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It just occurred to me that since Yami Yugi uses the same honorifics and name choice for close friends and family, he would probably call Mama Muto “Mama” like Yugi does

Oh no thats adorable

Like what if she walked in on Yami Yugi after a switch for some reason and since she already thinks somethings up and Yugi’s just ACT NATURAL and oh nooooo thats too cute to think about help

Ok so in Yugioh anime canon, 5Ds Ushio is the same Ushio that bullied Yugi in the manga (and in that really short set of flashbacks from DM)

what if he didn’t follow duel monsters until he was older or at least somehow managed to not know about what Yugi did after that

and walked in on Team 5Ds in the movie as they were pulling up that article on Yugi and he’d just be like

oh hey I used to beat that nerd up in high school kING OF DUELISTS WHAT


Found the Evolution beta designs on the wiki and it looks like they were originally going for something closer to the first series’ style. I’m glad they went with the cartoony-er models since those betas are pretty uncanny valley also I get my fill of exaggerated expressions to make up for the live action

Also someone on the team had it out for William, his evil look was actually toned down for the final design (I know when he’s smiling he doesn’t look all that evil but when I first saw the outfit and eyeliner it was jarring)

They saved beta!William’s sickly green skin for Evolution’s XANA!William

External image


I’m not exactly crazy about Evolution and honestly a lot of it disappoints me but I won’t pretend it doesn’t have good parts, and this is one of those parts.

(Context: Aelita’s in a bit of a slump since Jeremy’s been spending more time with Laura lately, and the night before Laura didn’t tell Jeremy she came by after she had a nightmare which didn’t make things much better. Also when Aeilita says “you’re she probably means all of Team Lyoko and not just Yumi)