? Although I like being on stage as f(x) a lot, I like singing and dancing on a musical stage. I want to do more.

Q. Is there a character or production you want to do?

Yes. Mama Mia’s Sophie, Wicked’s Glinda, Kinky Boots.

Q. It seems very lovely. Especially Mama Mia’s Sophie!

Really? Thank you (laughs).

Q. Do you have plans for 2015? It seems like there’s something you really want to do.

I want to learn how to play piano. Also, to start swimming. Ah, I want to go to LA with my sister. Kkyaa. It’s really good, right? Hahaha. I want to go and eat as much as I want, wear a bikini and go swimming. Hahaha. I’m looking forward to it a lot.

Q. Can you tell me the three f(x) songs you’ve liked the most so far? I’ll try to fit them into questions. I think it’ll be fun.

Whoa, it seems fun. I’ll think for a bit. Firstly, ‘Sorry’, ‘Goodbye Summer’ and ‘Milk’.

Q. Now, I’ll use them one by one. First off, ‘Sorry’. Is there someone you felt sorry to in 2014?

It’s the members. I feel like I couldn’t be honest. This is not just some kind of lie, it just feels like I didn’t talk a bit more honestly and I couldn’t love them more. I’ll love my members more this year.

Q. ‘Goodbye Summer’, what do you regret the most about last summer?

Anyhow, it’s promotions. It’s the most regretful that we prepared a lot but we didn’t get it show it to our fans. But maybe we’ll get to promote more in 2015? (laughs)

Q. ‘Milk’, what do you like most between white milk, strawberry milk and chocolate milk?

I like banana milk.

Q. Right. There’s banana milk as well. Haha. You mentioned the members just now; the f(x) member’s styles are quite distinct. Have you told each member ‘I envy this (about you)’?

Obviously. Height. Tall and long legs (in dialect). Hahaha. They were very upset a while back when we did a photoshoot together about me stepping on the magazine. But I like the elegant me now. I’m okay, right?

Q. Of course. Should we talk about Luna again? What do you usually do during your free time?

I play with my dogs. I’m actually raising 8? Also, I spend a lot of time with my family. Now that I thought of it, the time I spent with my family from my trainee days until promotions was very short. So I want to spend more time with my family this year.

Q. What is Luna’s ideal type?

Ah, I do have an ideal type…It’s Song Seungheon sunbaenim. I like his dark skin and eyebrows. I think I like the deep impression he gives. Also, when he smiles, he looks like a thoughtful person.

Q. Besides being told that you’ve gotten pretty, what do you like to be told the most?

Things like ‘I like your song a lot’. I’ve tried to learn how to play various instruments, since this kind of words make me want to work harder.

Q. I’ll lastly ask you this. Three ways to become prettier?

When talking about secrets(/ways), firstly, I love myself and my interest in beauty products has increased a lot. In the past, I didn’t buy many makeup products and I didn’t go to the dermatologist that much either. I also didn’t receive care. I only went for a bit before comebacks. But as every year passed, I started to get interested by the fun of looking for beauty products that fit me. Also, liking heels? Hahaha. Ah, but, reporter! Did you know our hairstyles are similar? Nowadays this kind of hair is quite pretty. Right?