cr. to the owner of the gifs

Falling in love with kookie would include:

-A lot of staring
-Like not even subtle staring
-Him being all shy and squishy around you
-When he finally finds the courage to talk to you he doesn’t know what to say
-So the 2 of you would be all giggly
-Exchanging your fav songs
-When you find one you both love you an him will sing along to it until you get tired of it
-Him visiting you late with food because he was “bored”
-Mushy late night convo’s
-Him making sure you are okay
-A lot of texting
-I can picture him being that guy that texts you good morning and good night every day
-Movie nights
-The other members teasing you and him
-Him singing you love songs to drop hints that he likes you
-And you not admitting it to yourself that he does
-When you and him finally get together he would be squealing like a lil kid
- Gosh I love this side of kook so much