The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic (IMAGE)

The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic (IMAGE)

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Have you ever dreamed of moving to another part of the world, just to get away from it all? Well before you pack your bags and buy the next plane ticket to Switzerland, you should know they have the highest cost of living in the world. This information comes from an infographic made by the people over at the moving website, Movoto. They used data from Numbeo, the world’s largest database of…

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Connecting the Courtroom and communities: live video links and press conferences

With Caroline Maurel

In the lead up to the first days of the Gbagbo and Blé Goudé trial at the ICC, my number one priority has been the communities affected by crimes connected to this case. According to the ICC Prosecutor, approximately 1 million people were displaced in 2010-2011, there were several mass graves in Abidjan, and there is documentation relating to widespread arbitrary arrests, “disappearances” and incidents of rape, among other crimes.

Before the trial opened this week, questions poured in from communities affected by these crimes: There are two people now appearing before the ICC, but what about others suspected of these crimes? Since this involved an election, will the ICC investigate individuals in both major political parties? Will justice really be done? How long the trial will take?

I worked not only to answer these initial questions, but also to make sure these communities could see that their voices were being heard and that the ICC process included them. But as one person, this is an impossible task. That is why I am also working, together with my colleagues in The Hague and in Abidjan, with the media, among others, who can prove vital to communications between the communities and the Court.

To facilitate the work of journalists from Côte d'Ivoire, we connected with journalists in Abidjan via webstreaming during our press conference, the day before the trial opened; others were able to attend in person in The Hague. These media report nation-wide, so the entire country was able to have better access to the views of the Office of the Prosecutor, the Defence and the Legal Representative of Victims, all of whom agreed that the purpose of the trial was to get to the truth.

A single press conference might seem simple, but the impact can be huge. While those in the Courtroom work hard to get to the truth, my goal is to share that process with communities affected by crimes, for whom the truth matters most.

The July CPI was zero, due to oil price fluctuation (down in July). But, it’s basically meaningless.

Does anyone believe that the “effective” CPI for those in poverty is 2%?

By the way, presuming 2% overall inflation (ignoring currency exchange and other factors), the national debt will be reduced by about $390 billion in 2016.

Those jerseys would be $71.35 in 2015 dollars, according to the CPI. Descente seems to have (again) left the cycling kit game, but taking the 2009 value of these prices ($63.88) and comparing it to Descente’s MSRPs from that model year, it’s pretty clear that the price of cycling kit has absolutely destroyed the rate of inflation.

And I mean, don’t even get me started on the other stuff that’s out there.

(via a 2010 post on Performance Bike’s blog, resurfaced by Richard Masoner for Back to the Future day)


#India’s #CPI and #WPI #Inflation from January to December 2014.

CPI  : #ConsumerPriceIndex
WPI : #WholesalePriceIndex

#IndiaInflationData #ConsumerPriceInflation #WholesalePriceInflation
#IndiaInflationIndex #IndiaData #RetailInflation #WholesaleInflation

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In The UK, You’re More Likely To Spend On Coffee Than Clubbing
By: Steve Rickinson - Deep House Amsterdam

In the UK, it seems like you are more apt to stay in brewing a cup of coffee than indulge on a night out of hedonism.
At least that is according to the latest annual report from the Office for National Statistics, which highlights the spending habits of consumers around the UK. The studies…


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Week 5, Day 7

It was my last week in Heredia so I tried to make the best of it but honestly I just slept a lot because I was exhausted. So sorry @ my familia tica.

This week I met some of the people from the NMSU group to Costa Rica and had two of them in my class. They were super cool (obviously, it’s NMSU) and made me kind of wish I had done a group trip again, but in the end I’m glad I came solo. It would have been a really different experience but I think coming alone instead of having the dependency on the group helps prepare me for a semester in Spain, and ultimately, I didn’t have to wait on other people to do what I want.

On Monday I did the Heredia city tour (for the fourth time) and I think I’ll miss it being part of my weekly routine. That tour is generally where people start to bond and really start to know one another. Also, tasting the fruits I can’t get in the US every week and some quality tortillas is something I can’t really complain about. I am a little frustrated, however, that I am really truly comfortable getting around Heredia and I have to leave. Like at this point, I could give the Heredia tour because I know where the stuff is at and I’ve heard the information enough times.

Friday, I went to the mall and theater to see a Costa Rican play with the school. It was called “El Mejor Partido” and it was a comedy. I could figure out what was going on from the acting but the words really confused me. Basically, a girl marries a drunkard and he dies, and it shows their life beforehand. My favorite part is a dance they have dedicated to the mom’s chancleta. The mom is chasing around her son in law trying to hit him with her chancleta and it’s so funny. I’m glad I had Ms. Reid as my DECA adviser in high school, who always jokingly threatened us with “the chancla*” if we didn’t behave. Otherwise, the joke would have gone right over my head because I wouldn’t understand the chancleta. Before the play started, there was a blackout in the mall and all the power went out. For a moment forgot I wasn’t in America (as I was surrounded by Taco Bell, McDonalds, Subway, Carls Jr., etc. in the food court) and thought there was going to be a shooting because of everything that’s happened in the US, even since I’ve been in Costa Rica. What comforted me was remembering I was in Costa Rica, where power outages have happened more often since I’ve been here than have happened for me in the last two years at home. Also the thought that Costa Ricans aren’t really that interested in owning guns, and since it’s MUCH more difficult to acquire one here, the likelihood of someone having one in the mall was much lower, so I really didn’t have to worry. I think that being my initial thought speaks volumes about what it’s like living in the US right now versus being in a country that doesn’t even have a military, and it made me kind of sad. Whether you’re pro-guns or pro-gun control, it’s a scary feeling to have your first thought be that there will be a shooting. Every country has their fair share of problems, but I’m glad a mass shooting wasn’t something I had to really be scared of last night. On a happier note, the generators turned on within a minute and the power was back within five, and there weren’t any problems and I got some coffee.

Anyway, today is my last full day in Heredia and it’s hitting me how fast time is flying more than ever. I still feel like I just got here, struggling to answer “como le va?” And now, I feel like I can conquer a semester abroad in Spain in the spring (almost, I mean most of my classes will be in English but I can find a bathroom and order a meal, the most important things). But most importantly, above everything else, I can start making bad jokes in Spanish. For example:

Como se llama un vaca de Espana cuando esta viajando?
A VACAcion

Get it??? What do you call a cow from Spain when it is traveling?? A VACAtion. Because vaca means cow? I’m really proud of this joke so no one ruin it for me if I got the grammar a little mixed up.

*chancla: basically a sandal, but moms will take them off and hit you with it if you misbehave.

Higher Real Yields Dim BlackRock’s View of U.S. Stocks

Higher inflation-adjusted yields led Richard Turnill, BlackRock Inc.’s global chief investment strategist, to turn neutral on global, U.S. and European stocks this week. Turnill compared the yield on two-year Treasury Inflation Protected Securities with the S&P 500 Index in a posting Tuesday on BlackRock’s blog. The TIPS yield rebounded by 0.47 percentage point in April and May after falling 1.33 points in the first quarter.

Небесный потолок…

Дела за сегодня: Зарядка; Хлебные Дела; Организация игры; Работа с соцсетями; Планирование; Покупка билетов; Переговоры и назначение встреч…

Благодарности за: Общение и знакомства, Благодарности в мой адрес, Приятности, Хранителю, Катерине Б.П., Пожелания, Помощь, Вкусности, Приглашения, Доброту; Воплощение Целей…

Мысль дня: Поосторожней со строгостью, без перегибов…😜

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