nothing like fire

The kicker is, Derek thinks, Dex is nothing like fire.

He’s capped in red, dotted with red like he’s been singed by a thousand bright sparks, but he’s not fire himself. He’s earth, grounded and serious and not given to flight or flame or fancy. Dex gets mad sometimes, but not everyone who gets mad is fire; in Dex’s case he’s an earthquake. A low shudder, a deep rumble, cracks appearing on the surface. If a building should crash to the ground, if an electrical wire should snap and start spraying sparks, those are all side effects. At the core of him, he’s tectonic plates. Low and slowly shifting, every deliberate movement deeply consequential. He’s the earth.

If anyone is fire, it’s Derek himself. He’s made of heat; his attention is constantly jumping; he’s brightness and carefully controlled excitement. He takes in anything, consumes it utterly, makes it part of himself. Burns his signature into it. But Derek has never been able to limit himself to just one element. He’s air, too, and water. He’s ice and metal. But as much as he loves the earth, loves to bury himself in leaves until he can feel the warmth of the soil beneath, he’s never been part of it. He’s never been an anchor.

Dex is. Dex is solid and sure, and, Derek is certain, he holds a core of warmth deep within. So Derek keeps burrowing down, trying to reach it. He wants to find that part of Dex that’s soft and yielding, that makes things grow. Somewhere beneath the surface, beneath hair and skin like a pile of flaming autumn leaves, is the gentle, giving touch of earth. Derek wants to roll around in it forever.

5 Times Nursey & Dex Hid From Chowder

And one time they got caught.

NurseyDex, 3100 words, rated Mature, here on AO3

Or: in which Chowder is the ultimate accidental cockblocker. (It’s a little sequel to this fic!) And as always, thanks to @exhuastedpigeon for all the encouragement. She’s the best.

“This was a terrible idea. Somebody’s gonna die, and it’s probably gonna be you.”

Nursey laughs and carefully maneuvers around Dex to duck his head under the spray of water. A normal-sized shower is not big enough for two hockey players, Dex is pretty confident of this.

“Nah,” Nursey says, crowding closer and making Dex wince when his back presses up against the cold tile. “You’re so strong, you won’t let me get hurt. C’mon, look at those arms.”

“Stop trying to butter me up,” he mutters, and Nursey grins as he kisses him.

“It’s working, though, isn’t it?”


Well, maybe.

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y e a p these two characters are two agents i saw in the ds and and my friend and I called them DGA (DarkgreenAgent) and NBA (NavyblueAgent)

and I thought i t would be funny if i just chose this picture from that one newspaper thing lmao


JUMP GIGA 2017 Vol. 1  Haikyuu Joke Movie Poster (By Furudate Sensei)

Translation + edit (by me):

[dotted line] Cut here [blue/white Horizontal text up top ] Jump GIGA 2017 Vol. 1 Extra   Japan Debut!! Joke Movie Poster drawn specially by Furudate Sensei!!

[blue glow text] Director: Ennoshita Chikara   Starring: Bokuto Koutarou

[Vertical left text] The count down has begun.

[Movie Title] The Day Armageddon Arrives On Earth

Director ・ Screenplay: Ennoshita Chikara

Bokuto Koutarou  Washijou Tanji  Shimizu Kiyoko  Hinata Shouyou  Hinata Natsu

Cinematography: Akaashi Keiji   Production designer: Moniwa Kaname  Music: Tendou Satori

© The Day Armageddon Arrives On Earth Production Committee