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Fiction affecting reality in a good way: POC character helps real POCs feel validated and represented. Or can help non-POCs to see the value in POC representation.

Fiction affecting reality in a negative way: A show filled with rape jokes or race jokes reinforcing the idea that those kind of things can be funny, and validating people who feel that way.

Fiction CAN impact the way people think, and it’s most definitely influenced you, whether you deign to acknowledge it or not.

Fictional child porn = reinforcing the sexualisation and objectification of children. As well as validating pedophiles and maps, making them feel more accepted in their desires.

So please for the last time, stop saying “fiction can’t affect reality” that is the worst argument I ever hear from people. It makes absolutely no sense, shows how little self awareness you have, and how little critical thought you’ve actually given to the subject of simulated child porn.


Color Palette Gif Battle | vs. @connorkenvay

Round 3: One Female Character ➤ Ellie, The Last of Us (+ dangerous game)

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can you list all your favorite books with this enemies to lovers trope?



“You know what, it doesn’t matter,” Johnson continued. “It doesn’t advance the plot. Besides, you look like you’re in the middle of your big character development arc! Congrats, man! I mean, it’s not relevant to the main story, some doubt it will ever even be canon, but it is a subplot many of the readers are quite invested in, which is why it appears in so many of our alternate universes and fan works…”

Dex frowned at him, opening his mouth to speak before shutting it again quickly. He couldn’t even begin to understand what that was supposed to mean.

After a fight with Nursey during EpiKegster 2k16, William J. Poindexter reaches some surprising conclusions about his feelings.

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Dex is a cold room, heavy cozy blankets sleeper but Nursey is a hot room, barely anything sleeper

This fact alone makes up 56% of their first year fights due to neither of them being willing to compromise


I’m not saying that Sofia and Carl Philip necessarily laughed because both Frederik and Mette-Marit teared up during Fix You, I’m just saying that that is what I like to imagine.