Critical Role Aesthetic || The Shorthalts

I’m doing something very stupid now with my friends, we’re gonna try to save the world. And I didn’t know why, but now I know. And if we die doing it, it will be for a good thing. And if we don’t then, well, I’ll find you and I’ll be whatever kind of father you need me to be.

I just had a thought, like there’s a chance that orthax made a deal with ripley cause it saw a person that wanted knowledge and power. But theres a huge chance that orthax only made that deal to get back at percy. And that just makes me see orthax as a jilted lover who probably moaned about percy so much to ripley.

ripley going to remake her pistol and orthax is just like, well thats cool and all but the one I helped percy make had like six barrels and was super flashy… I bet he’s not even going to credit me in the design.. the bastard.