cr: b.o.b

So this rapper can start a campaign to raise one million dollars to launch a satellite to prove the earth is FLAT and get $3,649 (I’m not going to count the $1,000 of his own money that he contributed) in a just one week. Meanwhile I start a campaign to raise just $280,000 so I can go to The School of Visual Arts in New York City and complete my college education and all I could raise in two weeks is $60?! ($35 via my youcaring campaign and $25 via my GoFundMe campaign) WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK AMERICA?!!! I’m not saying people should’ve given me that money, but I am saying that there are GoFundMe campaigns that deserve that $3,649 a whole lot more than some stupid asshole who’s trying to prove that the earth is flat. Especially when B.O.B’s net worth is 5 million. HE DOSENT NEED ANYONES CHARITY!!!!

Sometimes I remember that B.O.B went from writing really clever lines like “I don’t need a sub/I don’t need a speaka/‘cause I bring the noise like an onomatopoeia” to thinking the earth is flat and celebrities are clones and Jews are part of an evil world-dominating conspiracy haha wow.


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