Crispy Autumn days 🍂 Photo @melvolkman

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It was early morning and the sun was just beginning to rise, a faint orange and gray color lingering in the sky.

I had just padded down the steps, the scent of the candle we had burned the night before wafting past my nose, the scent of cinnamon and pie.

I turned the coffee pot on and stood by the window, waiting patiently. The leaves on the trees were turning from bright green to deep shades of orange and red. The two pumpkins Mom had put out the other day sat on the deck, staring back at me.

And that’s when I saw it: a large and gray cat, slinking past the pumpkins and across the deck, pawing the golden leaves.

I knew that autumn had arrived.

Cold and rainy day w/Alex , perfect chill song Daniel Caesar 

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