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You said lots of Sam/Steve and Sam/Bucky fics are anti-Sam, I was wondering if you could elaborate? I hope that doesn't sound confrontational, I haven't read enough to argue either way but it seems counterintuitive to me.

You are 10000000000% correct Anon. It IS counterintuitive. 

{If you don’t want to drag through the long version, just read the bold} 

That’s because the frame of mind is that a Person1/Person2 fic will be about a relationship between Person1 and Person2, hence why it’s tagged by that ship.

Unfortunately that’s not true in the case of rarepairs, such as nearly any POC ship or female/het ship. Many fics on AO3 aren’t tagged with one single ship, especially not in the MCU. I can usually trust a fic when it’s only tagged as ‘Sam/Steve’ or ‘Sam/Bucky’ but if it has Sam/Steve AND Steve/Bucky in the tag, I don’t know if I’m going to actually get my SamSteve fix. 

More often than not it’s just SteveBucky. This wouldn’t bother me except the SamSteve tag only has 1060 fics. The SteveBucky tag has 15518 fics. If you only read the SamSteve fics that are all about Sam and Steve, you probably end up with around 650. Considering the average length of about 1-4000 words, you can easily read each and every one, write a few of your own, and run out in a couple of months. I know this because I’ve done it. Then, when the rare update happens, you have to hope that it’s actually a fic about your OTP. 

To be fair, this isn’t the harmful part of the whole situation. The harmful part comes in the multi-tagged fics where Sam/Steve is not endgame, but is mentioned as a plot point.

In order to get to the endgame ship, Sam and Steve or Bucky’s established relationship gets conveniently explained away with no real care for Sam as a character, just an angst puppet to enhance the feelings of the endgame ship. 

Often it manifests in a variety of tropes:

  • 5 MINUTE HOT THREESOME ™ who then leaves the relationship so the popular ship can have an ETERNAL HOT TWOSOME ™
  • the Dating Matchmaker (I know we’re dating but isn’t that dude exactly your type)
  • the Sudden Unexplained and Unexplored Asexual/Aromantic
  • the “You deserve him more than me”
  • the Where did Sam Even Go?
  • the Secretly A Bad Guy
  • the not even secretly Bad Guy

When I and fellow Sam stans click into a ship tag, we just want to see our ship sail, not being torn down and used to beef up an already big, popular, and famous ship. 

This is why I’ve started using this blog to recommend fics that I personally have read, because there’s nothing worse than getting really invested in a fic because it seems to be about your OTP but when you read it it’s about your OTP breaking up so your NOTP can happen. In the popular ships you can count on finding something else that tickles your fancy in a short amount of time. In tiny rarepair ships like Sam/Anyone, it’s really disheartening. 

I hope you understand Nonny. We’re just trying to protect our ship. I do actually like the idea of SteveBucky, I just don’t want to read fic about it when I’d rather read about Sam. 

~mod cr0w

I have to do a thing

So I have to do a thing. Five compliments about yourself and tag ten of your favorite followers.

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Hey! Rochi here introducing a new AU created by white-cr0w called “GDA Mafia AU/Mob AU” This AU is still in development, but you can find all that you need to know in this document (which will be located at the bottom of this post.) It will include the general story, how to join, and the masterlist.

If you have any questions, please ask me! I will do my best to answer (but I can’t promise I have all the answers since I’m not the one who created this AU haha)

>> HAVE FUN!! <<