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The way you said "I love you": In a way I can’t return

Bitty’s a ball of energy as he strides the few blocks between the Haus and class. He shouldn’t be: It’s early, and he and Jack were up way too late last night for a pair of guys who had seriously packed schedules the next day. Jack’s flying off to Seattle first thing this morning for a West Coast set of games to finish up the regular season, and Bitty… well. Bitty is insane for even going to class today, but it’s Prof. Atley’s seminar on Food During Wartime and it’s spectacular. Besides, what else is he going to do with all this crazy energy before tonight’s game?

As he picks up a copy of the Daily in the class building’s stairwell, Bitty flashes back to something Jack said last night. “Hey, Bits,” he posited out of nowhere, “you still read the Daily every day, don’t you?”

“Yes, why?”

“Oh, no reason.”  And then Jack went on to other things. He’s getting smoother with nearly two  years of romance under his belt, but Bitty still smells a rat. What on earth is Jack nosing around to find?

He gets into the lecture hall early and sits down. A few underclassmen girls are there already, and they whisper behind their hand and sneak glances at Bitty as they go. Bitty pretends, as always, that he doesn’t notice them. He’s gotten used to it ever since his picture started regularly appearing in the Daily and Swallow. This is the life of a hockey team captain, after all.

Unfolding the paper, he skims the headlines. Something something new building on River Quad, something something $3m in research grants. No sign of anything Jack would have an interest in. Then again, Bitty always leaves the sports pages for last. Partly because it’s his area of greatest interest, but also partly because it’s still gosh darn embarrassing to see one’s own picture and quotes on the page. There was this one time they actually wrote a full profile of him as a feature article, and that day Bitty wanted to wear a bag over his head.

The professor gets there, and class starts. Bitty finds himself in the unusual position of being the senior doodling hockey plays in his notes in an Atley lecture. Two years ago, he knew a guy who did that. That guy turned out all right, but he needed help on his final project. Funny, how time changes the roles people play.

After the lecture, he heads to the Quad to finish his read of the paper and try to calm his racing heart. A plane streaks above him, leaving a white trail of smoke. Jack’s probably on a plane right now, Bitty thinks. Somewhere over Michigan or Minnesota. Watching a movie, or resting his eyes, or running over game tape in his head from the last time he played the Schooners.

He sits on a sunny patch of grass and opens the paper, this time going right to the sports section. As expected, the front page is a huge profile of tonight’s game. The picture they’ve got – of Chowder in the net, Dex and Nursey scowling in tandem in front of him, and the puck flying – is pretty awesome as pictures go. Bitty smiles. If nothing else, he knows his kids are going to do him proud tonight.

He turns the page.

The top half of the page is more news – a continuation of the hockey story and a run-down of the most recent softball game – but the bottom of the page is strangely blank. Well, mostly blank. It’s a huge shaded box, and in the middle there’s a message in a swooping, cursive font. The message reads:

Good luck to Samwell Men’s Hockey in their first playoff game

And congratulations to their captain for excellent leadership.

I’m proud of you and I love you.


Bitty drops the paper like a hot potato. It falls to the grass and sits prettily there, open. He stares at it. The message does not fade or change before his eyes. Heat fills Bitty’s heart, his chest, his shoulders and arms, before wafting upward to his face. Trembling a little, feeling a wash of tears rising in his throat, Bitty claps his hand to his mouth, stares at it for a few more minutes, and then looks up at the sky.

Damn you, Jack Zimmermann, he thinks. You’re on a dang airplane and I can’t call or text you to tell you how much this means to me. How much I’ve learned from you about how to lead a team and how much I depend on you and am proud of you and how much I love you, too.

He wipes the tears from his eyes and heads back to the classroom building to pick up five more copies of the Daily. And then he heads to Faber. There’s lots of work to be done before tonight. He’s got a team to lead to a championship.

Stop throwing away your revives (If you battle)

Your pokemon now has more opportunities to get knocked out. Previously when you put your Poke in a gym, and it got kicked out, it’d return to you with 1 HP. This is no longer the case. Same as training at a friendly gym. All will result in your pokemon’s. This will lead you to need a lot more revives than you used to.

Now her is a strategy for low level players, or those who want only there daily 10 coins. Add your lvl 10 Pidgey to a gym. Redeem your 10 coins. In 5 seconds it’ll be returned to you. Transfer that Pidgey.

I recommend this only for low level players or those who only have high traffic gyms.

I think this change will lead to more spots in gyms being held by low level pokemon which I am not a fan of. But it is a usable strategy.

My artistic ability made an appearance long enough for me to sketch a quick drawing of my snotty son.

I didn’t use any references for the clothing, so. This is probably highly inaccurate. I just wanted nicaise in poofy sleeves.

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I like that Ty has been liking everything that CP posts on IG ever since he visited the set. I suspect he & CP renewed their friendship

Yep! It makes me very happy. And I agree, I think Tyler and CP have a renewed or altogether new friendship, and it’s really awesome. Tyler seems like a great guy, I follow him on Insta and he was helping out at a camp (idk what he was doing or what the camp was for) but it’s cute. :)


Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia attended the Swedish Local Heritage Federation (SHF) 100th anniversary at the Skansen Museum on 27 August 2016 in Stockholm. The Swedish Local Heritage Federation (SHF) was founded in 1916.and joined Europa Nostra’s network of Member Organisations in February 2015.