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The way you said "I love you": Muffled, from the other side of the door

“Yes, Jack, I’m serious!” Bitty shoves him backward with all the might he can muster and pushes the hotel room door shut. “It’s bad luck to see me the day of the wedding. Now stay put, mister!”

Jack, now shut into his hotel room, pounds on the door but doesn’t make a serious effort to force it open. “It’s only 11:56,” he protests.

“It’s close enough, LORD, Jack, just have a little patience. It’s only a matter of hours now. Go get your beauty sleep.”

“I didn’t get a kiss goodnight,” Jack complains. Bitty closes his eyes and sighs. Jack gets clingy when he’s a little less than sober. And he’s a little less than sober when he has more than two sips of something.

“You’ll get one every night for the rest of our lives,” Bitty reminds him.

Jack mumbles something dejectedly. Bitty slumps against the door.. He hopes Jack’s okay. A wedding is anxiety-producing, and he doesn’t want a stupid tradition to be the reason for Jack to freak out and not feel good on what should be the best day of his life. After a minute or two of silence, he turns and speaks.

“Are you okay?” he asks. “Are you mad at me? Do you still want to marry me tomorrow?”

“Today,” Jack says. “And yes.”

“Yes, you’re mad? Or…”

“No.” A muffled sigh. “I’m not mad, Bits. And yes, I still want to marry you.”

“So you’ll be okay?”

“Yeah, of course. I miss you already.”

Bitty’s heart glows. “Me too, honey. Just go to sleep, and we’ll see each other soon.”

“Yeah. Okay.” A beat. “I love you.”

Bitty presses his cheek to the door. Truth is, he wants more than anything to spend tonight nestled in Jack’s arms. But if it’s okay with Jack, he’d rather observe the tradition. They’ve been through enough just to get here. He doesn’t want to tempt fate.

“I love you too,” he murmurs, then gets to his feet and heads for home.

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Ooh, what about Frederick getting selective amnesia because of a training accident? And Frederick loses his memories of his relationship with Robin and goes back to not trusting her while also trying to reconcile that with the fact that he has a son with her, and Robin starts trying to get him to fall in love with her all over again and tiny morgan being worried that Papa doesnt love him anymore and ahhhhhh theres just angst all around but maybe a happy ending?? i just really love frederick

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Your anxiety was great. Morgan didn’t notice how you paced fervently, humming happily as he worked on his “get well soon” picture for his father. Frederick was in the middle of training new recruits, when the butt of an axe suddenly struck his head. While he was very lucky it wasn’t the sharp edge, he’d fallen unconscious with a serious head injury.

Libra had asked you to leave the room as he worked, only other healers allowed to join him (head injuries were apparently very serious). For the last few hours it was you and your three-year-old, waiting impatiently for word on his condition.

“Gods, please let him be okay…” You whispered worriedly, crossing your arms tight over your chest. Chrom and Lissa, who’d only joined you a few minutes ago, watched you sadly.

“It’ll be all right, Robin. You mustn’t get so worked up over it. Frederick’s been through much worse than this, after all!” Lissa offered, though it didn’t comfort you. If anything, it made you feel worse.

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“Goddammit, Erwin! You old man, couldn’t you have waited a little bit?”

Day 3: Reincarnation/AU

This is going to be my only contribution to this short Eruri Weekend, I simply am way too slow to draw more. 

Inspired by an [Eruri doujinshi] that has Levi watching over Erwin from above for a while before he himself is reincarnated, thus the 15-year age gap. I thought it would be more like Levi is PISSED that Erwin was overeager and couldn’t wait! Now we’ve got to work through the age difference and power imbalance and teacher/student dynamics, dammit!

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Can we get some prompt with Frederick taking care of pregnant robin. Fluff please

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It was one of the rare opportunities you had to actually get out of the castle, for once. Your arm was wrapped tightly around Frederick’s, his strong grip ensuring you didn’t get too far away.

“Ylisstol has become more hectic, as of late.” Frederick explained before you left, “The population’s grown exponentially following Grima’s death, so the crowds have become a bit more…well, crowded.”

You promised you wouldn’t leave his side the entire time. All you wanted was to go out and do a little shopping with him, after all. Surely the two of you could stick together long enough for that, right? Besides, even with swollen ankles and aches in every joint, along with the active baby in your womb, you were excited to get out.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been to town.” You mentioned with a bright smile, watching the bustling crowd in the marketplace. Frederick glanced at you, noting how happy you looked. “I can’t wait to see what all they have to buy!”

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