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Someone told me i sounded like a youtube video producer named “Cr1tikal” so I decided to record random voices including that.
also note I do have health issues with my throat/lungs, so if i sound bad, it’s partially that, though I will admit I am a newbie to Voice Acting.

This is a test, If anyone wishes to add me as a voice actor in anything, I am here.


I had to call my mum in to watch this I was crying so hard with laughter

Codsworth: takes care of your kid, makes you food, warns your family about important news, waits 200 years for you to return, and jokes about you being 200 years late for breakfast, providing you with much needed brevity after emerging into a hellish waste.

Fandom: super excited about the random dog that follows you around for no real reason

Codsworth: *cr1tikal voice* okay, I guess I’ll just go fuck myself.

I think kishimoto hates hidan...
  • Itachi & sasori:*both get recurring filler arcs, backstory development and get brought back to life*
  • Deidara & kakuzu:*gets backstories, brought back to life and several honorable buttmentions*
  • Ami-trio:*thier own filler arc*
  • Kisame:*a great backstory and honorable death*
  • Hidan:*gets reanimated in a filler and is never mentioned properly again in the story* [cr1tikal voice] "ok then I'm just going to fuck myself."

Dog Show | by Cr1TiKaL

Dirk and Jake were both prominent bloggers on Youtube. Dirk primarily posted “gaming” videos (a term used loosely) and Jake was famous for his adventures that were incredible to follow. Despite their difference of genres, someone caught a picture of Jake being in Dirk’s hometown, which led to high demands for a collab. There was talk with no plans to do it until they actually met each other a couple months later at a convention. Finally, they settled down for a game of GTA V.


I needed this one too