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Developer: Capcom, Tiertex (Amiga, C64, CPC, ST, ZX), Micro Talent (DOS), AlfaSystem (PCE CD-ROM), HanaHo Games (Windows)
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Tomorrow, California will vote on a bill that would require crisis pregnancy centers to tell women the truth about their reproductive health options. One politician asked why a lawmaker cared so much about the bill, and her response is PERFECT.

I had a patient in the clinic who really did not want an abortion but who had no resources to cover the costs of prenatal care or childbirth. She was single and without insurance coverage but made just enough money to be ineligible for state assistance. She already had outstanding bills at the hospital and with the local ob-gyn practice. No doctor would see her without payment up front.

We were willing to do the abortion for a reduced rate or for free if necessary. But she really didn’t want an abortion. Once I understood her situation, I went to the phone and called the local ‘crisis pregnancy center.’

“Hello, this is Dr. Wicklund.”

Dead silence. I might as well have said I was Satan.

“Hello?” I said again. “This is Dr. Wicklund.”

“Hello,” very tentatively, followed by another long silence.

“I need help with a patient,” I said. She came to me for an abortion, but really doesn’t want one. What she really needs is someone to do her prenatal care and birth for free.“

"What do you expect us to do?”

I let that hang for a minute.


This Common Secret, Susan Wicklund

Crisis Pregnancy Centers often disguise themselves as medical facilities, with advertisements offering “help” with an unplanned pregnancy. Their main goal is to keep the pregnant person from having an abortion at all costs. Usually, all they’ll give you is a free pregnancy test, some baby clothes, and maybe a box of diapers.

The patient referred to in the quote was given free prenatal care and did not have to pay the financial cost of childbirth by a local anti-choice doctor. She would often stop by Dr. Wicklund’s office to let her know how she was doing:

“He always moans and groans about being tricked into [doing this],” she says. “Then he goes off on these tirades against abortion.”

Click on the image to watch the documentary!

The two sides of the abortion debate in America literally face one another in this documentary from filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. In Fort Pierce, Florida, a women’s heath care center is located at the corner of 12th and Delaware. On the same corner, across the street, is another women’s heath care center. However, the two centers are not in the same business; one provides abortions along with a variety of other health services, while the other primarily offers counseling to women considering abortion, urging them to keep their babies. In 12th and Delaware, Ewing and Grady offer a look inside both offices, as pro-life counselors give women a mixture of concern and misinformation about terminating their pregnancies and the pro-choice medical staff struggles to work under the frequent threat of violence against them. The film also examines the handful of protesters who stand outside the abortion clinic, confronting both patients and staff as they enter and exit.

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I once linked this documentary to my blog before but I feel that it’s important to bring it back up.  I really recommend this for everyone to watch.  It’s only 80 minutes long so grab a snack and/or some friends.  Enjoy!

This is a REAL pamphlet given to a young person at a crisis pregnancy center.  According to them, using a condom is “about as safe as hanging over a cliff with a frayed rope.”  

Talk about lies and misinformation.  

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose. They often advertise as if they provide abortion services, drawing people in by promising free reproductive health services, including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and options counseling.



Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s wife is on the board of a crisis pregnancy center, a name for organizations that use lies, manipulation, and delay tactics to prevent people from getting an abortion. Their page on the risks of abortion is full of junk science, decades-old studies, and logical leaps, and their resources for pregnant women are virtually all deceptive crisis pregnancy centers.

No wonder Scalia defends anti-abortion harassment masking itself as “sidewalk counseling.” The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case on buffer zones outside abortion clinics, which would keep protestors a respectful (and safe) distance from patients and staff. Justice Scalia is clearly biased and should recuse himself from the case. This is ridiculous.

“A Woman’s Choice” is the CPC right next to EMW (the abortion clinic) in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Their name implies that they are “pro-choice”

They use the name of the actual abortion clinic in their parking signs to fool clients into thinking that they are with EMW. 

This is all to confuse patients into parking in their lot and to get them inside their doors.  Their they will attempt to delay them until they miss their appointment. 

All of this is perfectly legal. 

The CPC parking lot volunteer, a guy we have named “O’Reilly”, gets so ANGRY when I give people who clearly tell me they are going to EMW correct information. 

Today there was a client who pulled up in her car to talk to me.  O’Reilly came up directly behind me. 

Me- “Hi, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  Are you going to EMW today?”

Client - “Yes”

Me- “OK (gives client parking directions)” 

O’Reilly- *over my shoulder* “you can park here (the CPC) for free…”

Me - “He is not with the clinic nor is this facility with the clinic.”

Client - “But the sign says…”

Me - “Yeah, they aren’t with the clinic or associated with the clinic at all….” 

O’Reilly - “You don’t have to listen to her, I work here” 

Me - “Well, again, I’m a volunteer with EMW.  He is not a volunteer with EMW.  If you want to go to EMW, I would suggest you park either…*gives places to park for clients again*” 

Client - “Oh, that is very confusing” 

Me - “Yeah, tell me about it.  They want to you to be confused” 

By this point O’Reilly was so mad he walked away. 

The client got parked and got into the clinic. 



Keep an eye out for escorts to tell you where to park.  Don’t be fooled by these people.  Their whole purpose is to try to trick you.

It still boggles my mind that the CPC dude got mad that I told this person accurate information.  


Everyone should have all the facts to make the best decision for their own health. Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose. 


anonymous asked:

Are Pregnancy Resource Centers any different than Crisis Centers? I saw one while I was walking to a mall and noticed it feeling alarmed

They’re the same thing. bebinn has made a great post in order to distinguish real health clinics from CPCs. 

Here is a list of red flags for CPCs:

-The words “crisis” or “resource” appear in the center’s name
-Their ads use language like “Pregnant & Scared?”They offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds
-When asked if they provide abortions or contraception, they will not give a direct answer
-The waiting room has biased pamphlets, sometimes with graphic pictures labeled as abortions
-They attempt to make you feel guilty about considering abortion
-They offer baby items, such as diapers and formula
-They downplay the effectiveness of contraception and emphasize abstinence
-They emphasize the dangers of abortion (Fact: fewer than 0.3% of patients experience complications requiring hospitalization)They discuss the false connections between abortion and breast cancer, infertility, or mental illness, often referred to as post-abortion stress syndrome
-Regardless of how you talk about the pregnancy, they refer to “your baby,” the “preborn child,” “post-abortive women,” and say that you are “already a mother.”

They also run expose-cpcs, and both of their blogs have tons of resources on the subject.

A client and companion came up to me and asked to get an ultrasound at the (abortion) clinic. They had been to the CPC (crisis pregnancy center) to get an ultrasound, but no one there was medically able to interpret it.

This happened to a fellow escort this morning.

Proof that CPC’s use expensive medical equipment as a diversion/manipulation tactic. Proof that CPC’s are in no way shape or form medical clinics with medical professionals. Proof that CPC’s are not concerned with your health, only attempting to convince and guilt you into not having an abortion

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to people and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose. 

This map from Salt Lake City, Utah shows how CPCs often position themselves right next to legitimate healthcare centers, so as to confuse people who are looking for comprehensive reproductive health services.