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you know what nah im not done with this

ive been involved in three huge fandoms in the last handful of years: red vs blue (scifi show about war), dragon age (fantasy game about war), and now critical role (fantasy show about a band of people constantly in “fight for your life” type battles)

i was constantly vocal about “hey, this character like… almost just died. shouldn’t they have scars to show for it?” and still, i could probably count every character i saw with scars in fanart on two hands. those characters almost always fell into the “scary badass” trope, or they explicitly undeniably in the canon material talked about being hurt so bad they had scars.

the amount of characters i have ever seen across all three giant, literally-about-war fandoms, that had scars when they weren’t said to in canon: 2.


scars don’t have to affect a character’s backstory, and a character doesn’t have to spend every waking moment thinking about (or god forbid, being ashamed of) their scars. they can just exist.

give your characters scars and imperfections for the love of god


AOMG Concert l “Follow The Movement” 2017 ( Full ) l South Korea

(Cr: Иван Вовк )

150519 Blue Night

L: During the SHINee concert I was sitting behind unnie and you even clapped when Minho showed his abs. Did you enjoy watching the concert?
Okdal: I like SHINee but I like Key a lil more. There were twice when my heart was being stolen (by other members). The first time was when Jonghyun-ssi was dancing with the red background (I think she meant Nightmare?) and your hair was white, so it really matched. The second time was when Minho ripped his shirt. After that I returned to liking Key.
(just now one okdal member say that SHINee’s the 5 shining stars of south korea)
Cr: cosmicsticks