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koo junhoe as your boyfriend !!! ( ´・‿-)~♡

ikon as your boyfriend series..✲゚。(✿)ノ☆.₀:*゚✲゚*

junhoe as ur boyfriend

- he’s actually such a sweetheart
- but only in front of you  (。´‿`。)
- he gets really shy when the boys talk about you
- or when you’re around and they’re there as well
- he’s so big and cuddly !!!!!!!!! have you seen him omfg
- he loves giving you backhugs (182cm whatchu got do)  
- he’s so weird

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- when you’re just sitting at the couch
- he loves laying in your lap
- and he loves it when you run your fingers through his hair (he never says it but you can tell ヽ(・∀・)ノ )\  )
- a sulky baby when you ignore him
- he practically lives for your attention
- loves when you compliment him
- “your hair looks nice today”
- “i know”
- the both of you would take such flawless selfies together like wow
- a visual couple 

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- he loves taking pictures of you as well!!!!!! (UGH)
- his wallpaper is you laughing while you were lying on his lap and his hands were all over your hair
- whines when you don’t laugh at his jokes
- he probably won’t shout at you during fights
- but he’ll make that one comment that will add fuel to the flames 
- and it becomes worse
- he’d feel super bad
- but he couldn’t bring himself to apologise immediately
- so he gives you both time to calm down

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- a good kisser his lips oh my lord they’re so cute and kissable

- probably really good in bed 

- he’d get really shy saying “i love you” 

- but he really means it with all his heart <3

- he’s a good boyfriend ok 

(this is him sending you a picture after practice)

this ended up longer than expected heh, i hope you liked it !! 


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song yunhyeong as your boyfriend !!!  ( ´・‿-)~♡

ikon as your boyfriend series..✲゚。(✿)ノ☆.₀:*゚✲゚*

yunhyeong as your boyfriend

- oh this prince
- you’re gonna get spoiled prepare yourself for that
- always complimenting you
- funniest and cheesy compliments
- so…he prepared dinner
- “careful baby the plate is hot too.”
- “too?”
- *touches your shoulder and makes sizzling noise*

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- you saying they aint funny
- literally you and ikon will be making fun of him
- all this ends with him sulking
- and you giving him a hug
- “i mean… ur jokes are kinda funny”
- such a good kisser thank nivea

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- laughs during sex how adorable
- princess, angel, sweetheart ALL THE SWEETEST ENDEARMENTS
- hes so neat ?!?!????
- if you come over and mess up his room
- he’d be giving you a lecture on cleaning  
- the rare times you cook, he always stands behind you
- not to give you backhugs
- but to supervise you, making sure you don’t mess up his kitchen

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- cuddle sessions are a must on off-days
- ALWAYS playing with each others hair
- always smiling !!!!!!!!!
- every time he smiles, you get all tingly like damn this ray of sunshine is my boyfriend
- late night talks on either the weirdest things or really emotional things

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- WANTS you to wear his clothes
- doesnt like fighting
- he’d just hug you really tightly and apologises if he’s wrong
- if you were in the wrong, he’d tell you and wait for your apology
- likes taking baths with you
- not to have sex but
- just him washing your hair

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- honestly…. he’d do anything for you to be happy
- literally the best boyfriend MARRY HIM

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yunhyeong aint just boyfriend material… he’s literally husband material. if you have any feedback or requests, do send them in! 

kim jinhwan as your boyfriend !!! ( ´・‿-)~♡

ikon as your boyfriend series..✲゚。(✿)ノ☆.₀:*゚✲゚*

jinhwan as your boyfriend 

- a whole baby
- attention attention
- attention
- a needy kid

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- absolute sweetheart
- skinship king
- always touching you
- hand is always on your thigh when your sitting down
- arm around your waist
- or holding your hand when walking
- takes you on dates randomly
- it can be 3am and he knocks on your door
- “babe, lets go to the beach”
- “jinhwan, its 3 in the MORNING?!”

you are yun

- isn’t shy to show you off UGH
- the boys can be around and he’ll casually give you a kiss
- and you’d blush like mad
- but he’s so chill about it
- A HUGE FLIRT have you seen him with the others?
- you can be dating and he’d still wink at you from across the room
- probably winks every time you make eye contact

- always taking selfies together
- he’d whine when he doesn’t look good and demands a retake
- loves leaving hickeys on you DONT ASK
- low-key possessive  
- probably rlly rlly good in bed……………
- loves talking to you
- especially because he’s so soft and emotional :-(
- he would love it if you could hear him out

- you’d drink wine together and watch sad romantic movies
- sends you pictures after concerts
- facetime!!!!!
- he likes it when you praise him

- likes biting on your bottom lip when you kiss
- he loves seeing your reactions especially when you get shy
- it drives him insane

boyfriend! jinhwan pic

- the cutest boyfriend ever

aye i found jinhwan the easiest to write, he’s so boyfriend and best of all he’s so smol and fun sized. rest of the members are coming! 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。


The moments of the two OLDMAN ❤❤❤❤❤
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hanbin day !!! ( ˘⌣˘)♡

kim hanbin김한빈 - b.i 

22 october 1996 (21)

happy birthday to the biggest sweetheart and the most hardworking man i have ever known.

a little double b for y'all 

hanbin would do anything for hanbyul. he’s such a family orientated man, i love him so much

the way he looks at ikonics is so precious, we don’t deserve him.

you did it and we couldn’t be prouder.

i love his smile so much, it makes me so happy. never lose your smile kim hanbin!!!

a man of many talents. thank you so much for bringing us so many good songs and bops. thank you for leading ikon and shaping them and yourself into such great artists.



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your welcome !!!!!!!!!!

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double b

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this is one of my fav gifs of him

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IM SO proud of hanbin and i love him so much k bye 

happy birthday kim hanbin !!!!!!!


Jjongie samchu took Roo with him to SM :“ 💕💕💕💕💕 오빠 안녕~ Look at how cool he was 😂😂❤❤❤
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🌸'everyone, i love you’
this is so cute 😂😂❤❤
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