So, this happened yesterday. It’s possible you’ve heard about it, or seen it already. To be clear, we are absolutely not painting CPAC as wholly racist, or even the people in this room – that conclusion would be equal parts reductive and unfair. However, the nature of the event this occurred at (seeking to teach conservatives how to avoid accusations of racism), and the shocking callousness of the questioner (he balks at the idea that Booker T. Washington would have anything to forigve his former slave master for, scoffing “for giving him shelter and food?”) deserve the scrutiny, and mustn’t be overlooked. We’d hope CPAC will try to screen out the white supremacists next time. source


CPAC WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I met some of the nicest people ever omg and all the cosplays were so amazing <33 

some random person gave me peeps omg it was so nice of them

and i finally got to meet some people i had wanted to like evaunit08 <3

and then i got invited to a picnic!!! :D and they gave me free food <3 and we have some good laughs ^^

and stoneddamara gave me an aradia sticker :D 

vaporean gijinka - danielle

god tier john egbert - stoneddamara

john crocker - reversingrhymes

derse roxy - drunkroxy

derse jane - ouo-blargs

jake - lordbaka

empress meenah - queenpeixes

jade - fatuousfeline

if anyone knows any other URLS message me and ill edit the description ^^ 


CASTLE POINT CPAC 2013 Anime Convention

Mischief Managed: Marauders Q&A Panel!!!

Falling Rock Pro


Ok, so my friends and I went to CPAC last week and we met these two.
I swear they were the cutest people ever.
I’m a little late to the party, and I doubt anyone remembered my friends and I– we were the doofuses trying to kill each other with plastic swords all day.
If anyone knows who these guys are, I’d totally love to say hi ;>;
Just thought I’d share.