I want to say first of all that I’m sorry the OfL-4 project demo won’t be done by April 9th, the time I thought it would be.

My computer broke down and hasn’t turned on in days. I desperately need a new one.
I have their older versions of voicebanks stored on 2 external hard drives so there’s still hope that they’ll continue development, but to do that I need a new computer.

I’m doing commissions, we can negotiate a price. I’ll design an UTAU for you if you want since I love character design, but I’ll draw your ocs, whatever SFW thing you want.
Please check @gvbart for examples and my art in general. As you can guess, traditional only. (Trust me it’ll be MUCH cleaner than this)

By helping me get a new computer you’re also helping the development of Cr1TiKLOID v3 and his brand new friends.

I won’t have their demo reel done on time as I thought I would but if I get a new computer at least I can continue their development. Please not only help me, but my 4 UTAU sons.
(Note, it’s Amazon money only)