Salesforce announces new cloud service

During a major corporate event in San Francisco, Salesforce announced a couple of updates for its portfolio.

Among the announcements is the launch of a new service they call Field Service Lightning, which will be available for Service Cloud in the second quarter. Salesforce also said it’s planning to redesign Lightning for the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

The Field Service Lightning seems to be similar to what TOA Technologies, or Microsoft’s FieldOne are doing: “Organizations can connect their entire service workforce with tools for agents, dispatchers and mobile employees, giving customers a seamless service experience. Dispatchers can leverage smart scheduling to provide automatic, real-time assignments based on employee skills, availability and location. Service employees in the field are able to create and update work orders, and can also change requests and job status from any device, making them more productive than ever,” the company said in a press release.

Salesforce has also announced the Analytics Cloud and the Financial Services Cloud, as well as the replacement of the Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition with Lightning Professional Edition, Lightning Enterprise Edition, and Lightning Unlimited Edition for both clouds.

The products that are now generally available are the SteelBrick CPQ (recently acquired), which costs $40 per user, per month. The SalesforceIQ Inbox will cost $25 per user per month – in case you’re alreay using the Sales Cloud. The Sales Wave App costs $75 per user, per month, for customers already active in the Sales Cloud.


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