cpe 2

at school #2

- french : français (m) / literature : littérature (f) / philosophy : philosophie (f)

- maths : maths/mathématiques (f) / algebra : algèbre (f) / geometry : géométrie (f) / physics : sciences physiques (f) / biology : sciences de la vie et de la terre “SVT” (f) (vie = life, terre = earth) / chemistry : chimie (f)

- history : l’Histoire (f) -NB : big H bc story : histoire- / geography : géographie (f) / civics : éducation civique et morale (f)

- english : anglais (m) / spanish : espagnol (m) / german : allemand (m) / latin : latin (m) / (old) greek : grec (ancien (m)

- economic and social sciences : sciences économiques et sociales “SES” (f)

- PE : éducation physique et sportive “EPS” / technology : technologie (f) (trust me it’s shit) / arts : arts plastiques / music : éducation musicale / art history : Histoire de l’art

- classroom : salle de classe (f) / class : cours (m) / subject : matière (f) / report card : carnet de correspondance (m) / notebook : cahier (m) / textbook : manuel (m) / homework : travail à la maison / essay : dissertation

- revising : réviser, v / cramming : bachoter, v / grade : note (french system : x/20 points, you pass if 10/+) (f) / assessment : évaluation (primary school)(f), contrôle, devoir, examen (hs), partiel (uni)(m)

- repeating a year : redoubler, v + le redoublement / (??) : when you’re doing shit and the teacher takes your report card and puts a note for your parents in it  : remarque, observation (f) / detention : retenue (f), colle (unformal)(f)

NB : conseil = advice (common), council (rare)

- teacher : professeur-e (1 per class in PreS and PriS, about 12 in SS and HS) / head teacher : principal-e (SS), proviseur-e (HS) (1 per school) / head teacher’s assistant : principal-e/proviseur-e adjoint-e (1 per school) / education adviser : conseiller/ère principal-e d’éducation “CPE” (1 per school, 2 if tough place)

- pupil : élève (until HS) / student : étudiant-e (uni)

- class teacher : professeur-e principal-e / class representative : délégué-e de classe (in SS/HS, 2 per class)

NB : remember that you use the déterminants LE or LA when the noun starts with a consonant (except H) but you use L’ when it starts with a vowel or H (l’Histoire, l’algèbre, l’art), there is an old post about that.


Our weekend agility loot from the 2-day CPE trial.

We had 7 runs this weekend as I mentioned. Five yesterday and two today. We got a qualifying score (aka “Q’d”) in six out of seven! I must admit, I’ve been wanting that last Q in Level 1 Standard for-e-ver and we finally managed to pull one out yesterday with a Q and a 2nd place. That Q allowed us to move up to Level 2 Standard just in time for today. Level 1 does not have weave poles or the teeter, but Level 2 (and up) does. Needless to say, I was a little nervous heading into our Standard run today simply because I was really expecting Gatsby to just blow past the weaves because he has a tendency to do so when he’s super pumped. 

Well, not only did he do his weaves (granted – it took us three attempts) in Level 2 today, but this ham also managed to pull out a Q and a 1st place! I know, I know. Bad mahm for even doubting him.

Overall, he ran relatively well this weekend given the very very hot weather (it was 97 on Saturday). He had a LOT of zoomies, but I was able to call him back to me each time and finish the course without any major issues. We REALLY need to work on his start line stays, ugh. Other than that though, I am so proud of how he ran this weekend (he hit all his contacts…and weaves! He did the weaves!!). 

We Q’d in Fullhouse, Jackpot, Snooker, both Standard runs, and Jumpers. We’re in Level 2 for all classes now, except for Jumpers, where we’re now in Level 3 thanks to yesterday’s Q and 1st place. 

OH, and since we got that last Level 1 Q in Standard, we now have our CL-1 title. He’s now known as Fitzgerald’s The Great Blue Jay, CL-1. 

So here are the results from our 2-day CPE agility trial from this weekend. We had 8 runs total; we qualified in 6 classes and placed in all 8! We got six 1st Place finishes and two 2nd Place finishes. 

Gatsby also got his first set of agility titles! We got our Level 1 Games Titles: Handler Games, Strategy Games, and Fun Games. We are still one Q (qualifying score) away from getting our Level 1 Standard title. Once we get that, we will be completely titled in Level 1 and I could add the title “CL-1” next to Gatsby’s name, which is pretty neat I think! 

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We have a 2-day CPE trial this weekend. We haven’t played in CPE since our very first trial back in May; we’ve been doing NADAC this past summer. I’m really excited! We have 8 runs – 5 runs tomorrow, 3 on Sunday. 

While I’m not looking forward to a) having to be there by 7:15 a.m. (Gatsby needs to be measured) and b) running in this hot weather, I am glad that the trial is only about 30-40 minutes away vs. 1-1.5 hours away like a majority of the trials we go to.