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Working outside da Francesca


Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest…

We now come into the story where our runaway prince, Snow Von Grimm was captured by some rogue bandits.

Please visit the photostories section on Denofangels to read the accompanying photostory!


3 Soonys in the house! 

My sister’s Cookie ( cookiemumbjd ), my bestie’s Pheebs ( barbgirl1999) and my girl Kiki all hanging out for the last few days I have with left with Pheebs.

It’s fun seeing how different they all look with their face ups, wig, eye combos. 

From left to right:

Pheebs who belongs to barbgirl1999 (who was visiting me for a face up)

Kiki who belongs to me

and Cookie who belongs to cookiemumbjd

Im going to miss Pheebs so much. It’s like you are here with us, Mandy. T~T