it’s time to play SUPER SMASH BROS 4 on Press Buttons n Talk, it’s a pretty obscure hidden gem of a game that flew under the radar, I just hope we can introduce new fans to this series because I don’t think anyone really played it

club penguin is shutting down im at a loss like people are tryna tell you that global warming and climate change are ‘myths’ well you know what’s gonna be a myth mate club penguin will be because global warming is killing the penguins and we couldnt stop it. we couldnt stop global warming in time and we’re being punished by having club penguin - the least problematic of sites on this accursed interweb - be shut down bc we’re killin all the penguins. i am shook guys why couldnt we save the penguins why

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I always thought that the other kids' runs could have been tampered with via Flowey. I headcannon that, due to their souls main attributes being not of determination, that would leave Flowey still in control of SAVE, LOAD, and RESET, and ultimately the most determined person in the Underground. I always thought that was just him messing with the timeline while the kids were there. But that's just me.

I’m fairly certain that Flowey was created after the other six fell. His end game is getting to the souls in the jars, and he was never able to do that until you arrived.

The game also strongly implies that only a short time has passed since Flowey and the Amalgamates were created by Alphys before Frisk falls and takes over the Resets. Most monsters don’t recognize a human, so it seems to have been a long time since the last one fell down.

The other kids may have been able to save and load to some degree based on comments by Toriel and Alphys’ analysis of their souls. But I guess since their primary attribute wasn’t determination, they eventually gave up against Asgore. Meanwhile Frisk keeps on truckin’. 

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Okay so my best friend is obsessed with white haired Altean Lance and Galra Keith in a Romeo and Juliet type of scene, so I decided to send the idea your way! If you like it after all!

I. literally the first thing in my head was mercutio and tybalt which is definitely not what you mean but I had a nice good laugh

okay okay the more I think about it the more I’m actually going to draw klance as those two bc can u imagine??? they’re in a play or something and Lance had wanted the Romeo role ofc and Keith is an assistant director or smthg and. the day of auditions they’re arguing about something /really stupid/ and the director ends up watching this argument all go down

and allura (director) doesn’t even know if Lance can act (she knows keith can bc assistant director) but she’s just like. “okay congrats you guys, you’ve got the part”


Yall should shower @gutter-girl-100 with some love. They’re such a lovely, cool and fun person and they honestly brighten up my day when I see their posts on my dash \(^U^)/

Official guardian of Shou and 3 other children, so here he is, the smol flame boi. Made 2 versions cause I couldn’t decide with colors were better 

Your Talents Amaze Me

Can I just say that this fandom’s talent is incredibly amazing?! We’ve been seeing more fanfic and fan art being shared over the past weeks, and they’re all SO AWESOME. I am so blown away by your creations, and I’m loving the creative confidence that’s building up. 😊

I’ve also observed how the fandom is generally VERY supportive of each other’s creations. Keep sharing the love, you guys. 💕

@playchoices if you’re reading this, sending you giant fandom hugs for helping fuel the creativity of this fandom. The characters and worlds you’ve created push our imagination and inspire us to bring our visions to life, whether through words or visuals. 😊