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[image description: a lilac/purple and an aqua/green silicone circular pendant with a round hole near the top of the circle, allowing a black rattail cord to be knotted through the hole. Each cord lies coiled around the pendant and is finished with a black plastic breakaway clasp. Both pendants sit on a red and green watermelon slice pillow.]

Green/Purple Circular Chew Pendant - eBay, $2.08/$2.18 USD

Dimensions: 7 cm across x 0.8 cm thick at widest point.

This is the second of a few different eBay silicone pendants sold as chewables, either for babies or children.

I paid $1.98 (green) and $2.07 (purple) USD for these on sale. Listing has free standard international shipping.

I’ve said before that I’m not wholly trusting of these. The listing does say “food-grade” and includes the advisory for boiling before first use, but I’ve seen so many eBay listings copy descriptions from other listings that I’m suspicious as to just how food safe. They do not come with the kind of safety guarantees that stores like Stimtastic or Chewigem can provide.

However, for stimmers who like fidgeting with with their silicone chew pendants, or stimmers wanting to see if a shape/size suits them before spending the money on something known to be safe, I think they’re worth discussing. The free shipping options make them so much more affordable for non-US stimmers.

I’m also reviewing these as fidget jewellery. The silicone is as thick as the eBay teardrop, but the smaller shape–meaning there isn’t a bigger thicker base preventing movement–gives the pendant more flexibility. It isn’t as flexible as the Stimtastic Dulcimer or UFO pendants, but it’s quite similar to the Braid. For chewing, this means that there’s smaller thick surface area, and I’d imagine that these wouldn’t be as durable as the teardrop.

Both of these have rough edges where the pendant hasn’t emerged quite cleanly from the mold. The purple one also arrived with a dirty smear, which didn’t photograph well, shown on the viewer’s left side of the cord attachment. For this reason, if you are going to use them for testing or chewing (some stimmers do have to settle for safest over completely safe) I would absolutely boil these first.

Thankfully, these aren’t as heavy as the teardrops. They’re still heavier than the Braid, though, and I do find them the most uncomfortable to wear out of all my stim jewellery pieces. They’re still wearable, though, although I’d advise stimmers sensitive to weight to look at the Braid over these.

[image description: stock photo on a white background of two red strawberry squishies sitting side by side. Both have green leaves at the top of the squishy, are decorated with yellow printed-on seeds like that of a real strawberry, and have the tips dipped in pink or chocolate icing-like paint. The strawberry on the viewer’s left has the end pointing up and is coloured a light pink; the strawberry on the viewer’s right has the end pointing down and is coloured a dark brown. Both squishies have a round red ring attachment located close to the leaves at the top of the strawberry.]

Dipped Strawberry Squishy - eBay, $2.98 USD.

Dimensions: 9 cm.

Item has free standard international shipping to Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

@ambiguouspieces has a strawberry theme going on, so I am morally obligated to post about cute strawberry squishies when I find them.

These are described as slow rising.