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countdown D-0: yixing’s main accomplishments in 2015 so far…

happy yixing day!!yixing is now 24 years old and i’m extremely proud to call him my ultimate bias. more than that, i am proud that he is my role model. from a young age, he has strived to achieve many goals from just one passion (which is more than what i can do). with his passion for music, he started off as a child star, then he became a trainee, and then he finally debuted in exo. within the group, his position is a main dancer and a vocalist. however, within the past year he has shown that he’s improved as a vocalist and even can rap (as he did in lmr and promise; i’ve been waiting tbh, i knew he had the rap soul in him). he’s shown his composing, song writing, and choreography skills. then he further surprises us by becoming the ceo of his personal studio, an actor, and even an author. if he is able to accomplish so much within a year, what will he accomplish before he’s 25? 26? 30?  wow, it truly is the year of the sheep.

all i can hope for now is that he takes care of his health and stays happy. (ᴗ˳ᴗ)