The Attraction


It had been a few weeks since my fall out with Stefon and a lot of shit has happened in the short amount of time. Since that day Stef let Nikhol blatantly disrespect me and didn’t say a word, our encounters with each other had only gone downhill from there. I was stressed.. So stressed dealing with him. The constant arguing, the games, everything had me so fucked up and emotional. You know how sometimes when you’re in a relationship you feel like you might love the person more than they love you? That’s how I was feeling. I was trying to save our relationship but the effort was only coming from one side. He didn’t care, or at least he acted like he didn’t care.. And honestly that fucked me up more than anything. At that point I didn’t give a fuck if he addressed Nikhol or not anymore, I was stuck on the fact that when the going got tough, that nigga got going. All this bullshit with Stefon had me neglecting myself and my baby and it wasn’t until I woke up in a pool of blood that I decided to throw in the towel on this relationship. I called and called Stefon for DAYS trying to let him know what was going on with me. Countless texts and voice messages and I still got no response. Part of me began to panic, as I started to think maybe he was dead.. It wasn’t until I got a half ass text message two days later saying “damn” that I decided I was officially done with that nigga. 

My mother wasn’t having it anymore so she flew up to me that night I checked myself into the hospital and stayed until they released me. I had lost so much blood…and my baby, and between that and Stefon, I was an emotional wreck. My mother insisted that I come back to Miami and leave New York once and for all. Since I had gotten there, things weren’t going the way I thought they would. I couldn’t find a decent salon to hold a steady job at, I had no close friends and my “boyfriend” could honestly give a fuck. So I began to ask myself.. What the fuck am I really doing up here all the way away from my family, friends and my home? So I finally made up my mind and a few days later with the help of my mom, I had packed all my essential belongings and left with her back to Miami. I still had my apartment but I only had less than three months left on the lease. Eventually I’ll go back to get the rest of my shit but for now.. I’m back home with friends and family and where the sun never stops shining on my melanin kissed skin.

I ended up moving back in with my parents instead of getting another place on my own because I felt like it was the best place for me to be. And I’m glad I did because the depression was real. For like three weeks I was legit depressed. I hadn’t told Stefon that I left Brooklyn. I waited to see if he would have taken enough initiative to come see about me. For a week.. A whole fuckin week after I had told him I lost OUR baby, I didn’t hear a peep from him and he didn’t hear shit from me either. Finally that nigga got a clue and decided to do a pop up by my place because i finally stopped hitting his line. When he discovered the padlock on the door, he started blowing my shit up, talkin bout ‘where the fuck you at?’ and ‘why hasn’t a nigga heard from you?’ Like seriously?? I decided not to reply or call back because I knew me and I knew him. He would sweet talk my ass and there I’d go looking stupid running back to him. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard detoxing myself from him, but since I’ve done so, i’m feeling like me again. For almost a year I was with that nigga and he treated me like i wasn’t important to him, but I kept on loving him anyway and degrading myself and my worth. I saw clearly for the first time in a while. Being surrounded by my close friends and my parents things became a little easier each day and now I can say I’m finally coming out of this funk I had been in.

Today I was up and out of my room. My mom was happy to see me lounging on the couch watching old reality tv reruns like I used to. My mother had been my rock this whole time. Usually, she and I don’t see eye to eye, but she’s been there for me in ways I didn’t even know she was capable of being. I always been a daddy’s girl but as I’m getting older I’m finding out that my mom is clutch as fuck too. 

My dad had been out today with one of his work protégées whom I have yet to have met. I figured he’d be older like around my dad’s age since he was moving up so high in rank. My mother told me they would be stopping by the house so my dad could get his duffle bag and uniforms and get back up to the base for a couple of days. Being a military brat, I was used to not seeing my father for weeks at a time but this was the first time he had to leave since I had been back home and I honestly didn’t want him to go even for the four days.

I heard my dad’s car pull up in front of the house and two doors close. I saw the  shadows in the glass door as the locks turned. In stepped my dad and behind him was a tall, young, good looking man.

We made brief eye contact as he flashed his white smile in my direction. I smiled back and looked away. I was mad as hell at myself for looking like a potato sitting here hair all up in a messy bun with no makeup on, chillin in house clothes. I was also pissed because my mom had met this guy before and didn’t even give a bitch a warning. But I guess she figured I’d be too stuck on Stefon’s ass to notice anyone else. And I think she was just happy that today was a better day for me and didn’t want to ruin it by suggesting I get dressed. I could feel his eyes on me as he walked by and I tried to be coy and keep my eyes on the tv but lowkey, I was checking mans out too. My mom had walked out the kitchen where she had been drinking afternoon tea and catching up on her magazines.

Dad and his protégée walked toward my mother who was standing to greet the gentleman.

“Cameron right?” She asked pointing and smiling in his direction.

He laughed “Yes ma'am. You have a good memory Mrs. Brooks.”

“I never forget a face. It’s nice to see you again. How are things going? I trust Clyde is training you well?”

“Oh yeah. He is. Best  Senior CPO I’ve worked under so far. Its an honor to be trained by him.” He answered speaking so eloquently.

As they all stood there making small talk I tried to hurry upstairs without being noticed but of course that wouldn’t happen, not with Dianne Brooks standing there at least.

“Kala, why don’t you come over and say hi.” my mother motioned to me as Cameron’s eyes turned to my direction. 

For a second I stood there frozen and grilled my mom with my eyes but walked over not wanting to appear rude. I was uncomfortable standing there in faded house clothes and looking like i had just rolled out of bed. I stuck my hand out to shake his formally introducing myself. He smiled and licked his lips as he subtly looked me up and down, obviously liking what he saw. Now I’m not gon fuckin lie, that shit right there had me geeked and now he had my attention.

The rest of the conversation, I was physically present but my mind was absent. I couldn’t help but stare at him as he spoke with my parents. He was dreamy af and all i could do was picture how good i bet he looked in his uniform.  He was just my type too. Tall, clean cut, gorgeous smile, could dress, well spoken, had a LEGIT job. ughhh! I was ready to jump on him right there. He knew he had my attention too because in between the chatter he’d look in my direction and do this thing he did with his jaw. You know when niggas bite down and it flexes the jawline making that shit pop out  😍 😍 😍.

My dad ran to get his things as my mother and I continued to chat with Cameron. It was small talk coming out our mouths but he and I were having a much deeper conversation with our body language and eyes. I know I had just got out of a relationship, but I love to flirt. And i can’t lie, it felt good to be noticed and wanted. Even if I never saw this man again, it made me feel better to know that I still had it. It was the confidence boost I needed and i finally realized that I made the right decision leaving that bum ass nigga alone. I hate to say something so cliche but there are so many fish in the sea and I was limiting myself being with someone who didn’t appreciate me.

 By the end of our encounter, my dad came back as we wrapped the conversation up saying our goodbyes. My mother asked the question I was dying to ask but didn’t because I didn’t want to seem too forward. 

“So Cameron, will we see you again?” she asked

“Uh, Hopefully so. Maybe if Officer Brooks invites me back over.” he laughed looking over at my Dad. 

“Oh yeah man, of course. You’re welcome here anytime.” My dad answered patting him on his back. “Alright Honey, we’re gonna head out. We gotta go if we’re gonna make it on time.” he spoke again hugging my mother and kissing her on her forehead. 

I hugged my dad and let him go as my mother hugged Cameron. When it came to me, Cameron gave me a one-sided hug. He was taller than I realized as he stood closer towering over me. When we hugged all i could smell was his tantalizing cologne. His hug was tight and I didn’t want him to let me go.

When I got back to my room, all i could do was reminisce about his fine ass and our flirtations. It made me blush a little bit not gon lie but i said to myself, the next time i see this dude, imma be on point. My granny’s words rang in my head, “the best way to get over a old nigga is to get a new one” and trust, I was finna get mine. 


k-cpo  asked:

Hi. Long question, so it's going to probably take two asks: I've been following Sai and few other for some time now (like a year or so), and I'v seen her go through a lot of states, so to say. With that, and her uncertian state, I've decided to ask you instead of her. You see, I'm not a content creator, or even very active Tumlr-er (As evident by my so called blog) so I've never had a direct contact with "hate" And that's exactly what I'd like to ask about: What exactly is it?

Hiya! Mod Rose here. I’ll be explaining this to the best of my ability. I hope this is clear enough for you (because I’ve never had to explain this before lol).

In the simplest way possible, hate is bullying. It isn’t criticism, it isn’t fair, it’s just as the name entails—hate. It consists of sending insults to someone just because they did this or that. Typically, the person or people sending hate have some sort of grudge or negative opinion about the receiver, using it to justify the insults they throw. When people bombard others with hate, they tend to be (but aren’t always) persistent. Some are enough so that they make multiple accounts just to harass you. 

The best you could do is block their IP address via outsourced programs that can keep them contacting you from that computer, thus preventing the multiple accounts issue and saving yourself from further stress.

But yeah. It’s unjust harassment and essentially bullying. It’s not fair, and the justification is biased and often ignorant or grudge-induced. So whatever Sai had been receiving isn’t critique of any sort. It’s just what the name entails—hate.



The Couch 

It had been a few days since I ran into Cam at the beach. We were texting a little back and forth but I really wasn’t giving him much attention because my mind had been elsewhere on finding a small place for me to do hair out of. I felt bad for brushing him off but I had bigger things to worry about than texting. Trying to get the contract and paperwork done for a salon suite had me busy but i had finally got everything together and was able to sign all the documents to solidify everything. I did the final walk-through and it was perfect. Now all i needed to do was furnish the place to make it my own.

8 days later (so specific lmao)

When I finally got the keys to my suite I had started moving in and buying new things to furnish my place. It was my first official spot to do hair out of instead of out my personal living space which was a big step for me and I wanted to make sure that my little suite was nice for my customers. I was still busy doing peoples hair out of my apartment in between all the moving and making trips back and forth but I had Mom and Sloan helping me out all week.

But today, Sloan had plans with her man and my parents had just left for their anniversary trip and of all days, my couch for the shop that i ordered weeks ago was delivered to my parents house. I had the couch shipped there because i didn’t have a spot to do hair yet and the sale was such a good deal i couldn’t pass it up. Now here I am stuck, by myself, with a big ass couch sitting in my driveway that i can’t even move inside, let alone get in a truck to get to my shop. Though i have plenty of dudes in my contacts who would jump to my rescue, I don’t trust any of them enough to just be bringing randoms to my parents house or my new shop.

I stood there going through my phone contacts to see who I could find on short notice to help me move this couch at least inside until my dad got back to help me get it to the shop. I called to see if some of my friends’ boyfriends’ might be able to help but most of them weren’t available until tomorrow and I didn’t want to leave my couch sitting outside all night.

I let out a frustrated, “Fuckkkk” as I tried option after option.

Then it dawned on me, duh.. Cameron! He’s been to the house before, he seems trustworthy and it’ll be a good way for me to spend a little time with him since I had been unintentionally neglecting him via text message the past couple of days. 

I started to text him but instead of having to wait for a response I decided to just take my chances and call. I walked around as the ring tone echoed throughout the house on speaker.

Hello” he answered

“Hey Cam. How are you?”

I’m good. What’s up? You sound like something’s wrong.

“Well, it’s not urgent or anything like that but I just need your muscles. I know this is random but I have a couch sitting in my driveway and I can’t move it in the house by myself. You think you could come by and help me get it in the house at least until my dad can help me get it to where it needs to go? Pleaseeee, I’d really appreciate it?” I rambled trying to sound desperate so he would come help me.

uhhh… I mean right now I’m running some errands but if you give me a little bit I can come help you that’s no issue. I’ll text you when I’m headed your way.

When he texted, I sat outside on my couch waiting on him to pull up. When he got there he stepped out his truck and started chuckling. 

You been out here this whole time?” He asked still laughing to himself.

“No, I came out a few minutes ago. I just wanted to be here when you pulled up. By the way I really appreciate you taking time out to come help me.”

It’s no problem Kala. I don’t want you out here breakin your back tryna move this big ass couch around by yourself. And you sounded so hopeless on the phone I couldn’t help but feel bad for you.” 

“I didn’t sound that hopeless” I laughed trying to defend myself

You did though. Kinda pulled on my heart strings a lil bit” he said as we both started crackin up.

Nah but forreal imma go ahead and get this couch in the back of the truck and I can take it to where it needs to go.” 

“Really?? No Cam… I don’t want to take up all your time.“

You not taking all my time. Plus I been wanting to link up with you but you keep leavin me on “read”. What’s up with that?

Embarrassed that he called me out,I apologized. “I know… I’m sorry. I been so wrapped up in trying to get things done for my business that I just neglected my personal life. My bad.”

Nah you good. I can understand that. Handling your business first. I get it. But you gotta take personal time too. Balance it out. But I am glad that you called me though.

“Me too.” i replied as i smiled at him honestly glad that he was here. He gave off such good energy and seemed like a person to have in your back pocket. 

I stood there as he lifted the couch like it was nothing and put it in the back of his truck. I watched in awe at the way his muscles flexed at every movement. He was looking like the last drop of water in a desert and i couldn’t help but stare.

You good?“ He asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh yeah, I’m good. ha.” I laughed trying to play it off like I wasn’t just staring him down. 

You real quiet over there. Just makin sure you aight.” He smiled wide knowing damn well he caught me droolin over his fine ass. “Well, I’m done so you can hop in and we can go take it to your shop when you’re ready.

“I can just drive my car so you don’t have to come all the way back here to bring me home.”

Kala, get in the car. I don’t care about all that. I wanna spend time with you, so let me spend time with you. Please?” He said as he walked in my personal space hovering over me looking at me with them eyes I couldn’t resist.

“Okay” I said letting him have his way.

 As I walked to the passenger side he walked behind me insisting on opening the door. Cam was a real gentleman and I wasn’t used to this type of treatment from anyone except my father. Most of the dudes i was fuckin with or had been fuckin with never did things like that. Especially Stefon. 

On the ride over to the shop, we mostly talked and laughed as he told me stories of when he first joined the Navy and the hell his CPOs used to put him through. He had me dying laughing, but what i liked most is that there wasn’t awkward moments and he made me feel comfortable, like i could be myself.  

When we made it to the shop, he unloaded the couch from his truck and was somehow able to get it to my suite without me having to lift a finger. 

 “Wow. Cam, thank you so much. it looks perfect right there.” 

Ah, no problem, glad i could help. Yeah it looks nice in here.” he replied looking around admiring the place.

“No seriously.. i appreciate it. You went out your way to help me and i’m just really grateful.” i said as i stood on my toes and reached my arms around his neck giving him a hug.

He hugged me back but didn’t let me go. He held his grip tight with both arms around my waist. For a second, his embrace reminded me of Stefon’s. I closed my eyes and leaned into him harder imagining it was Stef. As much as i hated to admit, i missed him. I never got the closure i needed or deserved, so a piece of me still held on to what could’ve been, shit, what should’ve been. By now we’d still be together and i would’ve still been pregnant with our son or daughter. Shocked that i was still stuck on this nigga, i snapped back into reality and realized Cameron wasn’t Stefon. I pushed myself back out of his arms, mainly out of guilt. i felt bad. Bad because here is someone standing in front of me showing a real interest and obviously a better pick, and instead of being in this moment, my mind still drifted to Stefon, who proved time and time again he could give a fuck about me.

I’m Sorry.. Did i do something wrong?” He asked concerned. 

“No, no.. i just.. uhm… uh.. lets go. It’s getting late and i think after a certain time they lock the doors.” I replied not looking him in his eyes as I tried to back away. 

He stood there for a second. Obviously not buying it. I walked to the light switch with my keys in hand ready to lock the door. He walked out the door as i held it open. We exited the building and walked quietly to the car.


Eazy E Memory #12

CPO ‘Boss Hogg’ said that Eazy always had jokes and that he was definitely one of the people he would joke on. But that one night Eazy invited him to go to his parents house with him. He said he could tell that Eric really loved spending time with them and vice versa. That night he also played them the “Appetite for Destruction” music video because at that time it wasn’t out yet.


Undertale Duos Take On Famous Movie Duo Parts!

Sans and Papyrus - Night at the Roxbury
Undyne and Alphys - Men in Black
Toriel and Asgore - Grease
Mettaton ex and Napstablook - Star Wars

This was so much fun to do, even if they have very little actual animation.. ^^; I was mostly seeing how many duos I can do with a simple head-bob animation, and this was the result!

I will say, Toriel singing to Asgore that he needs to /Shape Up/ kinda fits! xD

If anyone has any other ideas I could do, feel free to comment or send an ask! maybe I could do another set! :D I know there are plenty of other Undertale Duos out there, like Chara and Asriel, Dogamy, Ect! <3

(Mettaton Ex is not thrilled to be 3-CPO just because he’s a robot.. That’s stereotyping!)

November 14, 2016
Mix by Lance Scott Walker
Photo by Peter Beste

Mr. 3-2 “Right Quick Right Fast” from H Town Underworld TV
Mr. 3-2 “Slowed Up” (2008) from Fatt Domino (Down South Records)
3-2 “My Sweet Trick” (1996) from Wicked Buddah Baby (Rap-A-Lot)
Southside Playaz (Mr. 3-2, Fat Pat, Mike-D) “Swang Down” (2000) from Street Game
Convicts (Mr. 3-2, Big Mike) “Penitentiary Blues” ft. James Prince (1991) from Convicts (Rap-A-Lot)
Blac Monks (Mr. 3-2, AWOL, Da) Buddha Nature (1994) from Secrets Of The Hidden Temple (Rap-A-Lot)
Mr. 3-2 “Them Against Me” DJ Screw (1996) from Floss Mode ‘96
Mr. 3-2 “This Game We Play” (2008) from Fatt Domino
Southside Playaz - What’s Going On (2000) from Street Game (LafTex)
Big Mello, Mr. 3-2, Big Steve “Outta Control” (1999)
DJ Screw “Comin Down (3-2)” (1995/1996) from Floss Mode ’96
Southside Playaz “Baby Boo” (1998) from You Gottus Fuxxed Up (LafTex)
Mr. 3-2, Big Hawk “Don’t Play Won’t Play” (2001)
Mr. 3-2, Billy Cook “Holding It Down” (2009)
Mike D, Big Hawk, Mr. 3-2 “Bacc When Screw Was Alive” (2009)
Mr. 3-2, UGK “Ya Wanna Ride” (1996)
Macc Grace, Lil O, Mr. 3-2 “New Day” (2015)
Mr. 3-2 “Streets Keep Callin’ Me” (2013)
Mr. 3-2, 8ball & MJG, Too Short “Hit The Highway” (1996) from Wicked Buddah Baby. Produced by Mike Dean.
Screwed Up Click (Big Hawk, Mr. 3-2, Chris Ward) “What’s Going On” (2014) from The Takeover
Mr. 3-2 “It’s Rough” (2001) from The Governor
Chocolate, Lord 3-2, Snoop & CPO “Niggas Is Like That” (1992) Death Row

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I passed the exam and am now a CPO! In the words of my dad, “You get to push the button now!”

This also means a ton of more work and fixing issues, but right now I’ll just revel in the accomplishment. ☺

Oh yeah, I’m still working out too. Mostly swimming, I just learned how to dolphin kick with fins and that’s turned me into a mermaid. Super fun!!

Enlisted Ranks (Grades) - Navy and Coast Guard

Sorry for the unfinished version of this post that came up earlier - my laptop glitched and posted early!  Here’s the full post.

The Navy and the Coast Guard share a lot of traditions, one of which is having ranks (or, as these two services call them, “grades”) that bear no resemblance to those of our ground-pounding or air-watching brethren.  Much like the Army, however, you can always count on the fact that lower numbers = lower ranks.  Both the Navy and the Coast Guard will confuse things by having ratings as well as ranks, but we’ll stick with ranks here.

Where rank is worn depends on what uniform someone is in.  In a Navy dress uniform, the rank is shown via a rank/rating badge on the sleeve.  In the Coast Guard, enlisted members wear their rank insigna on both sleeves or on the collar, depending on the uniform.  In coveralls (shared by both services), any type of camo (aka, the soon-to-be-defunct “digie blues”, aka NWU or newer NWU type III), it’s worn on the collar.  Same thing with the black and tans.

Navy and Coast Guard uniforms are complicated; look for a post on that later.  (Or you can check Wikipedia; it’s strangely accurate on this!). For now, let’s go back to ranks.

E-1 thru E-3: Seamen (and its many varieties) 

E-1: Seaman Recruit
This is your mark 1, mod 0 guy/gal fresh into the service.  But because the Navy and the Coast Guard like to be complicated, the rank of E-1 has several variations:

Navy and Coast Guard:
Seaman Recruit (SR)
Fireman Recruit (FR)
Airman Recruit (AR)

Navy only:
Constructionman (CR)
Hospitalman (HR)

E-2: Seaman Apprentice
The Coast Guard advances new sailors straight to SA after graduating from boot camp.   The Navy automatically advances sailors after six months.   You can also jump straight to SA with enough time in a JROTC program.   Again, you get the same variants as above, which turn into SA, FA, AA, CA, and HA.

E-3: Seaman
Advancement is automatic, provided the CO approves.  For the Coast Guard, 6 months time in grade is required.  For the Navy, a Sailor must have one year’s time in service and at least 9 month’s time as a SA.  Again, we have the same variants as above, now SN, FN, AN, CN, and HN.

All three Seaman ranks are commonly referred to as “Seaman <insert name here>”, like “Seaman Schmucketelly”.  Someone is generally not referred to as “Seaman Recurit Schmucketelly”.

E-4 through E-6: Petty Officers

After advancing from Seaman, a Sailor must take advancement exams to reach the Petty Officer ranks (there are some specialty schools that will advance someone, but that’s part of the rating conversation).  These grades are:

(E-4) Petty Officer Third Class
(E-5) Petty Officer Second Class
(E-6) Petty Officer First Class

These ranks indicate increasing responsibility.  A Second Class or First Class may serve as a Work Center Supervisor, or a Leading Petty Officer in their division.  

Basic Promotion Requirements:

E-3 to E-4:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR), or automatic upon graduation from either “A” school or a formal Striker Program.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 6 months TIR, 2 years time-in-service (TIS), or sometimes automatic upon graduation from “A” school.

E-4 to E-5:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR) and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 12 months TIR, 3 years time-in-service (TIS) and passing the advancement exam.

E-4 to E-5:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 12 years TIR and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 36 months TIR, 7 years TIS , Completion of the Navy Leadership Training Continuum (LTC), and passing the advancement exam.

Keep in mind that although the Coast Guard’s requirements look easier, promotion quotas exist.  Only so many sailors can be promoted each cycle, so the top performers are the ones who are advanced more quickly.  

Petty Officers can be addressed as “Petty Officer Schmucketelly”, but they’re usually referred to by their rate, such as “BM2 Schmucketelly” (Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Schmucketelly) or just “BM2″.  More on that in another post.

E-7 thru E-9: Chief Petty Officers

Chiefs are the backbone of the enlisted ranks in the Navy and the Coast Guard.  They’re sometimes a law onto themselves, and serve as the enlisted leadership in any ship or unit.  In order to make Chief Petty Officer (E-7), a Sailor must pass an exam and then their record goes before a promotion board.

Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 2 years TIR and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 36 months TIR, and 11 years TIS. [The TIS requirement can be waived for stellar candidates; I worked with a 7 year Chief who was one of the best I ever served with.]

(E-7) Chief Petty Officer
(E-8) Senior Chief Petty Officer
(E-9) Master Chief Petty Officer

Advancement from CPO to SCPO to MCPO depends entirely on record review, completion of leadership requirements, and TIR.

E-7 to E-8
Coast Guard: 2 years TIR
Navy: 36 months TIR

E-9 to E-9
Coast Guard: 2 years TIR and completion of a Senior Enlisted Academy
Navy: 36 months TIR and completion of a Senior Enlisted Academy

Master Chief and Senior Chief Petty Officers often serve as Senior Enlisted Advisors (SEL - usually Senior Chiefs), Chief of the Boat (subs), and Command Master Chiefs.  They are the CO’s primary adviser on enlisted affairs.  Although the CMC/COB/SEL won’t set policies, they’re the “bellybutton” of the command for enlisted morale, training, and other issues.  This individual serves closely with the CO and usually has a very frank and open relationship with him/her.

The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) is the senior enlisted member of the Navy.  Same with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG).

Chief are addressed either as “Chief”, “Chief Schmucketelly”, or as “BMC” (Boatswain’s Mate Chief).

Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs are generally just referred to as “Senior Chief” or “Master Chief”, with or without the addition of their name.

Other Enlisted Stuff:

Enlisted Sailors E-6 and below will often address one another with their last names, particularly ones that know one another well.  First names are very rarely used, particularly not on duty.  

No one will refer to a Chief as “sir” or “ma’am” - the immediate response from said Chief/Senior Chief/Master Chief will be that “I work for a living!”  

I’ve also referred to “Rates” a lot, and I do promise to work on another post for that one.  Basically, rates = specialties, and as is often said in the Navy, “Choose your rate, choose your fate”.  Once you’re rated, you’re in that rate for the rest of your career, unless you cross-rate to another one.

-LT Robin4

Wed, Bed, Behead || Minnie & Devran

Anxiety had never been a problem to her. But ever since her family had introduced her to her future husband, Minnie couldn’t help but fear what would come next. Yes, it was an honor to be the chosen one to marry the King, but it wasn’t her choice. Her father was so happy when he got the news that he had chosen her, her mother cried, and her brothers, trying to hide the jealousy they felt seeing her under the spotlight, encouraged her to smile and be thankful.

And when she met him, on the few times she actually saw the man who was becoming her husband, she behaved graciously, charmingly even. But she was scared. Terrified. Her life had been nothing but a quick blur, no big events, nothing interesting or devastating, and then suddenly she was chosen by the King of Spain to be wed. Spain! She was moving to Spain! A completely different country, a different language…

Breathe, the girl told herself, whispering quietly as she stood behind a big set of wooden doors in a beautiful light blue dress with small golden details, and a delicate veil, just as the doors opened, revealing a large decorated room, her soon to be husband standing all the way down the corridor formed by a crowd impeccably well dressed. And before she could do anything stupid, something like running away or shedding a frightened tear, Minnie took in a deep breath, tried to seem as relaxed and gracious as she could, a small smile resting on her lips, and began her walk down the isle, reaching the King’s side and keeping her eyes focused on the priest before them. 


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But in MWUFTTL AU, please just imagine Windu having to deal with C3PO on a regular basis, because when Depa bought Shimi of course she bought CPO with her, she knows how effort Anakin pulled in that droid, and when she is on Courosant she gives him to Ani, so that she can work on him again, and of course it makes Ani happy, so Mace of course doesnt say anythink, even if he wants to stranggle that droid. But he also knows, that droid (and R2D2) have more luck than any droid can have. Just imagine

So actually Mace Windu has to LIVE with C-3PO, is what you’re telling me here, Mace Windu LIVING with C-3PO and then once Anakin finally sends him back to Shmi every time Mace calls her for “children with emotions/attachments” advice, C-3PO picks up and starts TALKING HIS FUCKING EAR OFF, because of course he and Master Windu know each other very well now! And Mace is just like “oh no”. 

Shmi gets invited to the occasional Sunday dinner and C-3PO inevitably shows up with her with a casserole dish and an endless stream of multilingual neighborhood gossip. 

The startup trying to beat Apple's AirPods just hired two execs from Amazon and Nest

(Doppler Labs execs: COO Brian Hall, CEO Noah Kraft, CPO Sophia Velastegui, and CTO Rich Heye.Doppler)
If you’re going to take on Apple, you’d better bring out the big guns.

That’s what Doppler Labs, maker of the Here One wireless earbuds, did this month with two key hires with impressive pedigrees. Rich Heye, a former VP at Amazon’s hardware lab, will be the startup’s new CTO. Sophia Velastegui, a top engineer at Alphabet’s connected appliance company Nest, will be chief product officer.

The two join COO Brian Hall, who came to Doppler late last year after a more than 20-year run at Microsoft, where he most recently worked on Surface and HoloLens. The new hires round out an exec team with impressive and diverse resumés.

Doppler’s first major product, the Here One, launched in February. The $300 earbuds can stream audio from your smartphone, but the real standout feature is their ability to filter out extraneous noise or boost the volume when someone is talking to you. In theory, you should be able to wear Here One even when you’re not listening to music and have the earbuds augment your overall listening experience. The company hasn’t disclosed sales, but did say it had more than 10,000 pre-orders for the Here One.

(The Here One earbuds.Business Insider/Jeff Dunn)

As CTO, Heye will bring his expertise in chip technology to Doppler labs as the company works on new products with more computing power and better battery life. Heye’s last job was at Amazon’s Lab 126, the California-based office where the company makes everything from Kindles to the Echo. Heye was in charge of vision chips for the ill-fated Fire Phone, which could track a user’s head movements to create a 3D effect on the screen.

After the Fire Phone flop, Heye left Amazon in 2015 and took some time off. A tech veteran who has worked at Apple, AMD, and SanDisk over the years, Heye said in an interview that he was intrigued by Doppler’s vision and how the company was able to ship its first product with a team of just a few dozen people.

(Rich Heye.Doppler Labs)

Velastegui comes to Doppler from Nest, where she was a rising star inside the company working on the technology to support current products and future products in the company’s roadmap. In fact, Business Insider recently named Velastegui one of the most powerful female engineers in tech and we’ve heard that there was a lot of disappointment internally at Nest after losing her.

“I have to be very excited about a product and it has to be disruptive," Velastegui said of her decision to leave Nest and join Doppler Labs. "I was blown away how they were able to do AirPods features and so much more.”

As CPO, Velastegui will have to figure out how to provide customers with more updates and features to the Here One as the holiday shopping season approaches and how to launch future versions of the Here One earbuds.

(Sophia Velastegui.Doppler Labs)

‘Hearable’ computers

Doppler Labs has a larger ambition than just letting you stream music to wireless earbuds and filtering out extra noise. The company wants to build an entire computing platform based on audio, and is in talks with other companies to potentially figure out how to get a digital assistant inside one of its ear-computers.

CEO Noah Kraft and Heye wouldn’t say which companies Doppler was talking to about digital assistants, but there are only a handful with the expertise — Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Microsoft recently partnered with Harman Kardon to put its Cortana assistant inside a WiFi speaker. Amazon’s Alexa has made its way into third-party speakers, smart thermostats, and even cars. Apple has already built Siri into the AirPods, and it’s highly unlikely it would license the technology to a third party like Doppler.

The ultimate vision is to create a platform for "hearable" computing where you don’t have to take your smartphone out as often to check for notifications or get information from a digital assistant. It’s a lot like the the future we saw in the movie “Her.”

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