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hi! I hope you are doing well. I have heard rumors that cr1tikal is using the R slur but I don't know if they are true? they seem to be mostly unfounded but I'd like to know if any of your followers can prove that this is true or false and if they can provide any proof? I've googled and found nothing on the matter. thank you very much.

From what I understand, he tends to stay away from those kinds of slurs for the most part, but I couldn’t comfortably say that he’s NEVER said anything like that because I’m not sure.

You can check out his tag here:

The Sextuplets as Let'sPlayers

Osomatsu: Arin Hanson/Egoraptor - A bunch of dick jokes, funny impersonations, and a strange fascination with gay shit.

Karamatsu: Markiplier - Mostly voice wise, but that sweetness mixed with his hilarious reactions to scary games is accurate.

Choromatsu: Geoff Ramsey - Is always tired of everyone else’s shit, and tries to be in control until he just says ‘fuck it’ and goes insane.

Ichimatsu: Cr1tikal - That tired and rather ambivalent voice and reaction to most of the shit he’s playing.

Jyushimatsu: Jacksepticeye - Loud, eccentric, kind of hyperactive, need I say more.

Todomatsu: Ross O'Donovan - He’s the worst, he just wants to watch the world burn, and wants to make people go insane while he does it.

I love watching cr1tikal’s public presence turn from chaotic neutral to chaotic good. The first big sign was donating his funds from Youtube partnership, and now he makes videos about how corrupt textbook prices and police drug tests are. They’re mixed in with infomercial parodies and laden with ridiculous profanity, but he’s doing good for humanity and I love that.