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I don’t understand the people who use the “Ron will hold Hermione back from her full potential” or “He’s not good enough for her” arguments…Ron would probably be encouraging her the whole way, and let’s face it - Hermione would NOT have married someone who she didn’t love or didn’t want. She wouldn’t have “settled” for anything other than what she wanted.

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Chapter 6: Troubled, but Cute [ AO3 ] | [ ff.net ]

“Harry, I can explain,” she offered, perilously approaching a variety of her personality that could only be called, in Draco’s opinion, peak swot. “First of all, he drugged me - ”

“Oh come on,” Draco groaned. “Not this again - ”

“Do you expect me to forget?” she countered furiously, turning to admonish him. “And anyway, why the hell are we in the same bed?”

“Do you see other beds, Granger?” he prompted, gesturing around the room. “What do you think this is, some kind of full service hotel-spa where we can all just conjure beds willy-nilly - ”

“You’re a wizard, Malfoy,” she retorted, becoming even swottier than he’d ever imagined physically possible. “I absolutely think you possess the ability to conjure an inanimate object, seeing as that’s quite literally a rudimentary skill - ”

“Oh,” he scoffed, “so because you’re a drug-riddled miscreant suddenly I’m expected to be the bearer of all things magic, then?”

“I’m just saying - ”

“Oh my god, my head,” Harry said wearily, rubbing at his temple. “It hasn’t pained me this much since Voldemort was living in i- ”

They were interrupted as Theo took a loud, slurping sip of his coffee, propping his feet up in the corner.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, waving a hand as they glanced at him. “Carry on, would you?”

Marietta Edgecombe did not deserve to have her face disfigured and scarred to the point that she had to cover her face the next year. Hermione should have gotten called out on that. And before you tell me there was a war, Ron pulled the same shit in book 7 and it was worse since he was their friend. Yet he was welcomed back with open arms. Does this double standard exist only for Gryffindors?

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Yet ANOTHER commission!! This time it’s Hermione and Crookshanks! (Commissioner didn’t actually ask for Crookshanks but I added him in anyway because he is a legend)

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H.G Going Through Labor Would Include:

‣You were terrified when Hermione gripped your hand and started screaming

‣You went into mild shock because the last time you had heard her scream in pain like that was when Bellatrix has carved into her arm and it brought back the horrible memories of not being able to do anything for her

‣You felt slightly at fault for her pain

‣Then the doctor said the baby was coming

‣And you thought it was totally worth it (sorry, ‘Mione)

‣You pressed countless kisses all over Hermione’s face and whispered words of encouragement

‣You were pretty sure you would need Skele-gro on your hand though

‣Literally, the woman made your hand turn purple (damn 'Mione)

‣Hermione had a long labor and you stayed by her side ever single minute of it

‣Finally, the doctor could see the baby’s head and suddenly you felt like perhaps it was too soon to have a baby

‣Hermione pushed relentlessly so instead of whining you just shut your mouth and waited with baited breath for the baby to come out

‣When the baby came out screaming you were mildly terrified also slightly in awe because this was the first time you were seeing your baby

‣When the baby came out you cried and you literally felt like you had fallen in love with Hermione all over again

‣The baby literally looked like a raisin but Hermione and you fell in love with [him/her] at once

‣[He/She] was the cutest ugliest thing you’d ever seen


‣Hermione was exhausted but she was irrationally worried when instead of giving her the baby the nurses took [him/her] to the back of the room

‣You reassured her that the baby would be okay and that in any case you would be awake to keep an eye on the nurses and the baby so that Hermione could sleep

‣While she slept the nurses let you hold your baby while they bathed [him/her] carefully

‣You rocked your baby and held [him/her] close to your chest as you watched Hermione rest a bit

‣You couldn’t keep the smile off your face as you studied the new addition to your family closely

‣[He/she] didn’t look anything like either Hermione or you at the moment but you hoped [he/she] would grow up to look like [his/her] beautiful mum, Hermione

‣Outside in the waiting room the doctors were surprised to see that the family of redheads, the black haired young man, his silver haired friend, a girl with long blond bair, and several other people claimed they were waiting for Hermione and you

‣They had never seen so many people anxiously waiting for someone to be born

‣You had no idea how they knew the baby had been born but imagine the surprise when you went out to get lunch and you were met with your giant excited family

“Is it a boy?”

“-please say it’s a boy.”

“Please say it’s a girl!”

“When can we see the baby?”

‣Everyone brought gifts and Molly brought homemade food for Hermione and you

“A new mother needs the propermeals to grow a healthy baby.”

‣Every time you held your baby Hermione propped herself up against her bed and watched you. She felt like she fell in love with you all over again when she saw you cooing over the baby

‣You were slightly scared of breaking the baby despite the fact that you had already carried him but Hermione reassured you that all that reading you had done had not been in vain

‣After several days of coming and going all the visitors were able to come in and see the baby

‣As expected Hermione’s parents, Harry, Molly, and your parents cried when they met the baby

‣Harry got emotional as soon as you silently handed him the baby and he fell in love with [him/her] the moment [he/she] wrapped her tiny fingers around Harry’s long one*

*Draco totally most definitely got baby fever after watching his boyfriend get all cute with his [godson/goddaughter] but that’s a story for another time

‣Though Draco wouldn’t admit it your [son/daughter] had him wrapped around [his/her] tiny finger as soon as he peered over Harry’s shoulder and the baby began cooing at the new face

‣When he heard Harry whisper all the promises he had told the baby when he was still in Hermione’s womb again he teared up

‣The new grandparents hardly wanted to put the baby down once they met [him/her]

‣Constant fussing over the baby by multiple peaople at once

‣Though the crowd sometimes got too rowdy for a hospital room you felt deeply grateful that you had such a supportive family who was ready to lend you their hand whenever you needed it

‣The day you came back home from the hospital your family had cleaned the house and thrown a 'small’ welcome celebration for [Y/c/n] [Y/c/m/n] [Y/l/n]-Granger

‣The baby was only a few days old and [he/she] was already spoiled by every one

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Sneak Peek | Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

New Story Out August 1st.

Before long, Mr. Ollivander was leaving her alone to run the shop by herself, in order to give himself some breaks, seeing as he was getting older. Hermione was capable enough to fill prescriptions by herself and keep everything well stocked, she did well with the customers, and any spare time she had was spent pawing through Mr. Ollivander’s books to read every bit of information she could about the different chemicals they were selling.

She could tell you just about every ingredient in Daffy’s Elixir and how it worked to cure you of ailments of the stomach, and noticed that it was quite frequently prescribed with laudanum. She could describe the exact shade and consistency of tincture of opium when the drug was precisely so strong as to kill a grown man. She had studied the pictures of cherry red skin of someone who’d consumed a toxic dose of cyanide salts. And she could easily calculate the weight of arsenic needed to kill a person immediately or over a period of weeks. Hermione Granger knew about twenty methods to kill someone without detection, and all of them were right there at her fingertips in the pharmacy.

And it fascinated her.