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saw that you're thinking of starting a Captive Prince blog and can I just say. PLEASE. The world needs more CP blogs! The fandom seems to be really chill and understands that Laurent needs lots of hugs and protection.

rgjhgjhdgf id love to tbh and im honestly already thinking of some urls but ive seen discourse from people who dislike cp and i just,,.,, i dont want,, to deal w/ that,,

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I just started CP today and I see why people might dislike it - there is some rape going on in there but it's really a good book imo? And I can't shake off some similarities of characters to Yuri and Otabek tbh

its definitely not a series for everyone!! what i mean by people who dislike it are people who think that it glorifies rape, which it doesnt, or it perceives slavery as a good thing, which it doesnt. and a bunch of other topics too probably but yea hkjhfkj i dont want to get in to that discourse

but same i was drawn into this series bc i saw fanart of damen and laurent and im like…. yuri and otabek is that u

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hey boo, i will write u a captive prince fanfic if u come @ me (daddybek)

kim dont play me u better do it

1. First impression: ok honestly ive kinkshamed u so hard before i am so sorry but the kinkshaming was so real at least im hoNEST I LOVE U
2. Truth is: ur Very Cool and i admire u lots
3. How old do you look: 19-20 ig???
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes!!! lots!!!
5. Have you ever made me mad: i mean no but the time u made every single character a daddy made me question my entire existence
6. Best feature: gorgeous both inside and out like how????
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: does a friend crush count
8. You’re my: honestly idk we gotta Define The Relationship kim
9. Name in my phone: probably “f á t h é r é”
10. Should you post this too?: yes validate me

Listen. It wasn’t like she showed up in my life and changed anything and everything. She did not put this mangled wreck of pieces back together and things were not even close to being magically better when she walked right into my life. What she did do, was she made me feel safe. She made me feel smart and beautiful and finally like I had some worth. She made me hopeful– for a better life… a better future. She made me want things I never knew I wanted. This isn’t some heroic love story where she saves me– it’s one where she makes me want to save myself.
—  5/15/17