cr: eating


It’s time for DINNER!

What’s on the menu?

Well my usual meal consists of:

Part 1:
Chicken Bones (uncooked or baked) 🍖
Eggs (W/ Shells) 🥚
Calcium Powder
Evaporated milk 🥛
Plain Non Greek Yogurt
A bit of mozzarella cheese 🧀

Part 2:
Chicken (uncooked or baked) 🍗
Carrots 🥕
Kale (Shredded on top of the blend)
A bit of Banana🍌
A bit of strawberry🍓
A bit of V8 juice

To explain my diet. I need a high amount of calcium! That’s what’s in Part 1. Everything I need to grow into a big strong healthy boy. If I didn’t get enough of those things I could get metabolic bone disease really easily! 😞

But luckily dad’s watching out for me! ♥️😄

Part 2 is everything I need for nutrition and taste (I just won’t eat anything ya know!). The taste of banana and strawberry are my favorite and they keep me coming back for more!

All these things are blended together and while it might not seem tasty to humans, it makes very delicious and healthy possum grub! Which also makes me a happy possum! 🙂

Lastly, to drink, no surprise here, but nice, cold, pure water. 🚰

And that’s my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Always freshly made and warmed to perfection! Thanks guys! I’ll have a clip of feeding time next, so you can watch me stuff my face.
Nomnomnom! 🍴