So, this happened yesterday. It’s possible you’ve heard about it, or seen it already. To be clear, we are absolutely not painting CPAC as wholly racist, or even the people in this room – that conclusion would be equal parts reductive and unfair. However, the nature of the event this occurred at (seeking to teach conservatives how to avoid accusations of racism), and the shocking callousness of the questioner (he balks at the idea that Booker T. Washington would have anything to forigve his former slave master for, scoffing “for giving him shelter and food?”) deserve the scrutiny, and mustn’t be overlooked. We’d hope CPAC will try to screen out the white supremacists next time. source

Venom 2.0 at Castle Point yesterday. I love this con not only for the people but the area is so darn beautiful. I’m from New York so it was a change from the city which was kinda relaxing. Oh, when we (I was with Spidey and my dear) were walking to lunch, a couple asked us what event was going on and asked for a picture. They were super nice. We took a good amount of pictures so I’ll post them from our page, Tangled Web Cosplay, soon. Until next time, CPAC~

Are any of my followers going to CPAC this year?

I highly suggest you do. The young adult pass is 40 dollars. And it’s basically just a bunch of conservatives hanging out in a hotel like this:

Also, last year I: successfully chased Sarah Palin down a hallway, ran into Herman Cain on the lunch line, hugged Newt Gingrich, hung out with Rick Santorum’s children (just saying they were all wearing sweater vests), had a beer with Sarah Palin's photographer and got a bunch of free stuff. 

Plus, if you guys go we can finally have a post-election group hug!


CASTLE POINT CPAC 2013 Anime Convention

Mischief Managed: Marauders Q&A Panel!!!

Falling Rock Pro


Ok, so my friends and I went to CPAC last week and we met these two.
I swear they were the cutest people ever.
I’m a little late to the party, and I doubt anyone remembered my friends and I– we were the doofuses trying to kill each other with plastic swords all day.
If anyone knows who these guys are, I’d totally love to say hi ;>;
Just thought I’d share.