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Speed, control, dribbles, left foot, right foot, goals, headers, sprints, free kicks, penalties, power shots, all these attributes are found in just one man, RONALDO !Happy birthday , king ! 👑Thank you for everything you’ve done in football❤️


“Apart from being a footballer, Cristiano’s biggest dream when he was a young boy was to help our family out of poverty. When he was still very little he’d see my mother work day and night to take care of us. And one day he just walked up to her and took her hands and said: "Mother, one day, I promise, I will have enough money to buy you a house you deserve…with everything you need.” My mother was touched, and so were me and my siblings, but at that time we didn’t really know that he’d be able to fullfill his promise one day. So time passed and when Cristiano got his first major income in Manchester it was literally the first thing he did. He told his manager that before anything he wants to buy a house for my mother and get her everything she needs, so she never has to work so hard again. He let her pick a house on Madeira, and just a few weeks later it was hers. I could tell it was something very special for my mother, but for Cristiano as well. He is very close to her and has always aimed to give her back all she gave for us, when we were little.“ - Katia Aveiro


😂😍Ronaldo’s Celebrations give me life😍😂