cozy wolf

Breakfast in Bed (Seth Clearwater Imagine)

Something brushed against my foot and I bolted upright in bed, blinking the sleep from my eyes before I finally realised that it was Seth’s leg that had bumped me. He rolled over and muttered something in his sleep. His hair flopped down over his eyes and I could feel his warm breath on my bare thigh, sending chills up my spine and giving me goosebumps. I leaned down and lightly kissed his temple before grabbing his giant shirt from the foot of the bed and pulling it over my head. I climbed out of bed quietly, careful not to wake him and tiptoed to the kitchen. I put my earbuds in and turned on my ipod. The smell of blueberry pancakes and sizzling bacon were making my stomach growl. I hummed along to my favorite song while I sliced up some strawberries and got the whipped cream out of the fridge. I was pouring coffee into Seth’s mug when I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist, catching me off my guard. I jumped, spilling coffee on the counter and down the front of the cabinet. “Now look what you made me do!” I tried to sound serious but I’m pretty sure the goofy grin on my face probably gave me away. I turned around in his arms to face him, leaning into him and bringing my arms up to wrap around his neck. “Well let me make it up to you.” He leaned down and kissed me, right as the oven timer dinged. I tried to pull away to finish breakfast but he just squeezed my tighter, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck as I giggled and started to tickle his side. He laughed and gave me a kiss on the forehead, one on the cheek, and finally a peck on the lips. Then he helped me load the rest of our breakfast up to take back to bed.

Liams nightmare 😢

Theo and Liam are curled up for the night under the covers together when a quiet, persistent noise wakes Theo from his sleep.

He turns over grumbling slightly as he wipes the sleep out of his eyes. His heart falters slightly as his eyes settle on Liam, the young wolf is tossing and turning whimpering in fear as he reaches out for Theo.

Theo intertwines their hands and speaks softly “Liam?…baby?” He gently shakes his distressed mate awake.

Liams eyes shoot open as he looks up at Theo with wide tear filled eyes “Th-Theo…” his voice comes out broken and quiet.

“I’m here baby, it was just a nightmare you’re ok” He presses a tender kisses to the smaller ones forehead pulling him close to his chest.

Liam shakes as he moves impossibly closer into his mates chest “You…they sent you back…your heart…they…they ripped it out” a broken sob leaves the young wolf “I…I lost you”

His last words are barely a whisper as Theo takes his shaking hand and places it over his own chest, over his beating heart.

“You feel that? My heartbeat? I’m going nowhere and no one can take me from you Liam, not now not ever” another soft kiss to his forehead “My heart beats for you and always will”

Liam lets out a shuddering breath as he rests his head on Theos muscled chest listening to his heart beat in a steady rhythm “I love you Theo…”

A quiet chuckle “I love you too baby wolf” This is how Liam sleeps from now on with Theos heart in range of touch or hearing and Theo making sure to hold his baby wolf close keeping him safe from his nightmares.

What if: GYTS’s theme of Peter leaving & him and Stiles staying in touch, but much earlier, maybe in an AU where the alpha pack came later but the kanima thing still happens. Peter gets a taste of working under Derek and decides to nope out once the current threat is gone. Stiles gets his contact info purely for research purposes. Eventually ‘research purposes’ is long phone calls a couple times a week and the ‘research’ is whether Peter wants Stiles’ new brownie recipe emailed to him, but if you don’t acknowledge the feelings then the feelings obviously don’t exist.

Then the mess with the alpha pack happens & Cora is there but she hates Beacon Hills and she misses her family & Stiles is like “hey your uncle was kinda crazy but he’s better now, why don’t you stay with him for a while? He’s got a nice place of his own up north past the border.” She goes, Peter complains but is secretly happy.

Then Malia appears & she just can’t connect with her dad & she hates her bio mom & school sucks for someone who spent her formative years as a coyote, so Stiles is like, “hey your bio dad could probably give you some tips, he’s had some issues with getting back into the world after being out of it for so long.” & Stiles ships her off to Canada. Peter’s like wtf but thank you for giving me even more family, Cora says hi.

Then Kate comes back again & Derek is re-traumatized after having to see her again & also feels out of place with the pack just getting younger, & so Stiles goes “I know you hate him, but maybe you could check on Peter for a while? Make sure he’s not getting up to anything evil?”

Stiles just keeps sending Peter the people who just really wanna get out of Beacon Hills. Peter, who became an alpha like a week after leaving BH, just keeps letting them into his pack. (Eventually, he’ll tell Stiles that it’s not his pack, it’s their pack, but he knows he has to do it when Stiles is finally ready to leave BH.)

At some point, Stiles tells Peter he’s sending another stray up to him, and knocks on Peter’s door himself.