Once human, the vulture-headed nagpas were transformed into their pitiful current state by an ancient curse. These beings are selfish and reclusive, and do anything in their power to keep knowledge of their curse from spreading.

A nagpa resembles a human with the head of a vulture. Their bodies are naked and shriveled with skin like old parchment, and they smell potently of dust, bird droppings, and spoiled milk. Nagpas prefer long flowing robes, and most carry a bird-headed nagpa staff of their own creation. Nagpas do not require food or sleep (though they must meditate for eight hours to replenish their spells) and can potentially live forever.

Nagpas are self-centered and antisocial, but not overtly hostile. They rarely go out of their way to harm other beings without cause, and can even be helpful advisors on magical matters could one overlook their spiky personalities and offensive smell. Should their wrath be invoked by insult or the possibility that their curse become known, however, they seek out and destroy the offender without mercy.

Long ago, the nagpas were a sect of human sorcerers. Selfish in the extreme, the sorcerers saw themselves as above the gods themselves, and sought to steal a god’s power to fuel their own apotheosis. The god, whose exact identity is now known only to the nagpas, stripped them of their humanity and gave them forms befitting their ugly inner natures and cursed them with wanderlust that kept them from congregating ever again. Since then, the nagpas have wallowed in shame and self-pity, and go to whatever ends possible to keep the secret of their creation from spreading.

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