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I recently reached a certain number of followers so, I guess I should do one of these. I mainly follow exo-biased blogs, editors, and edit rebloggers. (I’m supposed to be studying for my exam tomorrow weeps. Excuse the really bad graphic up there.)

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Happy blogging!

These are the tumtumers who makes my time here online so fun, and enjoyable, some of them i talk to, and are wonderful friends, and others are blogs that i absolutely love love and love~ c: Thank you guys so much for your posts and your ability to post stuff that makes sdjfishfasuyaf. 

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Nickname: Risa, Rii, Riri, Mar, Mari, Happy Virus, sleepy moose, talented poo, sleepy cutie, doll face lol many more

Ethnicity:  Mixed merr *sorry, i’m not very comfortable talking about it*

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 179 cm~

Time and Date:  3:58 pm 5/15/15

Average amount of sleep: Chronic insomniac , it has been roughly 2 hours or 4 then 7 for the past month.

Lucky number: I’m naturally lucky saggy; but I like the numbers 7 & 48

Last thing I googled: Book Printing & Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, plus Assassin’s creed syndicate & The order 1886 concept art. 

First word that comes to mind: transparent lol

How many blankets you sleep with: Um, 1 thin quilt haha

Favorite fictional character: Sweeney Todd,  Mort Rainey, Mad Hatter, Jessica Rabbit, Banner/Hulk, Captain America, Loki , Hellboy, Cyclops, Wolverine, Night crawler etc~ Shouldn’t of let me loose lol

Favorite famous person: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, gian lorenzo bernini, um I shall stop there lol

Favorite books: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar , The westing game by Ellen raskin, The fallen series, by  Thomas E. Sniegoski, Dark visions series by L.J. Smith etc~ I have a little library on my dresser lol

Favorite musicians: Yiruma, Ludovico, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-williams, Andrew Desplat, Jason Graves // Jessie J ,  Yoann Lemoine, exo, tvxq, shinee, eddy kim, Huh Gak etc~  I’m weird and most of you probs don’t know the composers otl

Last movie I saw in the cinema: Man of Steel 2 years ago lmfao 

Dream Holiday: Waking up in a somewhat tropical forest like enviorment. To smell fresh air and hear the birds; standing on a balcony by myself. Or to have a boyfriend *coughLuhancough* to enjoy the peace and quiet with, Mainly just healing. I have some ugly scars I would like to clear away.

Dream Job: unemployed lol *no* illustrator or tattoo artist or Visual developer, maybe work on games; possible animation interest. I would really enjoy freelance artist or have a profession in just art a lon. But I am blessed in writing, photography, graphic design, making others laugh. So what the lord has planned for me. 

Wearing right now: My extrememly oversized junior size 1x  arizona white T-shirt and my grey boxers with white thin stripes up and down them. Got my grey 2inch wide head band on too lol. *justlayinginmybed*

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howtoxoxo  asked:

you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check out my blog to see what i wrote about you! ☼ go read what i wrote about you loser

howtoxoxo: Oh Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Kaitlyn. My only friend who’s seriously hella loud with me. Thanks for acting all crazy with me no matter where we are. Also thank you for being someone who I can make really lame jokes too and understand them sometimes. You’re an awesome child! I would be a crazy loner who screams by herself if I didn’t have you 

dimplay: Michelle, the sweetest caring friend. Thanks for asking me if I’m ok when I walk into math, I look seriously dead. I’m so glad we’re friends. Your dimples i swear. Lovely dimples.

byunbunnie: Taammmyy. I have no classes with you this year, I don’t see you often, this is unfair LOL. You’re amazing and a wonderful human being. Let’s hang out more because I miss you~

monsieurescargo: You haven’t been on tumblr for a month and you’re probably never going to see this, but thanks Minh Anh for telling me to stop being so negative and bringing in some positiveness to me!

baek-me-a-krispy-kookie: Serena, you also haven’t been on since Nov. and will not see this but you’re one of my awesome friends so I can’t skip you. The nicest person on this planet ever. Your dimples are so cute too! I’m still not over your wonderful wrapping paper. BestwrappingpaperEver