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But is it Olicitiers’ fault that there isn’t more Moira, Thea or other characters in the Arrow tag? Are we responsible for the lack of creativity outside Olicity? Should we not tag Arrow when we post Oliver/Felicity related stuff? *me no like it*

THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE ASKED. Thank you, Ozge. You always come through. It’s not our faults, as Oliciters, that Moira, Thea, Quentin, Diggle, etc, are not blowing up the tags as much as Oliver and Felicity. I mean, if someone wanted to contribute to the Moira Queen tag, then who is stopping them? 

And I’m pretty sick of the possessiveness about the Arrow tag, when I see bullshit in there from all over that doesn’t get checked or addressed. Oliver and Felicity are characters on a show called Arrow, and if I want to tag anything about them as ‘Arrow’, I have just as much of a right as someone posting something about any other dynamic on the show. Shippers get terrible reps for appropriating every corner of a fandom, when really, it’s that other fans of other corners of the show don’t keep up to the non-shipper needs. I would LOVE to see more posts about Diggle, Papa Lance, Slade Wilson, even Malcolm Merlyn at times, but it’s not my place to demand that of anyone who doesn’t take the initiative.

I don’t have to ask for anything in terms of Olicity gifsets, because this gang is ON IT, every day. If I could say the same thing for other factions of the fandom, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

But I’m still confused as to how this comes down to Olicity….AGAIN.