On The Cusp by Kittendiamore( T | 3k | Complete )

The thing about Damianos Akielos is that he is a Hot Commodity. There’s probably a 30 page waiting list out there of people who want a chance to date him. The only problem is that since the age of fourteen, he’s never been single for more than a week. A week!

“He sounds great,” the bartender says, polishing a glass. Laurent realises that he’s been speaking out loud. He is drunk. He also realises that this bartender - Rick, or Mick, or Mike, or whatever his nametag says, words are a little blurry at this point - doesn’t realise the magnitude of the situation at hand.

Damen Akielos is Single, Facebook says.

“He’s single,” Laurent says.

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Silver really loves the colour hot pink becuase it’s so bright and he isn’t used to it. He decided it’s his favourite.

Silver is in a constant state of being a teenager and just eating everything. It gets annoying for whom has to take care of him that day.

He is obsessed with Thor and watches all the movies, and has bought a shirt with the Thor hammer on it so he can ‘hold it’.

He really likes dogs and lets them jump up on him and move them up to float them places. Smile abuses this to get food off the table.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain the Chicago tweet?

It appears to me that the Chief Education Officer of Chicago Public Schools is claiming that CPS’s enrollment is down because “Millenials” are “walking dogs” instead of “carriages,” meaning they’re focused on pets instead of having children. (Based off of my inference of stroller being a synonym for carriage.) Compounded and complicated with the RT quote: “get busy, Chicago.”

But I could be reading it wrong.