Police Shooting in Anaheim

Ok. I just saw the footage of cops shooting at protestors. Well, Where to start? This is history repeating itself. We saw nearly identical situations in the 1960s when black people were sanding up for what they believed in. The cops came, shot, abused, and released dogs into the peaceful protestors.  Of course in this case it was another minority group. The Latino people.  As a Latino or Hispanic (whatever you wanna call it), I am not surprised to see cops acting this way towards a minority group. I mean, I have seen a group of white people and black people get arrested in which ONLY the black people got the metal handcuffs and the white people got the plastic binding thingy (i have no idea what they’re called.) You see The cops are not here to protect and serve us the mass population. They are here to protect and serve the owners of this country. They want to keep us in line. Keep us from getting a piece of the cake. Well, fuck ‘em. Fuck the police and the rich white cocksuckers that own this (what was once beautiful) land.

Rule #5-0

Today I saw what in my eyes, has to be the single greatest moment ever witnessed in the history of our universe or anybody else's for that matter.

Two teenagers where being escorted by a Plastic Copper carrying a sign that they’d tried to half inch. Then as they came to a corner they both looked around and slipped inside a pub. Needless to say the community support officer was non the wiser and carried on in ignorance. I hadn’t the heart to tell him, or to stop laughing.

Rule #5-0: Feel free to ignore and antagonise community support officers at any given opportunity.

There are a few things that in light of researching (by which I mean reading a wikipedia page) I would like to mention. Firstly, as of April 2007 there was a reported 13,500 of them in England and Wales, Northern Ireland’s budget being unable to afford them(by which they mean, not retarded enough to include them). If this is the case why are they EVERYWHERE!? I’m fairly adamant that they are neither Ninjas or the Magic Bus you see in Manchester City Center, so can not be in two places at once, although I’ve not finished that wiki page yet so who knows…

And secondly, why the illumines(SP?) yellow jackets? Why are you not trying to hide them so they can catch villains, another argument in my CPOs are not Ninjas argument.

Okay, I hear you they’re so visible in order to ‘prevent’ crimes as apposed to catch those committing them. To which I rebuttal,

They have no more rights in regards to crime stopping than you, me, or your average caped vigilantly do. We can all place someone under a citizen’s arrest, which I think pretty much consists of sitting on someone and calling 999…


Ok apparently there are some fairly reasonable requirements to make a Citizen’s Arrest, my personal favorite being

“The person absconding before a constable can assume responsibility for him”

Which basically means if you see someone running away from a copper, feel free to practice your most ostentatious rugby tackle on them. (also I totally just spelled ostentatious without a spellchecker!)

So basically CPO are just normal members of the public who like to give people a piece of their mind and wait for their 15 minuets of fame. Which we see in local news papers crop up from time to time, when they actually do something.

Look at Scotland,

“I kicked a burning Terrorist so hard in the balls I tore a tendon”

That was a fricking Cabby! No need for special officers just let the public deal with the public, Also a point to my Scotland is the coolest nation on earth argument.

To this end I think that these bright yellow jackets are in fact to raise awareness, but not to deter people, just to point out that these people are for all intensive purposes, getting payed to be 'Good Citizens’.

And while the notion of being paid for being a good citizen is nice, unlike police officers who’s duty it is to act, CPOs work at their own discretion.

Ok here’s my disclaimer for this rule,

CPOs can actually do some pretty annoying things, such as taking your name and address, confiscating alcohol off you and issues fines for a number of offenses. Most of them don’t do this because, as I’ve pushed throughout this, they are regular people, but like most things you get the occasional Jobsworth (See Rule #8: People who will ruin your day) who will use and in some cases abuse their powers in order to take out their own inadequacies against you. Luckily if you contest a fine in writing they will pretty much just drop it anyway, Unluckly (for me anyway) England is the most watched Nation on earth and pretty much everything is on a camera of some sort :/

Also I guess I should say that CPOs do actually help us and that they are a valued part of the community……………


blooodymoon asked:

But in MWUFTTL AU, please just imagine Windu having to deal with C3PO on a regular basis, because when Depa bought Shimi of course she bought CPO with her, she knows how effort Anakin pulled in that droid, and when she is on Courosant she gives him to Ani, so that she can work on him again, and of course it makes Ani happy, so Mace of course doesnt say anythink, even if he wants to stranggle that droid. But he also knows, that droid (and R2D2) have more luck than any droid can have. Just imagine

So actually Mace Windu has to LIVE with C-3PO, is what you’re telling me here, Mace Windu LIVING with C-3PO and then once Anakin finally sends him back to Shmi every time Mace calls her for “children with emotions/attachments” advice, C-3PO picks up and starts TALKING HIS FUCKING EAR OFF, because of course he and Master Windu know each other very well now! And Mace is just like “oh no”. 

Shmi gets invited to the occasional Sunday dinner and C-3PO inevitably shows up with her with a casserole dish and an endless stream of multilingual neighborhood gossip. 


How to use Nima to test your food for gluten. Co-founder and CPO Scott Sundvor walks through the steps to using Nima.  He had a good time testing both the chicken Caesar salad and the pizza! Good thing they both came back gluten-free.

anonymous asked:

Hey Dean, I am looking to get an anorak, pretty versatile, lightweight, and basic color, that I could wear summer and into the early fall. Brooks Brothers made a nice light blue ProSport anorak which unfortunately has been discontinued. Also kind of a fan of the toggled drawstrings a lot of companies are adding on to their jackets. Let me know your opinion and any suggestions, Thanks

Got it!  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Anorak” by Everlane - Great price and extremely well made.  Not big on the “wow” factor, but it’ll serve you well.
  2. Citywide Anorak” by CPO - I think it had a great structure to it.  CPO also makes durable clothes.  My favorite is this one - I think the color block is super cool.
  3. Shell Hood Anorak” by Battenwear - This is my favorite.  The color, the design, the fit - perfect.
  4. Drift Hooded Anorak” by Outerknown - Never heard of the designer, but this could be a good option for the spring/summer since it’s so light.
  5. Anorak” by Paa - Made in a great, versatile color.

Let me know if these don’t work out?  I could do some more searching.



MERCHmaddness! Starkid Sunnies and How SWEET IS ANNARBORTSHIRT COMPANY! 

La Bolsa de México avanza 0,23 % y cierra en 45.155,91 puntos

México, 20 may (EFE).- El principal indicador de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, el Índice de Precios y Cotizaciones (IPC), ganó hoy 0,23 % y cerró en 45.155,91 unidades, 104,64 más que la jornada anterior.
En la sesión se negociaron 238,7 millones de títulos en los mercados global y local, por los que se pagaron 11.898 millones de pesos mexicanos (unos 648,9 millones de dólares).
Se intercambiaron títulos de 373 empresas emisoras, de las cuales 181 ganaron, 165 perdieron y 27 cerraron sin cambio.
Las mayores ganancias fueron para la almacenadora y transportadora de petróleo y gas Infraestructura Energética Nova (IENOVA), con 5,54 %; la empresa de medios de comunicación TV Azteca (AZTECA CPO), con 3,32 %, y la firma Maxcom Telecomunicaciones (MAXCOM CPO), con 3,15 %.
Las pérdidas más pronunciadas fueron para la firma de construcción e infraestructura ICA (ICA), con 4,55 %, y para las constructoras de viviendas Consorcio Ara (ARA), con 3,42 %, y Desarrolladora Homex (HOMEX), con 3,16 %.
De los cinco sectores, dos perdieron, el financiero (0,67 %) y el de consumo frecuente (0,55 %), y tres ganaron, el de telecomunicaciones (1,20 %), el industrial (0,25 %) y el de materiales (0,15 %). EFE