just another coffee shop AU

So this was part of a not!fic challenge but it ended up as more of a fic than a not!fic, so I’m posting it here. The challenge was to put a trope in my inbox and I’d tell you about the story I’d write. (Honestly, I’m tempted to adapt this and try to do it as orig fic, haha) So enjoy.

It’s harder than you think to get a job in a little podunk town that’s mostly home to fishermen. Dex takes what he can get, and what he can get is a job dishing out lattes and scones at the little pretentious coffee house that vacationing yuppies love to frequent on their way to Maine’s outlet malls. It’s barely a living, but Dex doesn’t need much.

He serves coffee one day to the preppiest of the prep – a luxuriously coiffed writer who tells him that the coffee shop has the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. Dex snorts. This is a guy who wears his stubble purposely rough, to achieve some kind of effect. He probably wears “pre-distressed” clothing (although right now his outfit’s actually really sharp, with this vest over a fuzzy, tight-fitting sweater.)

The writer challenges him. “Come on, you have to have a little poetry in your soul?”

“I sold my soul for a three-dollar latte,” Dex replies.

The man laughs, and goddamn, even his teeth are perfect.

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Tropes that I’m weak for [1/?]: Spiky-haired warriors and their too cunning boyfriends
↳ “To get what you want, you have to know exactly how much you are willing to give up”

One thing I love about the Check Please fanfics is how nicely written everything is. Short fics, long fics, AU’s, canon compliant, it’s all really well done. I’ve read fics with the weirdest concepts, like the one about a goose leading you to your soulmate or from the point of view of a couch, but they’re still really well written and make total sense. 

  • Boss, Saturday 9am: thanks for all your help this week
  • Me: anytime
  • Boss: don't do any work today or tomorrow or Monday
  • Me: okay
  • Boss: enjoy the downtime
  • Me: thanks
  • Boss: here is a link to a restaurant you should try
  • Boss, Saturday 7pm, on my personal phone: can you call me immediately
  • *****[confidential workmergency]*****
  • Boss, Saturday 9pm: thank you for doing that
  • Me: no problem
  • Boss: why are you so available on a Saturday night anyway
  • Me: maybe because you contacted me on my personal cell?
  • Boss: true enjoy your weekend don't work tomorrow
  • Boss, Sunday 8am: sorry to bother you but I need documentation of that thing typed up by tomorrow morning