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Cpleblow (Chas)

My name is Charles Leblow or Chas (pronounced Chaz) as you get to know me. I am 62 and a self-taught, amateur photographer currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I caught the photography bug as a child many, many years ago.  I am retired (disabled) due to Parkinson’s Disease and trying hard to stay active in spite of challenges PD throws my way. I shoot mostly landscapes but “play” with other genre’s when the urge arises. I strive to present my photography as close to what I saw in the “moment” and prefer not to embellish with overly aggressive editing unless converting to black and white or using a long exposure. Ninety-five percent of the photos on my blog are shot full frame with no crop. What you see is what you get, no hidden meaning except in some of the my titles. I hope you enjoy. -Chas


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