my name is Rhiannon and both my parents are unemployed (have been for a long time) and it doesnt look like either of them will be getting a job anytime soon (I cant get a job either since im too young). Im really in need of money. I have a donate button on my blog and heres some reasons as to why its there

  • I need new clothing, almost nothing I have fits me and just about all of the things that do fit are close to 2 years old and have a bunch of stains/rips/holes in them
  • I really should have a few things to distract myself with when I feel the need to harm myself

  • (related to first reason) Im a trans male and I would really like to be able to buy some clothing that would help me pass off as a male, the current things i have are extremely feminine and whenever i wear them people usually make jokes about me “all of a sudden wanting to go back to being a girl” and i hate it so much it makes me feel awful
  • i absolutley NEED to go back to therapy, i havent been to therapy since early-mid last year since we couldnt afford it and since then my mental health has just gone to complete shit  

any amount of money you donate would help a ton and i would appreciate it so much!