11:46 // 1/26/2016

pretty sure I burned my hand at least three times while taking this picture

also, I would definitely recommend the book i’m reading. it’s called “the intellectual devotional” and it consists of a one page lesson per day and the lessons alternate between literature, science, visual art, religion, philosophy, music and history.

it’s such a good way to learn a little more and be well rounded plus it’s super interesting!!

i know i´m a bit late with my #meettheartist. but i was very busy and i normally  don´t like doing things everyone is doing. but in this case i got tons of requests and messages and i thougt, because i don´t post personal stuff very often, it would maybe really interisting for you.  so…, i am not doing this BECAUSE everyone is doing it, i do it EVEN THOUGH everyone is doing it. i hope it gives you an idea of how or who i am.