I was six years old
when I first did a trust fall
into the arms of my best friend
knowing nothing of
the pain of a cracked skull.

I was sixteen years old
when I first said “I love you”
and fell hopelessly into weak arms
knowing nothing of
the pain of a broken heart.

I’ve finally regained my footing
but I’m reserved now
with walls that are hard to break.
You keep knocking
and I think it’s time to let you in.

—  please catch me

anonymous asked:

would you recommend the captive prince to anyone? I am constantly hearing mixed reviews about it and I feel like your opinions on this sort of stuff is generally correct

[I am going to tell you what was basically told to me alongside my own two cents. Please keep in mind I have only read the first two books and I am going to be reading the third one soon.]

As much as I and many other people love Captive Prince for the characters, story, and/or setting of the whole thing, the series isn’t necessarily for everyone. It is a mature book intended for adults and while I know quite a few people didn’t care about that, you should really keep it in mind.

Personally, I love this series. Unlike many other books geared towards adults and young adults where I am sitting there reading it and thinking to myself ‘I know fifteen year olds who can write better scenes than this,’ I have not yet come across that problem once. I am sure many of us are used to that feeling, where there is a scene in a book or movie or television show that you sit there feeling uncomfortable because it really shouldn’t be there, it doesn’t belong there, and it doesn’t flow right. I can count the times on my own hand where that hasn’t happened and CP is only the third.

That being said, there are a lot of sexual things in CP. While they are not as descriptive as they could have been, they are there. Often. It is a romance and  there is a lot of sex. It works with the story, don’t get me wrong. It is a fundamental part in the plot on multiple occasions. It isn’t always ‘nice’ though. There is sexual slavery, regular slavery as well of course, and topics such as torture, rape, etc. in the book that isn’t swept under the rug for lack of better terms. It is discussed, it is there, you know it is there. I felt like there was no awkwardness because of it though.

(Unlike with other books in the past where stuff like that is mentioned, or it happens off screen, or it is dropped in and placed into a scene so badly that you can feel the second hand embarrassment coming off of the page in waves so you choose to skip ahead and not have to deal with the nightmare anymore.)

The book, while this might sound cliche, is really not like many of the other books I have personally read that might have had similar themes and happenings in them. 

  • in many cases where in many books two people of the same gender having sex is considered ‘taboo’ in CP that isn’t the case at all. this has dragged in a lot of ‘younger’ (though, I use that term loosely. the book is geared towards a mature/18+ audience but many people 15/16 and older have read it) readers as well as people who are a part of the LGBT+ community because finally there is a book with characters who are not straight, do have sex with people of the same gender, and it doesn’t revolve around that fact. it’s a part of the plot and every day life in the book in the way heteronormativity is a part of our own.

  • sexual topics in this book are out in the open and, as mentioned before, they are not ill placed or awkward. everything is written very well and it works towards the progression of the story (so thank you C.S. Pacat for giving me hope for other popular published authors in the future). I am sure many of us can sympathize with each other when it comes to having to sit through awkward sex scenes in movies/television shows and terrible descriptions of sex in books. CP isn’t like that, at least to me it isn’t.

All in all, if you are looking into reading the books because of the fact it doesn’t involve all of the heteronormative tropes and on goings that happen in other romance books alongside not minding a lot of sexual themes which might not always be pleasant, I’d say go for it! The characters grow on you and the plot makes you want to keep reading more and more until you’ve finished all three books in a few days. 

If you are considering reading it because it got popular again after the release of the final book back in February and any of the previous stuff I mentioned made you uncomfortable, I wouldn’t. It isn’t worth making yourself uncomfortable for three books just so you can be a part of another fandom. There is plenty to read about online so you can understand the story without actually having to read it.

That is all I really have so say and wow; sorry for making this so long. I hope this helps!

alright so the smh decide to start a vine account

  • first it’s filled with hockey practices, goals from past games, the works
  • then it slowly descends into madness
  • it starts with a vine of someone yelling “GO SHARKS” and chowder automatically dropping into the splits
    • that boy is magical
  • there’s a whole series where ransom and holster go around faber and introduce things incorrectly
    • this is the defunkifyer *points to laundry machine*
    • *on the ice*  this is our cold ass swimming pool
  • after that they start filming at the haus
  • this begins the occasional vine of one of them walking along the sidewalk or on the front porch yelling “FUCK YOU LAX BROS” across the street
  • endless kegster vines, obviously
  • also a series of lardo beating the shit out of people at beer pong
    • someone (dex probably) edits the videos so denzel curry’s ultimate plays in the background and when she wins the bass gets really loud… you know the ones
  • speaking of dex sometimes when he and nursey are fighting someone will start filming and then roll their eyes at the camera
    • one time their fight ends in them furiously making out on the couch
    • they’re all scarred
    • the rest of the team (all of them, they have to use a selfie stick) roll their eyes and shake their heads 
  • another series where it’s just tango asking questions into the camera
  • whenever bitty’s in the kitchen baking someone will run in and start blasting beyoncé to get bitty to drop everything and dance
    • holster: *walks into kitchen*
    • bitty: holster I’m not putting this down the cream has to be whipped continuously or else it won’t hold
    • holster:
    • bitty:
    • holster: *starts playing partition*
    • bitty: goddammi-
    • holster: FOR THE VINE, BITTY, F O R THE V I N E
  • going to the murder stop and shop and striking weird poses in the aisles
    • nursey is a Pro at this
  • when jack comes to visit there’s always at least one vine of someone saying “is that jack zimmermann?” directed to a random object before it pans to jack just staring at the camera
    • ransom: *points to lamp* OH MY GOD IS THAT JACK ZIMMERMANN???
    • jack: *looks to the camera like he’s in the office*
  • whenever one of them sees another across campus they’ll whip put their phone and start yelling the others name while zooming in on them
  • someone films bitty talking one time and he manages to say y’all 4 times within 6 seconds
    • they go around the team and everyone just looks at the camera and says with the most serious face “y’all”
  • when shitty comes to visit someone from the team films him just slowly losing his clothes
  • whiskey and tango makes vines of them lip synching in the car (with whisky driving, and tango in the passenger seat)
    • songs range from I look to you by whitney houston to love is an open door from frozen to wake me up by evanescence
    • sometimes one of the frogs will join them and they’ll have choreography and everything
    • its impressive 

anyways so this got out of hand but my main point here is that the entire smh are meme loving fucks that laugh at their own vines