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The Sacrifice || Minnie & Erik

There was a dark creature that lived among them. The villages had different names for him, but everyone was terrified. Many had tried to climb the mountains and defeat him, but none returned. Only the darkness was permanent, only the darkness came back to haunt them, to destroy them. People went missing, bodies were found bloodless and dead on the streets… Everyone feared getting out of their homes, everyone feared being the next prey. 

But that morning when she woke up, things were different. People were cheerful, preparing a party for the whole village. The leaders had made the decision to send a peace offering to the creature, in order to free themselves from the fear. Her father was part of the council, and he promptly offered Minnie’s life. Today was her last day alive.

As soon as she was awake, Minnie was dragged around the house to say goodbye to her brothers and her mother. Her brothers seemed jealous. They had always been eager to be the ones to climb the mountains and try to slay the creature. But were never allowed. Her mother seemed proud. She shed a few tears, but wouldn’t stop smiling and telling Minnie how proud she was, and how much of an honor it would be to be the one to end that dark curse. Minnie didn’t say a word.

After that, she was taken to the dining room, where the Lockwoods had gathered the most important families in the village for her last meal. A toast was made, people ate and laughed, always smiling at her. Again, she remained quiet. When the sun was still bright, she was bathed and dressed in the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. It was white, with a sheer yellow fabric decorating the skirt, patterns sewed in what looked like gold ornamenting the top part that hugged her body in all the right places. Her hair was brushed and her mother placed a dark red cape around her shoulders, before she was taken to a carriage that led her to the heart of the village, where everyone was gathered.

As soon as the carriage door opened, and she was offered a hand to climb down, every single person went quiet. She could feel all eyes on her, and tried her best to keep breathing normally, feeling her heart beating way too fast in her chest. The redhead was taken to the small wooden structure they had fixed in the centre of the square, which looked like a stage of some sorts. Minnie climbed onto the structure, standing next to her father and three other council members, as well as two armed men. 

The four members of the council made a speech, spoke about sacrifice and peace, spoke about fear, honor and hope. But the only thing she could hear was her own heart beating quickly in her chest. The sun was setting, and she could see the light touching the mountains was changing. It was time. 

Her father said a few words, talking about how happy he was to be able to provide an end for the horror the village lived in, and everyone cheered. three horses were brought to the structure, the crowd dividing into two. Minnie’s hand was taken by her father, and the two armed men positioned themselves on a horse each. She gulped, trying not to cry, trying not to show how scared she was as she was lifted by her father, and placed on her own horse. More people cheered. The two guards and their horses had a rope each, one of the ends attached to the gear on the horse she was riding, making it impossible for her to control where she was going. But she knew exactly what their destination was. It was a long way, and they could not waste time. So as the people cheered, they left towards the mountains under the sunset light.

No one said a word as they were on their way, the two guards and Minnie. In a way, she was glad that they weren’t looking at her, smiling at her, saying how happy they were that she was going to sacrifice herself for the village. But she also wanted to hear someone’s voice, she wanted to be comforted, she wanted to hear someone telling her that everything was going to be fine, even though it would be a lie.

Night was about to settle as they arrived. The two men climbed off their horses and helped Minnie do the same. One of them gave her the directions to the cave as the other kept watch, holding up something that looked like a gun. She couldn’t quite tell, as it was getting dark and she was terrified. The girl nodded at the instructions she got, and watched the two men quickly climb back onto their horses and rush down the mountains with the third one. And then she was alone.

Minnie sucked in a shaky breath, glancing at the last bit of light she would ever see. The sun seemed to be the only one to acknowledge her fear, giving her those precious moments of life. But as it hid behind the mountains, the girl had to move on. His cave was not far. According to the guard, she only had to walk for two minutes, until she reached a very tall and ancient-looking tree. Then, she would have to turn left and walk by a cliff, where she would be able to find the entrance to the creature’s cave. And that’s exactly what she did, being careful not to fall down the cliff, and reaching her destination a few moments after the sun had completely settled, the moonlight welcoming her, and the beast that lived there. Minnie stood still by the entrance of the cave, terrified of moving, just waiting.  


Police Shooting in Anaheim

Ok. I just saw the footage of cops shooting at protestors. Well, Where to start? This is history repeating itself. We saw nearly identical situations in the 1960s when black people were sanding up for what they believed in. The cops came, shot, abused, and released dogs into the peaceful protestors.  Of course in this case it was another minority group. The Latino people.  As a Latino or Hispanic (whatever you wanna call it), I am not surprised to see cops acting this way towards a minority group. I mean, I have seen a group of white people and black people get arrested in which ONLY the black people got the metal handcuffs and the white people got the plastic binding thingy (i have no idea what they’re called.) You see The cops are not here to protect and serve us the mass population. They are here to protect and serve the owners of this country. They want to keep us in line. Keep us from getting a piece of the cake. Well, fuck ‘em. Fuck the police and the rich white cocksuckers that own this (what was once beautiful) land.

Rule #5-0

Today I saw what in my eyes, has to be the single greatest moment ever witnessed in the history of our universe or anybody else's for that matter.

Two teenagers where being escorted by a Plastic Copper carrying a sign that they’d tried to half inch. Then as they came to a corner they both looked around and slipped inside a pub. Needless to say the community support officer was non the wiser and carried on in ignorance. I hadn’t the heart to tell him, or to stop laughing.

Rule #5-0: Feel free to ignore and antagonise community support officers at any given opportunity.

There are a few things that in light of researching (by which I mean reading a wikipedia page) I would like to mention. Firstly, as of April 2007 there was a reported 13,500 of them in England and Wales, Northern Ireland’s budget being unable to afford them(by which they mean, not retarded enough to include them). If this is the case why are they EVERYWHERE!? I’m fairly adamant that they are neither Ninjas or the Magic Bus you see in Manchester City Center, so can not be in two places at once, although I’ve not finished that wiki page yet so who knows…

And secondly, why the illumines(SP?) yellow jackets? Why are you not trying to hide them so they can catch villains, another argument in my CPOs are not Ninjas argument.

Okay, I hear you they’re so visible in order to ‘prevent’ crimes as apposed to catch those committing them. To which I rebuttal,

They have no more rights in regards to crime stopping than you, me, or your average caped vigilantly do. We can all place someone under a citizen’s arrest, which I think pretty much consists of sitting on someone and calling 999…


Ok apparently there are some fairly reasonable requirements to make a Citizen’s Arrest, my personal favorite being

“The person absconding before a constable can assume responsibility for him”

Which basically means if you see someone running away from a copper, feel free to practice your most ostentatious rugby tackle on them. (also I totally just spelled ostentatious without a spellchecker!)

So basically CPO are just normal members of the public who like to give people a piece of their mind and wait for their 15 minuets of fame. Which we see in local news papers crop up from time to time, when they actually do something.

Look at Scotland,

“I kicked a burning Terrorist so hard in the balls I tore a tendon”

That was a fricking Cabby! No need for special officers just let the public deal with the public, Also a point to my Scotland is the coolest nation on earth argument.

To this end I think that these bright yellow jackets are in fact to raise awareness, but not to deter people, just to point out that these people are for all intensive purposes, getting payed to be 'Good Citizens’.

And while the notion of being paid for being a good citizen is nice, unlike police officers who’s duty it is to act, CPOs work at their own discretion.

Ok here’s my disclaimer for this rule,

CPOs can actually do some pretty annoying things, such as taking your name and address, confiscating alcohol off you and issues fines for a number of offenses. Most of them don’t do this because, as I’ve pushed throughout this, they are regular people, but like most things you get the occasional Jobsworth (See Rule #8: People who will ruin your day) who will use and in some cases abuse their powers in order to take out their own inadequacies against you. Luckily if you contest a fine in writing they will pretty much just drop it anyway, Unluckly (for me anyway) England is the most watched Nation on earth and pretty much everything is on a camera of some sort :/

Also I guess I should say that CPOs do actually help us and that they are a valued part of the community……………


Maybe a little bit more hits than on the first edition, but a great summer listening series continues:

01. Intro
02. Dr. Dre - Deep Cover (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg) (1992)
03. Jay Felony - Can’t Keep a Gee Down (1995)
04. B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - No Respect (1993)
05. Da Lench Mob - Lord Have Mercy (1992)
06. Sinister - Life of a Sinner (1994)
07. The D.E.E.P. - Coast Love (1995)
08. Mackadelics - Bank-N-Corners (1996)
09. Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate (Jammin Mix) (1994)
10. Regulators (skit)
11. DaFunk$hun - If I Live… (feat. Black Platinum) (1996)
12. Spice 1 - Clip & The Trigga (1993)
13. CPO - Foo Nay Mic (1994)
13. Dr. Dre - Puffin’ on Blunts and Drankin’ Tanqueray (feat. The Lady of Rage, Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt) (1992)
15. Above The Law - Endonesia (1996)
16. South Central Cartel - Servin’ ‘Em Heat (1993)
17. Cavie - Bounce & Turn (1996)
18. Ice Cube - You Know How We Do it (Remix) (1993)
19. Ice Cube - You Know How We Do it (1993)
20. Patrice Rushen - Remind Me (1982)
21. Mack 10 - Here Comes The G (1995)
22. Anotha Level - Jus Feelin’ (1994)
23. Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz (Megamix) (Video Version x Album Version x Demo Version) (feat. Sam Sneed) (1994)
24. The Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs (Extended Mix) (feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg) (1994)
25. The Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs (1994)
26. The Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs (G-Funk Remix) (1994)
27. Mad CJ Mac - Come And Take A Ride (feat. Poppa LQ) (1995)
28. Westside Connection - Gangstas Make The World Go Round (1996)
29. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Murder Was the Case (Remix) (1994)
30. Eazy-E - Wut Would U Do (OG Mix) (1994)
31. Eazy-E - Wut Would U Do (feat. Shaki aka Dirty Red) (1995)
32. MC Ren - Same Old Shit (1993)
33. Young Cellski - Brain Dead (1994)
34. MC Ren - Keep It Real (1996)
35. Above The Law - Black Superman (1994)
36. 3X Krazy - Hit The Gas (1995)
37. Father Dom - Flossn (1996)
38. CPO - Fleetwood Mac (1994)
39. Ron C - Mobbin’ (Somethin’ 2 Slide 2 Remix) (feat. $A$) (1994)
40. Thug Life - Pour Out A Little Liquor (Madukey Mix) (1994)
41. Get Low Playaz - On The Daily (1996)
42. Spice 1 - Face Of A Desperate Man (1994)
43. Lil ½ Dead - Eastside, Westside (1994)
44. E.S.G. - My Real Niggaz (1994)
45. Coolio - I Remember (Kendal J’s Funk Instrumental) (1994)
46. Eazy’s Payday (skit)
47. Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin G’s (feat. B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta) (1993)
48. Above The Law - Summer Days (1998)
49. Potna Deuce - Super Bad (1996)
50. Mass 187 - Gangsta Strut (1995)
51. MC Eiht - Nuthin’ But The Gangsta (1994)
52. Young Murder Squad - How We Livin’ (1996)
53. Luniz - Playa Hata (1995)
54. Yo-Yo - 20 Sack (1993)
55. K-Dee - Talk of the Town (1994)
56. K-Dee - The Freshest MC In The World (1994)
57. Doomsday Productions - This is For the Hoes (Singing Version) (feat. Las Vegas Blvd.) (1994)