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how's sims going?

   it’s killing me tbh- while paying more attention on what Ro and Cr0w were doing, Zion and Mayday decided to hang out at a fireplace- they sat together in a rather awkward position-

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Hey! Rochi here introducing a new AU created by white-cr0w called “GDA Mafia AU/Mob AU” This AU is still in development, but you can find all that you need to know in this document (which will be located at the bottom of this post.) It will include the general story, how to join, and the masterlist.

If you have any questions, please ask me! I will do my best to answer (but I can’t promise I have all the answers since I’m not the one who created this AU haha)

>> HAVE FUN!! <<

  More info because he knows u wanna know more bout him right??

  • His girlfriend lives in Canada. or is it Brazil? or Florida-Maybe it was Antarctica. TBH I don’t know if she’s real or not.
  • He stole from the bank when he was like. 12.
  • He gonna hack the heck outta you
  • :3c
  • Unhealthy diet which consists of Pizza,Chicken Strips, Sour Cream and & Chips and CocaCola , he’s got lil tummy rolls if he pinches it
  • He’s taking a private College course on studying brain waves and medical procedures (He’s gonna need that if he wants that thing to work)
  • Programming is great but the one he wants has been in production for almost 10 years and he’s had to build it up from scratch. He has to match it to his own structure
  • He wants his own blog already he got no time for these peasants on a multi.
    • Love me <3 <3 you know you do! but his heart belongs to his girlfriend

   “Hellloooo~ Welcome to the magical  cr0w shooow, I thought I’d let you knooow so it’s time to goooo!!”

So apparently he won’t give me his name but he’ll give a screen name. cr0w.

  He’s gonna delete his past off the face of the earth! That’s what he says atleast.

He wants Zion’s power because he would wanna stay in the virtual world forever, so maybe make a program for it? He’s working on it. Can he S̸̷̹̲͉̫̥̘͠T͏̧̙̙̦̳̰̳͇̠̠͖͚̘̮͔́͘͡E̶̛̺̲̮̙̣Á̶͖͈̮̬̙̞̰̮̲͇̬̱̻͉͡L͎̘̞̲̬̭͘͡ IT?

He won’t get into the to details but he likes to switch back and forth but he’s overall willing to help with the cause like the crew. (Just keep an eye on him pls)

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Places. Their hands. On his face. It’s time to stop and admit you took it.

   But?? There are so many posibilities?? What if the microwave grew legs and walked off? Or maybe Cr0w stole it from him after he took it? Maybe a time rift opened and the microwave was pulled in? Or, or- it’s able to transform and changed it’s appearance to look like the tv-

   I was thinking about Cr0w and how he wants Zion’s powers to escape reality and- if Cr0w would speak with him about it and say stuff like ‘I want your powers’ and how he would ‘steal them’ one day.. first Zion was like, yeah okay. If he really can manage that, then he can take them, even if it means I would die.. he just has to wait until I’m done with Crypto then he can have them, since I won’t need them after this anyway pluslivingisreallytiringso 

   But now- I thought about how lonely Cr0w really is and that there must be a reason why he wants to escape from reality and ahhh now Zion is like- I won’t let him take my powers. I want him to see that reality isn’t as bad as it seems and that he won’t find true happiness with living in a virtual world all by himself bc this life would be ‘fake’. He wants him to live in reality and be happy.

   Oh and- it’s not so great when you know all your friends are going to age and die someday, while you can’t. So you just sit there and curse time.