cr: felicity


An average 21 year old girl who likes exercise and being outdoors. She came into contact with a strange cat and afterwards she sort of became one, at least partly. To this day no one knows what happened to the strange cat or if Felicity’s changes can be reversed.

Comic projects she’s attached to: None currently

Finished this a few days back but was debating whether to post it or hold on to it to post at a better time, but decided what the heck. I can’t promise a fancy quick-comic for all my character’s bio posts (like the ones that’re part of larger comics already,) but for smaller ones like Felicity I’ll try to. Plus it’s an excuse to do more comics in general. I’ll admit that the actual bio portion here is pretty sparse, but I could always add more later if I ever do more with her character beyond doodles.


Song request: @flowerandsunshine
Couple: Olicity