cozy stuff

Hunk and Lance waking up on one cold morning and just staying in bed. Getting closer and cuddling cause it’s too cold to get out of their warm little blanket cocoon, along with untangling their legs.

Hunk and Lance sitting at their kitchen table with one hand occupied by something (maybe like eating or flipping a book page) the other hand is intertwined with the others, firmly sitting on the table with no sign of letting go.

Hunk and Lance just casually shopping at the local supermarket and making food related puns. Hunk purposely making certain brand names sound completely off from how to say them making Lance burst into crying tears.

Hunk and Lance just sitting in their car with the heat up and the radio low, talking about life and some of its hardships and emotions. Each listen to each other and comfort the other because they love each other so much.

Hunk and Lance going to bed at night and say “I love you” three times, while climbing into bed, while shutting the lights off and while getting into each other’s arms because that is the ultimate truth between them.

Cinnamon (Sirius)

- - - 

It’s fall now, the common room all cozy and stuff. You have to admit, although your uniform is constantly warm from the spell that The Magical Clothings cast for you, you still feel cold. So when you found a big, soft grey scarf laid on a table in the library, you take it and wrap it around your neck. Instantly, you feel a lot better. The scarf smell of a hint of aftershave and mostly cinnamon, a combination that is pretty much one of the best smells ever. You sit down, opening the book you decided to read.

“Nice scarf.” A low voice comes to your hearing.

You turn your head towards the owner of the voice quickly, startled. “Oh, it’s-”

“Not yours?” Sirius Black, a very attractive classmate of yours, smirks. He walks closer to you and rests his hand on the wooden table. “I knew you had a crush on me.” You blush and try to take off the scarf, “Yeah right. I was just freezing, so when I see a scarf, I thought, why not?”

“Well, I have to say that you look better with it than I do. Keep it, don’t catch a cold,” he winks at you flirtily. 

“Really?” You raise your eyebrow, “You’re not setting me up right?”

“Nope,” he says, popping the “p” sound. “I’ll give you the scarf on one condition, which is-”

“Which is what?” You ask, suspicious at what he might say.

“Which is a date. With me. Tomorrow, 3 pm at the Black Lake.”

You think about it for a second, but you are feeling so warm that you don’t want to give him the scarf back. “Fine, thanks for the scarf.” A huge grin spreads across Sirius’ face, “Nice. I’ll see you around.” He says and leaves. You smile at his figure as he runs to his friends, and the corner of your eye catches a sight of yours, who are all looking at you with a knowing look.


Thank you so much!! it has been a while since I drew the old grump, but that doesn’t mean I love him any less. I imagine him making many trips between Winterhold and Blacklight until finally returning to Vvardenfell.

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