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“When I was going through a bad time, Cristiano was one of the very first to care about me and help me through it. He might be the best player in the world, but he is even more outstanding as a friend. A very special bond connects me with him.” - Sergio Ramos“Sergio is a born champion and a true leader. But he’s also an amazing friend. I feel very proud to be one of the people close to him.” - Cristiano Ronaldorequested by Anon

Honestly the ribbing about Adventure Zone has gotten out of hand.

Yes it plays fast and loose with the rules a little bit, but it’s always in the service of telling an engaging story. Griffin has busted his bum to make unique stories with engaging characters and different game-styles for every arc. Few campaigns can boast about having a train murder mystery, a Mad Max style battle-race, a journey through a collapsing interdimensional laboratory, a town perpetually stuck in a Groundhog’s Day Loop, and a dungeon designed to inflict maximum misery. 

The whole “Critical Role is more compelling and polished than Adventure Zone” mentality is scaring people off from what is a funny, thoughtful, richly designed universe populated by diverse characters, and full of genuinely heartbreaking moments. Comparing CR to TAZ is ultimately pointless; both shows have their strengths and weaknesses, but are still two of the best D&D podcasts out there. 

In the words of Taako Taaco, Adventure Zone is not all goof goof dildo all the time. TAZ has a beating heart. TAZ is a multidimensional creation. 

SHINee World 2017 Kobe Day One–170203

When they were lying on the ground during “Get the Treasure,” while filming from the upper angle, Jongtae… When they were supposed to wrap their hands together, Jonghyun and Taemin both couldn’t find the other’s hand and were searching for where it could be and then they joined [hands]! They pulled each other tightly.

Cr. 5ee_jt Trans: Professorjjong

In Get the Treasure, when the five were lying on the ground and joining hands, Jonghyun and Taemin hands didn’t reach [each other]. After that Jonghyun darted his fingers about and Taemin stretched out his hand to hold Jonghyun’s, and the moment their hands came together ultimately bloomed 

Cr. JongChiii Trans: Professorjjong

Today it seemed like Onew and Taemin’s hands probably weren’t reaching at the beginning, so OP thought Onew stretched out his hand so that they could reach!

Cr. SWJapan5 Trans: Professorjjong

Travel - II

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The boys had spent a couple of hours in the abandoned building, getting to know one another. Roman still seemed incredibly defensive regarding his persona life while Patton was more of an open book. Virgil remained snarky but grew to open up when he saw how infuriatingly simple minded his two companions were in regards to the CRS. Ultimately, however, they were driven to move by the need for food and a proper place to sleep.

“Wait,” Virgil said before they left, “what about him?” He pointed to LOG-IN, who still had not moved from his spot on the floor.

“What about him? We leave him,” Roman replied.

Patton seemed horrified at the suggestion. “We can’t just leave him! We were the ones who activated him.”

“So deactivate him and be done with it. He was off for a reason, and his creator isn’t here. Nobody has even been here for years. He was meant to be left behind.”

Virgil frowned. “You seem awfully okay with killing him.”

“He’s a robot. Robots can be turned off and on. It’s like sleep.”

“On the contrary,” said LOG-IN. “Whereas human bodies still function in sleep and can be awoken on their own, deactivating me is equivalent to temporary death. Almost like a comatose state, if you will.”

“We can’t leave him,” Patton said firmly, crossing his arms. “We’re taking him with us.”

“How are we supposed to hide him?” Roman asked. “We’re going to the lower Levels. If they see something as high tech as that, they’ll try to snatch him for profit, or rob us because we have him.”

“You have very little faith in the lower Levels, don’t you?” Virgil asked, a fire in his eyes.

Before the two could argue further, Patton cried proudly, “I found some clothes!” He pulled them out and presented them to LOG-IN, who, after a moment, began putting them on.

“They’re so outdated,” Roman said, crinkling his nose. “They look like something from fifty years ago. Only the tie looks relatively new.”

“Well it’ll have to do. And with how much you glow, you’ll need something to cover your head and arms.” Virgil shrugged off his hoodie and gave it to Logan to put on over it. He could tell that Roman was about to say something about the sleeveless fashion, but Virgil told him to shut it. After looking around a little ore, they found a large piece of fabric that could be used as a shawl. “Here, wrap this around your arms. Now you should be completely covered, so long as you just look down…those eye are distracting.”

“Oh I’ve got this!” Patton said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an old set of glasses. He placed them on Logan’s face and pressed a small button on one side, which dimmed the glass. “They’re my backup pair, and the sunglasses setting should hide the glow in your eyes just fine!”

Once everyone seemed satisfied–or almost everyone, since Roman still looked peeved–they headed out. Moving consisted of a lot of sneaking around and ducking out of sight. Level Three was the most packed, so it was hard to stay out of sight, but luckily a lot of the residents were home because of how late it was. They traveled  out of the Level just fine, since people were only scanned for moving up in Levels and never for moving down.

“Here,” Virgil said, pointing to a run down house a few streets from the Level checkpoint. They moved inside and got settled. Virgil turned on the lights. It was a cozy little house, albeit in need of a few repairs. It was fairly small, as well.

“What is this dump?” Roman asked, nose upturned.

“It’s my house. Sorry it’s not equivalent to your mansion. There’s a bed in one room and a couch out here. You’ll be sleeping on the floor, Princey.”

Roman looked mortified. “I will not! I will be taking the bed.”

“That’s my bed.”

“Kiddos it’s okay!” Patton said, trying to ease the tension. “I’ll take the floor and Roman can have the couch.”

“I’m not letting you sleep on the floor,” Virgil said. “Fine. Princey can have the couch, and you get the bed.”

Roman only grew more angry. “This is preposterous!”

“Either that or you get the floor you drama queen!”

Roman huffed and sat down on the couch, clearly making his choice. LOG-IN just sat down on the floor by a wall.