Chicago P.D. 2x17 “Say Her Real Name” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

ChicagoP.D. resumed with a powerful and gripping episode filled with excellent performances.

Episode Summary: The episode was stemmed around the World Trade Center conferences that led to protests and organized crimes linked to them. After a girl he met working undercover is killed, Ruzek and the team go to extreme lengths to find the culprit. Jay’s brother’s in town and it’s certainly for more reasons than to catch up. 

Review | Analysis: There’s never such a thing as a boring episode of Chicago P.D. because I personally feel the show does a fantastic job with showcasing the reality of crimes. However, the only issue with episodes that lack emotional substance revolving around its core characters is the fact that it doesn’t give me enough to write about. That said, one of the best parts of this episode is the fact that we were given a glimpse into Ruzek’s genuinely compassionate character in ways we’ve yet to before. And the storyline also gave Patrick Flueger the opportunity to play his character with a full range of emotions.

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Bom mesmo é deitar no colo de Deus e contar baixinho tudo o que se passa no coração. Sem se preocupar se guerras estão acontecendo ou se o tempo está passando depressa.
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Deus compensa as perdas. É preciso estar com as mãos vazias para segurar algo novo.
—  Cartas para Deus