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Cristiano launches ‘CR7 Crunch Fitness’ in Madrid

First we can see Cristiano working out with some people, then the interview.
- my translation -

Q: How to get abs like yours? Do you really make 3000 situps per day?
“(Jokingly) I wished I could. No, in fact it’s 4-5 times per week 200-300 situps. Because I think you shouldn’t overdo, it could cause physical problems. So it’s not even 3000 situps per week. That’s enough.”

Q: Adapting the training routine after 30?
“I didn’t change much of my routine. My training methods are always the same, since the beginning. But obviously with time, with gaining a bit more experience, you do more specific workout, depending on what you need. But after 30 I didn’t alter much. It’s about working with more intelligence, more knowledge, more maturity.”

Q: Forbidden food?
“Every once in a while a hamburger or a dessert with lots of calories. But I think this also contributes to your well-being. Of course not every day, but every once in a while I think it’s good for your mind not to be too restrictive and think 'no, you can’t do that’. So that’s my 'sin’: enjoying every once in a while a tasty dessert with lots of calories.“

Q: Can going to the gym help with getting to know people?
"Of course! I alredy met very interesting people in the gym. So I can recommend that.”

Q: Specific training?
“I believe that spefiic training is an important 'extra’, for example at Real Madrid. There is the normal daily training, but specific additional training IMO is fundamental. But recovery is equally important for the body. Therefore there has to be a balance between training hard and recovering well.”

Q: Is Spanish or Portuguese food more healthy?

Q: Change in training methods?
“As I already said before, there are no big changes. My work ethics always are the same. But of course we include different exercises. My ethics have always been the same: working hard and doing things well. In order to be successfull for so many years you heve to do things intelligently.”

Q: What does a good gym need?
“Good machines, good trainers, a different concept. And I think Crunch Fitness has all of that. I recommend the people to go to the gym - if possible to mine  (smiles). Because health is the most important thing, and going to the gym helps you to feel well and be healthy.”

Q: Advice for people who want to start with workout?
Someone gives Cristiano a hint. Cristiano turning around (to Ricky Regufe): “Pardon? Hey Ricky, what’s the matter?”, Ricky: “Nothing.” Cristiano to the reporter: “Sorry!.”
Back to the question:
“It’s good to start working out in general! I for example always feel very well when I go to the gym. And you should do exercises (sports) that you like. Because when you feel bored, you won’t go there again.”

“I already knew that Crunch Fitness is a very strong company that offers very diverting programmes. It’s a very different concept, very accessible for everyone, which for me is the key to this project. And it’s something that defines me, not only as a footballer but as a person who likes to take care of his body and his health. Those are the main factors for our cooperation. And I’m very happy because this is a project I really wanted.”

Speed, control, dribbles, left foot, right foot, goals, headers, sprints, free kicks, penalties, power shots, all these attributes are found in just one man, RONALDO !Happy birthday , king ! 👑Thank you for everything you’ve done in football❤️


“Apart from being a footballer, Cristiano’s biggest dream when he was a young boy was to help our family out of poverty. When he was still very little he’d see my mother work day and night to take care of us. And one day he just walked up to her and took her hands and said: "Mother, one day, I promise, I will have enough money to buy you a house you deserve…with everything you need.” My mother was touched, and so were me and my siblings, but at that time we didn’t really know that he’d be able to fullfill his promise one day. So time passed and when Cristiano got his first major income in Manchester it was literally the first thing he did. He told his manager that before anything he wants to buy a house for my mother and get her everything she needs, so she never has to work so hard again. He let her pick a house on Madeira, and just a few weeks later it was hers. I could tell it was something very special for my mother, but for Cristiano as well. He is very close to her and has always aimed to give her back all she gave for us, when we were little.“ - Katia Aveiro