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I was looking at some dresses on taobao that were reasonably priced but the shipping cost would bring them out of my price range. I then saw the same dresses being sold on ebay for relatively the same price but the shipping was free. Are these the same dresses or are they replicas? Do they make replicas of taobao dresses? Is there ever a time when I could buy lolita on ebay and not be scammed?

If they’re on ebay there are a few things that could be going on. 1. The ebay shop could have a partnership of sorts with the TaoBao shop where they buy in bulk to cut down on shipping costs and then resell. 2. The ebay shop could be a complete scam where they either send you a poorly made replica or they just never send anything at all.
There could be other things going on but these are both pretty common. In general I tend to suggest not buying Lolita on ebay because the second thing happens somewhat often and it can be difficult to tell which shops are which even when doing research. If you’re looking to buy Taobao products from a reseller I would recommend Clobba or Glitzy Wonderland. Some items on Glitzy will look a little more expensive than other places but they have already included service fees AND shipping into the prices so what you see is what you pay (and they often mark things down which is nice.)