cozy inn

  • me, playing a video game: time to quit playing, let's just open up the menu and
  • me, playing a video game: wait shit
  • me, playing a video game: *navigates my character to a bedroom/inn/cozy tent/sheltering overhang in the wilderness*
  • me, playing a video game: okay cool. alright now i can quit
Bird Brain | Toby and Quant

The battle at the citadel had been exhausting, and after being invited to return with Toby to the relative safety of the first floor and his room at the inn, they gratefully accepted. The first floor seemed tame after everything Quant had experienced. Battling shadow figures hadn’t been on their bucket list. 

The inn felt cozy, but as soon as Toby opened the door to his room, something shot across their vision, startling them. Quant jumped back and looked to the other human for an explanation. “What was that?” It took a moment for them to settle and realize that the creature was a pet, but once they did, they laughed. “So you got yourself a bird? Does it make it feel more like home now?”


liam's voice is great and you should appreciate it more 4.0

So Four happened which means it’s that time of the year (or like a couple months late but hey life happens) again for another entirely too-long post about Liam’s voice written by a madman. In case you’re not in the know, this post will be a lot of enthusiastic shouting about Liam’s voice using a combination of twelve-line sentence fragments and eight word run-ons (it’s a skill). For the crazed and foolhardy, here’s versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

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fic: Pillow Talk (Olicity, Rated T)

Pillow Talk (1389 words) by callistawolf
Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Speculation, post-3x23, Pillow Talk, Romance
Series: Part 7 of Drabbles, Ficlets, Prompts and One-Shots
Summary: Oliver and Felicity are tucked away together at a secluded inn and find themselves having a conversation

Author’s Note: This occurred to me in the car yesterday.  I took notes while waiting in the pickup line at my kids’ school and then wrote the thing.  I’m sorry if it sucks. 

You can read this on Ao3 or below the cut. 

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When the shock had finally worn off, Octavia took the opportunity to take in her surroundings.  That was when she noticed the two ponies glaring at her from the other side of the platform.  Must be locals, ugh.

At least one of them was a unicorn.  As inbred as he must have been, surely he was communicable, unlike his friend.

As tentatively as she could, she approached the two stallions.  Clearing her throat and holding her head up high, she announced, “Well, it would appear that my visit to my parents in San Mareino has been delayed. Would any of you…er, gentlecolts, be able to supply directions to the nearest place of lodging for myself?”

As upright as her posture was, Octavia did her best to conceal the growing anxiety in her gut. They could smell the nobility on her, she could see the hatred in their eyes.  She would have to be wary of the directions she was given, should they lead to a bad part of town.

Did towns as small as this one even have a bad side?  It was either one way or the other; either the town was a nice, quiet community of blissfully ignorant peasants, or a decrepit backwater filled with inbred savages and squatters.  For her sake, she prayed to Celestia that it was the former.

Ashen watched as the mare approached, a look of interest and confusion on his face. Acid, however, let out a huff, before inhaling deeply and relaxing. Letting his face look much more neutral, he decided he’d at least be pleasant to the noble. Or, as pleasant as he was willing to get. He gives her a soft smile as he greets the mare with a dignified tone.

“Why yes. There are quite a few inns here. I would suggest “The Cozy Mole,” Inn. It’s a little expensive, though I’m sure sure for a mare like you, that’s exactly what you’d like.” Okay, maybe a bit condescending, but it’s not like these nobles have the wit to know when they’re having the piss taken from them.

“The R-Raven’s Nest Inn is l-less expensive.” Ashen interjects, stepping out further in the open. Unlike Acid, or any other pony she’s likelyy ever seen, the stallion has such a dull blue coat that gets darker around his hooves and muzzle, which is contrasted by his bright green mane, tail and eyes. He’s rather thin, but not quite frail looking. In fact, he looks quite healthy.

Acid’s eyes veer towards the smaller stallion, one of his eyes twitching. He really didn’t want to drag out a conversation with this mare. He doesn’t feel like loosing brain cells to a rich nopony.

The Adventure Continues

(( Closed RP for @askfen )) (( Continued from here ))

The small bunny was waiting around the cozy inn just near the entrance of Snowdin, he was really excited for today! Both him and Fen were going to explore around Snowdin Forest this time for more secrets that were hidden from monsters for years.

But instead of last time, where he was scared from the darkness of their previous adventure… he learned to toughen up a bit and he was going to be a lot braver this time!

He’s big ears perked up and he looked over at the form approaching him, he got up from leaning against the wall and waved over to them. “Fen! Over here!” He squeaked, his tail wagging around behind him in excitement.

Flying Hunk of Dwarf

As requested by Anonymous. Enjoy, dear!!

Warnings: Giggles.

Word count: 1,163

Notes: When I read this request, I could swear I heard something along the same lines before and then I remembered that averil-of-fairlea did one to the nearly same request a while back. You should read hers, too. It’s super cute!

“Look!” Kili announces as the pair of you make your way through this most recent of busy village squares; Gandalf had found a cozy inn to settle into for the night and most of the Company had already discovered their means for relaxation (the majority having simply hunkered down in the tavern next door), but you and Kili still possessed energy to burn. As it was still quite early in the afternoon, he had insisted that you come with him for a stroll and, for want of a better term, sight-seeing.

And, a sight you do see; he points at a miniscule playground, lying abandoned save for a few pecking crows, tucked away between two lonely looking buildings.

“Come on, Y/N,” he smiles, wrapping his hand around yours as he drags you through the crowd.

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