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((Hey can you draw Pranks and Mrs. Sandlot? I really want to know what they look like. Thanks!!!))

((Here we are! Some information regarding the both of them:

  • Mrs. Sandlot usually wears her hat everywhere she goes,even if it doesn’t go with her outfit of choice, because the flower is actually a recording device and she never knows when she’ll stumble upon blackmail material.
  • The necklace she wears is actually a vial of poison.
  • Her jacket isn’t just a fashion statement; it actually hides many weapons that she keeps on her at all times, including a gun and knife.
  • (Yes she can still fire a gun even while blind, because she has good intuition and has a device in her ear that says what’s in front of her by using identification technology, so she knows she’s not about to fire into a wall or anything.)
  • Pranks often wears “underlord clothe”, ie the big jacket and handkerchief to cover Pranks’ face and make it harder to identify Pranks.
  • While the gun is never loaded, or sometimes a fake entirely, Pranks still carries it both to feel more protected and to use against anyone who tries to get int Pranks’ way.
  • Pranks’ belt is full of a variety of things to use against attackers, backstabbers, or just to prank people.
  • In case you haven’t noticed yet, Pranks doesn’t use pronouns. In place of pronouns, Pranks prefers that you just say “Pranks”, even if it gets repetitive.

Thanks for asking me to draw them!! I kept putting it off so it was nice having a reason to finally get around to it haha.))

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hi thereee so I have a question, ive seen a few vids of hobi giving the others massages and then that one recent vid with jimin and v where hobi was cracking their necks? is that like a thing that he knows how to do somehow cuz Id be scared of cracking someone elses neck xDD

Anon is talking about this video HERE

BTS in general ALWAYS give each other massages even if they already have masseurs who are present when they go on tour. But Jhope is VERY good at it (judging by the members expressions).

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Although it seems even he does have doubts  …  

BTW them giving eachother massages is an explosion of affection I LIVE for

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