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Books & Cupcakes March (2016) BPC || Day 4: Reading spot

I move around an awful lot when I’m reading. I usually start in my chair, trying to sit and read like a normal human being, but seeing as that’s just not the way I was created to be, I tend to move from there to my bed where I lie either on my stomach or my back. Of course the arms and elbows do take quite a bit of wear and tear in these positions so I finally settle in the beanbag in the corner. There I will stay for probably a few hours, lying on my back with my feet up on the bed so as to give my girl Cami some room to sleep beside me. Some (Most) days I don’t even get as far as the beanbag in my reading cycle because there’s a cat or two that’s taken up residence for the day. But that’s life.

Studyblr Photo Challenge 
Day 3 
Favourite TV Show 

One of my favourite TV shows is Gilmore Girls. It’s so cosy! Perfect for watching it on a rainy day or just any fall day. And with a cup of tea and a comfy sweater? Perfect! 

Luisa Vidales Reina


Friday, 9th October, 2015 12/100 

12th day of productivity

I had an odd day today. Went to school for two hours than came home for two and decided to start on my international business communication assignment📰📔; I then went back to school for another two hours and now I’m eating cinnamon biscuits🍪 while going over my maths notes📑. The candle that’s burning has an autumnal scent🍁🍂 that I’m obsessed with. Have a great weekend!