I wrote two drafts of this last night—one in my head, one on my phone (email drafts, ftw)—and basically, canon is fine it just needs a little cushioning every now and again and this was one of those times.

aka, the closing moment I was looking for after 3x14 and just supplemented myself. Let me know how it is, yeah? 

The rap on his door is jarring, disorienting. Brow pinching, Jay grabs his phone to check for a missed call or text, leaving his documentary—ancient Japan and an empire long lost—playing so whoever is on his front step has no reason to suspect he heard them.

His phone is dark, no notifications waiting.

The guys would know better than to show up at his place. Ruzek had invited them all out to Molly’s after the case, but Jay had shaken his head. It’d been scarcely two hours after the case closed and even then, he’d been able to feel the adrenaline of the day wearing off, leaving raw, bruised nerves behind.

It hadn’t helped that Erin had left with Sergeant Benson without a backwards glance, and he’d known then that space was the only way to get through tonight. Antonio had seemed to get it, giving Ruzek a shove towards the stairs while offering an understanding grimace to Jay.

Even now, anxious energy churns in his chest, two beers and a handful of hours later, the frustration burning hot enough to spell a long, hard run in his near future. But with the rest of the unit aware that he needs to be alone tonight—for their sake as much as his own—Jay’s left with a pitiful short list of who might be on his doorstep half past twelve am.

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So my CPD 3.14 thoughts…
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I’m previewing this by saying I’m not sharing thoughts on SVU because I could really have cared less… it was alright but slow to me. And I’m still mad Antonio was with Erin instead of Jay. And with that being said, I for one was ok with the little bit of Linstead we did get so my thoughts are all positive as far as they go because I found a lot of good in this episode. But anyways….

1.)  Can we please talk about how GOOD Jesse looked in the episode?!!!! 😍🔥😍🔥 I mean…. geeze… his hair had curls, his eyes were so blue and just… damn!!! 😍 😍

2.) Jay… first one in her apartment and him gearing up checking his gun…. 🔥

3.) Someone should have informed Yates that you do not taunt and/or threaten Erin in front of Jay. (For reference see 1.01 or 3.11) but the look on his face when he sees the note in the car (and thank you to whoever did the face zoom on him…. 😘😍😍 any close ups are always my favorite) and then when he was on her phone… he was so pissed and it was hot 😍

4.) Which leads to this point…  he was so worried and concerned about her! First, the opening scene when he asks about her knee, concern and worry are clearly written all over his face! And then when he leaves her and looks back at her….. quite frankly I don’t think he wanted to leave her. I think he knew they were leaving her alone which was dangerous and it was killing him. I think, had it been up to him he would’ve been staying with her keeping an eye on her or taking her with him so he could protect her but let her do her job. Because if anyone understands the need for justice/revenge it’s him (reference 2.03 when Voight put him under house arrest) anyways… that little Linstead moment was great to me because his looks are everything. 

(Points 5, 6, & 7 are one scene and my absolute favorite from the episode but i broke it down because it was so damn good 😂)

5.) When she opens the box…. anyone else notice how Jay and Mouse both moved closer to her? And when Jay tells her “dont,” clearly he was trying to protect bae and of course she didn’t listen

6.) Can we please talk about how not only Jay but Mouse too are standing super close to her when her phone starts to ring??!!! Umm can you say over protective much? But i freaking loved it!!! Mouse would do anything for his best friend’s girl!!! (BTW @linsteadandchicagopdarelife and I gave him the role of overprotective brother in law 😂👍)

7.) Speaking of Mouse… he got so mad when Yates hung up before he got the location… like that’s probably the maddest we’ve ever seen him and it’s great! And when he takes her phone to figure out how Yates knew everything and him and jay are finishing each other’s sentences…. like just come on and kill me now 😂😍 they are seriously my second favorite brotp  (halsteadx2 is of course my first)

8.) Still on Mouse…. he was the only one at the district with her. He knew giving her the location that she’d leave and go after Yates and that by her leaving Jay and Hank would want to kill him. But he also knows she needs this so he gives it to her…. and then gives her a look similar to Jay that is basically screaming be careful and wait on backup…. gah… 😍😍😍😍😍

Overall I really liked the episode. Would I have liked more Linstead, sure! But I wasn’t expecting much so I wasn’t disappointed and I loved the little we did get. I’ve found that by not reading q&as, spoilers or the negative thoughts I’ve enjoyed the episode more. So even though I want more Linstead  (like a whole episode of nothing but them or a whole episode of nothing but Jay backstory) I also know we’re probably not going to get it. So by lowering my expectations and not being spoiled I’m pleasantly surprised and happy with what we get 😊😊

late night meta work to the tune of an odd smattering of music, including but not limited to: kung fu panda 3 soundtrack, dan + shay, raign, and other random selections.

in other news, they’re both about 80% done. just in need of a handful more bullets (the traumatizing one is so. freaking. long. shoulda just gone prose but then it’d be hitting even more records and i don’t need that kind of commitment in my life) and some fine tuning that I WANT TO GET DONE TONIGHT. 

then i can happily cue these two buggers up for tomorrow and  s l e e p.

we’ll see.


Chicago police officer is suing the family of the unarmed teen he killed

Officer Robert Rialmo responded to a series of domestic disturbance calls the morning of Dec. 26 at the home of father and son Antonio and Quintonio LeGrier. Quintonio LeGrier, 19, had called the police three times saying someone was threatening his life. After ignoring the first two calls because Quintonio LeGrier would not give more details, dispatchers sent Rialmo on a “well-being check.” When Rialmo arrived at the home, Quintonio LeGrier allegedly came outside with a baseball bat. Rialmo shot the teen six times — twice in the back. Why Rialmo is now suing LeGrier’s family.