- A DAY AFTER BEING CUT BY THE JETS, TIM TEBOW GETS CONTRACT OFFER - Quarterback Tim Tebow was cut by the New York Jets on Monday. On Tuesday, Tebow cleared waivers, which allows him to sign with any team that wants him. Also on Tuesday Tebow got his first contract offer. The only problem is, it’s not from an NFL team. It’s not even from a CFL team. The offer was extended from the Omaha Beef of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League.

But if Tebow were to accept the Beef’s offer, (inserted bad, but funny joke No. 1-infinite here) he would only make $75 per game. Yes 7 5, with no zero’s. The Beef are already halfway through their 12-game season. Which means Tebow would only make a whooping $450 for six games. That’s a lot less than the $2 million that he made last year with the Jets.

But one familiar thing the Beef can offer Tebow (giggity) is he would be a backup just like he was with Gang Green. The team already has a starting quarterback who is considered good, by CPIFL standards. James McNear has completed 70 percent of his passes, has thrown 21 touchdowns and has only two interceptions so far this season. And McNear isn’t upset that the team is wooing Tebow.

“I think Tim can learn a lot from me,” McNear said. (Photo: Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated)