Looking for good SamSteve or SamBucky fic?

Hi guys,

I’ve been a bit lax in tagging pairings on the writing tag, and now that it’s so big it’s hard to find what you want. But there’s at least a solution for the two big ships:

Check @ao3feed-sambucky and @ao3feed-freebird

Most of our writing tag is made up of posts that have been reblogged from these feeds. Chances are if they have more than 1 or 2 notes, they’re good to go! If there are 0 notes, proceed with EXTREME caution, they did not pass my initial check and I won’t be reading them or reblogging them. 

If there’s a like from your favorite birb, I’m going to read the fic soon, but haven’t gotten the chance!

Happy Hunting!

- Mod Cr0w

P.S.: If anyone would like to volunteer for some ship-tagging, send me an ask?!