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Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest…

We now come into the story where our runaway prince, Snow Von Grimm was captured by some rogue bandits.

Please visit the photostories section on Denofangels to read the accompanying photostory!


My Current Doll Collection June 2017!

Danu (Doll Chateau Christina) Goddess of the Deer Fae
Cernunnos (Granado Titan) God of the Deer Fae
Elandria (Twigling Ingenue) Descendant of Danu and Cernunnos
Amergin (5th Motif Venitu) Husband of Elandria
Herla (Twigling Ingenue) Daughter of Elandria and Amergin
Gehirn (Twigling Eloy/DollShe 28M Classic body) Husband of Herla.

Lir (Doll Chateau Dolores) Danu’s Servant/Unseelie King.
Woden (Immortality of the Soul (Tauros/ResinSoul 72cm body)-Lir after his fall.
Herne (Twigling Eloy/LoongSoul 75cm)-son of Elandria and Amergin, brother to Herla.
Stefan (RumpelDoll Morfeo/DollShe Pure body)
Cian (Angels Studio Cat Avatar Cian/incoming LoongSoul 75cm body)
Scarlet (Twigling Ingenieuse) Elandria’s Wife (second marriage)

Delphina (Luts CP Delf Juri ‘07)
Elphaba (Luts CP Delf Elf Lishe)
Melony (Luts CP Delf Miyu)
Stuart (Luts CP Delf Elf Chiwoo)
Alex (Luts CP Delf Elf Vampire Nanuri 07)
Victoria (Luts CP Delf Lishe)
Amelia (Luts CP Delf Juri '05/Fairyland Feeple60 Moe)
Benjamin (Feeple60 Karsh)

Ed Chigliak (DollZone Deer Doll 1/3)
Meredith/Caribou Woman (MerryDoll Round Olathe)
Eve (FreakStyle Eve)
Natalie Chigliak (DollPamm Pure Arubi head/DollZone event doll Deer body)
Noah Chigliak (DollZone Cindy head on an ImplDoll YoSD body)
Twigling Ingenue head in pale tan/incoming DollShe F Classic body

Gehirn (aGatti Alfarr)
Herla (MinIngenue)
Elandria (Lillycat Cerisedolls Ombre)
Neela (Mishi’s Doll Dreamy)
Elowen (Mishi’s Doll Hope)
Scarlet (Lillycat Cerisedolls Constantine)

Lark (Minifee Mir on muscular boy body)
Laidy(Lillycat Cerisedolls Ombre sleeping )
Alisha (SoulDoll Aeheal Centaur)
Edith (Lillycat Cerisedolls Kitty Jolie)
Seamus (WithDoll Taren/Minifee Muscular boy body)
Elijah (Soom Shale Centaur)

Edmund (SeedDolls Peabody/Doll Chateau kid body)
Lilly (Lillycat Cerisedolls Lilas)
Ninon (Lillycat Cerisedolls Ninon)
Qian (DollPamm Pure Arubi)
Siobhan (Fairyland Minifee Elf Siean/A-line body)
Anja (SleetWealth Vanessa)

Doll in Mind Larina (closed eyes)/DollZone girl body)
Doll in Mind Annabelle on a DollZone boy body
Doll in Mind Miru on a DollZone boy body)
Doll in Mind Larina (closed eyes) on a Doll Leaves girl body
Luts Kid Delf Lio on a girl body
Maria DiM Annabelle on a Doll Chateau Kid body

Minifee Elf Soony/Moe line body
Elowen (Minifee Elf Flam/Moe line body)
Wren (DollZone Wendy)
Hansel (Unoa boy)
Gretel (Unoa Sist girl)
The Wildling (Lillycat Cerisedolls Colline)

Rosebud (DollZone Big Dipper)
Toby (CloverDolls Little Dragon)
Bun Bun (Paper Sakura rabbit)
Dog (Eve Dolls Russian terrier)
Cat (Porcelain cat)
Sailor (ResinSoul Dog)


陰陽師 [onmyōji] da Francesca
Tramite Flickr:
同じ雲であるはずなのに、その在様(かたち)の捕えどころがない。 そんな男の話だ。 Anche se dovrebbero essere le stesse nuvole, la loro forma è inafferrabile. Si tratta di un uomo di questo genere. *** Onmyōji - storia del biwa chiamato Genjō, rubato da un oni Yumemakura Baku, 1991

I just got home from Anime North / Doll North. I had an amazing time there with Wolfman and a couple of old friends. It was crazy packed lmao. Lots of cool cosplays and events going on, the raves being my favorite. At Doll North I attended a face up workshop with my Dollzone Mo. I’m content with the result, it’s better than blank anyway. Oh and I found a CP Delf Harang head !!! I’m so excited about it. He is very old and worn… but I have plans…
Anyway it was fun going back there after not going for 7 years, and hanging out with my best friends n shit.

I’m fighting that post con depression but still feeling pretty damn good about stuff in general. I will work on re-building this blog now.


3 Soonys in the house! 

My sister’s Cookie ( cookiemumbjd ), my bestie’s Pheebs ( barbgirl1999) and my girl Kiki all hanging out for the last few days I have with left with Pheebs.

It’s fun seeing how different they all look with their face ups, wig, eye combos. 

From left to right:

Pheebs who belongs to barbgirl1999 (who was visiting me for a face up)

Kiki who belongs to me

and Cookie who belongs to cookiemumbjd

Im going to miss Pheebs so much. It’s like you are here with us, Mandy. T~T