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10 seconds after being subbed in, Lussi pulls Colaprico’s hair and steps on her arm. She should have been sent off with a red card and suspended. Instead got a friendly talk with the ref.

170826 Taehyung’s Tweet

이게스포라면 이번노래엔 피아노반주로시작하여 브라운컬러렌즈를끼고 소울을가득담아 무대에 다니엘시저와함께했을꺼야

If this were a spoiler then our next song would begin with a piano accompaniment as I wear brown colored lenses on a soul-filled stage together with Daniel Caesar

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fanart of open up team based on this fancam (cr: @eungu_92)

haknyeon asks dongho to take a look at yongguk’s in-ear piece so he, dongho, and youngmin end up fussing over him. daniel asks them, “what’s the matter?”, seonho is just innocently there, and in the last panel kenta wants attention as well and says, “i’m here too ㅠㅠ”

nc courage is the only team i dislike in the league…not because of this game against crs, but bc the fans ruin it for me. how can you bring down the #1 goalie in the world that plays for this country, but yell “you suck” to her at a game? y’all are FAKE lmao. please support and respect every single player who plays for country even if you dislike the team.

Minhyun: Why is your back all scratched up?

Jaehwan: *flashback to when he and Ong chased Peter and Rooney even after Daniel told them to leave them alone*

Jaehwan: I’m having an affair.